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Happy Halloween/Samhain

By bluecrystalangel, 2010-10-29
To all of you, I wish you all a safe and happy Halloween and Samhain.

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Have A Wonderful Weekend, Everyone!

By bluecrystalangel, 2010-10-15

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Vision of Mine

By bluecrystalangel, 2010-09-14
Hello, everyone.

Some of you know already that I have visions. I have been having visions of the same thing, actually it is of a living being, for quite some time now.
I have been seeing this vision for the past two weeks, early morning around 4am, while chatting with Crispy as he gets ready for work. I let Crispy know what I see each time.

It is of a beautiful baby boy. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes, weighs no more than eight and a half pounds. He makes a few little sounds but does not cry. He is newly born for the cord is still attached. I see the baby now as I am typing this.Crispy is there, very eager to hold the child. When he finally gets to hold the baby, I see one single solitary tear trickle slowly down the side of his face. Both are so beautiful.

I have been seeing this boy at various stages. Sometimes he is an infant, another time he is a toddler, etc. Crispy has also seen the baby boy as well.
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True Love

By bluecrystalangel, 2010-02-18

Hello, everyone.

Many of you know already that I am in love with Crispy as much as he is in love with me. You may even be able to feel the love that Crispy and I have for each other, which is fine. For we both wish for others to feel and see just exactly how much we love each other. Crispy and I both hope that one day everyone can experience such a love for themselves. But this is for those who are still seeking love.

A few of you have pmed me about this very thing, which is fine. I love hearing from others on here and if I can help in any way, I will do so. But to all of you, I have this to say.

Love is always around. It is always there. Universal love, I mean, in my opinion at least. But true love is not. It only comes around once in a lifetime and for some, not at all, unfortunately. I am speaking of twin flame and soul mate unions/relationships. Very few do find it and even fewer actually get to spend time with their other half. But once it is found, the love, true love, is to be cherished, nurtured, for it is very fragile, delicate, yet so very strong if properly taken care of. Think of true love as an infant, newly born. One cannot expect an infant to immediately walk, speak, etc after coming out of the womb. It takes time. It is the same with true love. It takes time for it to grow, to blossom, for it does not happen overnight. Both parties must be ready. Love yourself first so others can love you also. Look after you and everything else will eventually fall into place. True love will find you then. Timing is crucial too. Fate decides who falls in love with who, where, when, etc, not man, in my opinion and experience.

A month before I truly began chatting with Crispy, I had begun to accept the fact that I was to be alone for the rest of my lifetime, that I was only here to help others find love and happiness, which was alright with me. Seeing others happy makes me feel really wonderful inside. I know that I am here to help others. It is why I was put here. But the moment I began to truly love and accept myself was the moment I started seeing Crispy all time. Visions. Visions of me dancing with Crispy, hugging him. I started feeling Crispy's energy all the time from that point. I would see Crispy whenever I was upset. I could feel his arms around me. When I was in pain or unwell, I would call out Crispy's name and a few minutes later, I would feel better. After some time went by and someone's polite urging, Crispy and I began to pm each other.

I can feel Crispy always and have from the very beginning. There is no else for me except Crispy. He is my twin flame, my soul mate, friend, confidante, partner, for all time. All lifetimes. He is my life. I love Crispy with all that I am, with every fiber of my being, with all my heart.I just hope one day that everyone can find theirs and experience that for themselves. For it is so wonderful, beautiful, that there are no words to do it justice. It is something that must be experienced.

For those who have had a taste of true love, please remember this. A brief glimpse or taste of it is better than none.

Many hugs and much love to all.


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My "City"

By bluecrystalangel, 2009-09-10
Greetings, everyone.I would like to share with all of you something, a place really, that I have envisioned, if I may. I still see it. So very beautiful that it sometimes brings tears to my eyes but not in a bad way. I know it may be somewhat silly to do that over something not real but whether it is or not, I will let all of you decide for yourselves.I see it so well. A place, a city almost,completely surrounded by nature. Many of different types of trees, Oak, walnut, pine, just to name a few. I can smell them, touch them even, feeling the rough, sticky bark of the pine tree. And the grass. So very lush and quite green. The smells are so fresh and untainted, so clean. Everything is so vivid. There are many birds and animals. They look exactly like our spirit guides. The buildings are not overly large but are a brilliant blue and white. I see the streets, made of cobblestone. We are all there. Everyone on here I mean. Some live there, some visit. All different types of music, softly playing in the background. There is a fountain in the center of the city. I see a large waterfall just on the edge of the city. I can hear the water. Sounds so very wonderful.This is what I have envisioned. I still do. I just thought I would share it with all of you.Love and hugs,bluecrystalangel
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By bluecrystalangel, 2009-08-25
Hello, all.I thought that I would post about me. I hope that it is alright.All of my life I have been trying my absolute best to understand things. Especially people or humans as I refer to them quite often when I do not understand them. For you see, as much I as try and I am ashamed to say, I truly know hardly anything about human nature, if anything at all and it really bothers me. Someone who was on here last month was very accurate about me in stating that fact.Perhaps it is due to the fact that I was raised separately from all outside life, living in a Mennonite community as a child, seclusion if you will. It could be that I am not meant to understand. So if I say I do not understand, I, in fact, actually do not. Most times, I sit in ignorance, watching as others say or do things, not understanding, afraid to ask questions that most seem to know the answer to already lest they perceive me as naive, stupid, etc. People puzzle me a great deal.I am an empath. I feel others so strongly. It saddens me greatly to learn of others hurting and I will do whatever is needed to help them if I can. It upsets me so much when I am unable to do that for I know that is why I am here, to do just that. I was born to help others. Not only do those that I help get rewarded but I do also. I love it when others are happy for it make me happy as well. I care about all life. It is very beautiful to me and sacred. The slightest thing can either bring me joy or and hurt me because of my abilities getting stronger, increasing. I feel that much more. I do my best to remain a cheerful being because to be otherwise causes me pain. I know I wear my heart for all to see. I would not be me if I did not. I am a crystal being.I do not know what else to add right now so I will cease. If anyone should read this, thank you for doing so. Comments are not necessary but welcome nonetheless. Love and hugs to all.
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Visions: Can they can cause physical harm?

By bluecrystalangel, 2009-08-01
Hello, everyone.I would like to ask a question, if I may. Maybe more. I hope that is alright with all of you.Does anyone have visions quite frequently?The reason I ask this is because I do. As of late, that is what has been happening to me. And last night's vision, well, was not so good. After my vision, I noticed red marks on my face. Two scratches and some imprints left behind by the person that was in my vision. Someone else noticed them too. I was very frightened when I had the vision as well as afterward. I did not want to see it, not at all. It was as if I was in a trance-like state. I could not come out of it, although I tried, made numerous attempts to and failed. Has anything like that ever happened to anyone? I was wide awake when this occurred. All of it. My face is still quite sore where the person in my vision grabbed me by my face. Here is my vision.There was a battle. Someone I care for was fighting in it, attacking someone else. My friend had a strange look on on his face, one that I had never seen before. My friend was yelling too but I could not hear what he was yelling. The person that my friend was fighting had what looked like one of those battle axes. My friend had a sword.My whole room changed. It was as if I was right in the middle of the battle. I saw it as if I was there, in that time period. There were others fighting too. I could hear the clanking of weapons when they connected with each other.The person that my friend was fighting had long dark hair, black. I could see it when he took off his helmet. His eyes were dark too. He was charging at my friend when he hurt him. My friend hurt him too but he still kept after my friend. I tried to not see it but I was in a trance. It felt like I was. I started to cry.I told myself over and over that I was not seeing this but then the person that my friend was fighting turned to me and said that I was. That I had to.The person really hurt my friend and then turned to me. It was as if he could actually see me. My room became my room again and the person was there too. He held me down. I felt pinned to my bed, unable to move. I was frightened. He grabbed me by my jaw with both hands. I tried to turn my head but I could not. It hurt so much. His face was just inches away from mine. He was on my bed, over me. He told me that my friend was gone. He also told me that he will be watching me. He said that I was needed, that he needed me. Right after the vision, I searched the house because I thought that he was really here. That is how real it was. I was shaking uncontrollably because it frightened me so much.Has anyone ever had visions and right after noticed marks on them? I still have the scratches on my face from where the person from my vision touched me.
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Is it possible to have too many abilities?

By bluecrystalangel, 2009-06-18
Hello, everyone.I just have a few questions that I would not mind receiving some answers to. So, if anyone wishes to respond, please do.Is it possible to have too many abilities? If so, what is the required amount for an empath? One? Ten? Twenty? Or am I more than just an empath? Can anyone help with this? Please? It is not that I wish to part with any of them. I am just curious. Extremely so.My abilities seem to keep increasing and getting stronger. I feel like I am receiving new ones or ones that have been lying dormant are now awakened. This happens when I spend time outside. I do not know why it happens. Is it because I am connected to nature, to the earth? Or is that just part of it? Or is it something else entirely? Does anyone know?I know that I was chosen to receive these abilities just like I know that was born to help others. But I would like to know why I was chosen, for what reason and by whom or what so I can thank them.Is there anyone who can shed some light on this? Please? I truly would love some answers.Katherine
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