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Hello, all.I thought that I would post about me. I hope that it is alright.All of my life I have been trying my absolute best to understand things. Especially people or humans as I refer to them quite often when I do not understand them. For you see, as much I as try and I am ashamed to say, I truly know hardly anything about human nature, if anything at all and it really bothers me. Someone who was on here last month was very accurate about me in stating that fact.Perhaps it is due to the fact that I was raised separately from all outside life, living in a Mennonite community as a child, seclusion if you will. It could be that I am not meant to understand. So if I say I do not understand, I, in fact, actually do not. Most times, I sit in ignorance, watching as others say or do things, not understanding, afraid to ask questions that most seem to know the answer to already lest they perceive me as naive, stupid, etc. People puzzle me a great deal.I am an empath. I feel others so strongly. It saddens me greatly to learn of others hurting and I will do whatever is needed to help them if I can. It upsets me so much when I am unable to do that for I know that is why I am here, to do just that. I was born to help others. Not only do those that I help get rewarded but I do also. I love it when others are happy for it make me happy as well. I care about all life. It is very beautiful to me and sacred. The slightest thing can either bring me joy or and hurt me because of my abilities getting stronger, increasing. I feel that much more. I do my best to remain a cheerful being because to be otherwise causes me pain. I know I wear my heart for all to see. I would not be me if I did not. I am a crystal being.I do not know what else to add right now so I will cease. If anyone should read this, thank you for doing so. Comments are not necessary but welcome nonetheless. Love and hugs to all.
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Thank you, Joyce, Tammie and Deirdre.Thank you ever so much for commenting. I thank you with all that I am, with all my heart. Your words mean a great deal to me. Honestly, they do. You are remarkable beings and I am privileged and honored to call you three my friends.Love and hugs,bluecrystalangel
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I do not, Deirdre.My apologies. Never heard of it.
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Thank you, karify me.Thank you for your wonderful words. They mean so much to me. Love and hugs.
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Thank you, Kristie.Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. I care about all life and consider it sacred. I love all life. I always have.Much love and hugs,bluecrystalangel
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Thank you, Joan.You speak from the heart, Joan, and I thank you ever so much for doing so. All of those who have commented have done so. I thank you with all that I am, every fiber of my being, with all my heart.Thank you to everyone and love to you all.Hugs,bluecrystalangel