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By: boubou
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So I have found you, and I have tried to bring us together, you have tried too...but this is not going to happen in this lifetime,maybe we havent paid our dues...maybe we werent suppose to end up together. I met you before I knew I was an empath...what we went through made me realized it...maybe if I wasnt I wouldnt took upon the burden of helping you all the time....I should have let you grow up...I didnt...I am leaving need help but not from dont want me to help dont want me to know...

my soul and yours are together and always will be...but those bodies cannot make it...not in this lifetime...maybe in the next one...I dont know how I will cut the cord..I still feel you everywhere...but I have to move on...dont hate me..I thought it would be easier to hate you but how can I hate my soul too?

some thoughts....

Bill Walker
03/10/14 04:49:27PM @bill-walker:

OK, first, is the a relationship that's not working out or is this still the person who you work with that you feel you might be able to help?

I'm going to assume that this is a relationship that just is not working out, for the moment. You pretty much already said it all with in this little rant. Yes, you should have let this person grow up, and you shouldn't try and change someone who doesn't want to change. And I would suspect that you are not capable of hating anyone either yourself or someone else. You wouldn't be on this site if you believed it possible to hate.

Take a deep breath, and move on until the next lifetime as you stated above!

03/11/14 05:06:17AM @boubou:

it is a relationship that was very intense with ups and downs, a turmoil at least, the relationship that brought me here on this site and made me put the dots and realize this gift, it was the awakening..and because I didnt know then what I know now I took upon everything, now I know that we are not gods that can help everyone and especially if this isnt the purpose...its just that I always thought we would make it happen at the end.Well this isnt the case and I am moving on now with someone so much different from him but the experiences were overwhelming and I will never forget them.

sorry some times I dont write very well but english isn't my mother language so please forgive me

ps:I saw the other guy today and it was fine, now that I know the energy was from him I shielded and it only hit me a little bit

Bill Walker
03/11/14 03:06:52PM @bill-walker:

Your right about it being time for you to move on, but always remember that as tough as this relationship was it brought you to this site and sent you on a new road of discovery about yourself. All in all, I thinks you got some very important benefits from this painful relationship, and that's a good thing!

03/12/14 03:24:48AM @boubou:

thank you very much Bill for your thoughts