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twin flame

By boubou, 2014-03-10

So I have found you, and I have tried to bring us together, you have tried too...but this is not going to happen in this lifetime,maybe we havent paid our dues...maybe we werent suppose to end up together. I met you before I knew I was an empath...what we went through made me realized it...maybe if I wasnt I wouldnt took upon the burden of helping you all the time....I should have let you grow up...I didnt...I am leaving need help but not from dont want me to help dont want me to know...

my soul and yours are together and always will be...but those bodies cannot make it...not in this lifetime...maybe in the next one...I dont know how I will cut the cord..I still feel you everywhere...but I have to move on...dont hate me..I thought it would be easier to hate you but how can I hate my soul too?

some thoughts....

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