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By: BlueMoon
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Hi. EC members!

I just joined today, so I'm not 100% sure how the site works. But I'll figure it out. Just wanted to say hello to you all, have a chat. I'm not sure if I'm an empath, so I hope I can figure it out!

I promise to stay open-minded to anything anyone has to say, as long as you all do the same for me. I'm pretty interested in everything, from dreams to moon phases, and especially crystals.

Hope I can chat with some of you!

07/10/15 07:09:58AM @engageme:

Hello BlueMoon,

I have always been very interested in the moon. Like many, I am also affected by its phases. I haven't really looked into crystals before. Can you tell me more about crystals and what specifically you like about them?

07/10/15 07:55:55AM @bluemoon:

Well, my Mum has thousands of various crystals. Literally. I seem to be affected by their energy, so I've tried to learn about them! I love how they're all different, all beautiful in a unique way, and how they all have one special thing they represent!

I'm not all that amazing when it comes to identifying them, but one of my favourites is Amethyst. Red Jaspers are a great one for sensing energy. Something about them is hot and almost confident, but the actual stone is cold!

07/10/15 07:59:20AM @engageme:

Wow! that intriqued me. I want to look into the Red Jasper (is that the name of it?) because that instantly speaks to me. Red feels like that to me-powerful and confident. It has been a significant color to me my whole life. I feel that red has helped me when I felt powerless, and now it makes me feel strong. Thank you for sharing!

07/10/15 08:09:01AM @bluemoon:

Red Jaspers represent strength, in some forms. They're quite angular and very solid colouring.

Another stone I quite like is Carnelian. It's very different, but has a similar meaning. It's orange, kind of translucent and rounded, with what feels like a more subtle energy. But it's powerful, encouraging people to 'take a leap of faith!'.

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