Visions: Can they can cause physical harm?

By: bluecrystalangel
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Hello, everyone.I would like to ask a question, if I may. Maybe more. I hope that is alright with all of you.Does anyone have visions quite frequently?The reason I ask this is because I do. As of late, that is what has been happening to me. And last night's vision, well, was not so good. After my vision, I noticed red marks on my face. Two scratches and some imprints left behind by the person that was in my vision. Someone else noticed them too. I was very frightened when I had the vision as well as afterward. I did not want to see it, not at all. It was as if I was in a trance-like state. I could not come out of it, although I tried, made numerous attempts to and failed. Has anything like that ever happened to anyone? I was wide awake when this occurred. All of it. My face is still quite sore where the person in my vision grabbed me by my face. Here is my vision.There was a battle. Someone I care for was fighting in it, attacking someone else. My friend had a strange look on on his face, one that I had never seen before. My friend was yelling too but I could not hear what he was yelling. The person that my friend was fighting had what looked like one of those battle axes. My friend had a sword.My whole room changed. It was as if I was right in the middle of the battle. I saw it as if I was there, in that time period. There were others fighting too. I could hear the clanking of weapons when they connected with each other.The person that my friend was fighting had long dark hair, black. I could see it when he took off his helmet. His eyes were dark too. He was charging at my friend when he hurt him. My friend hurt him too but he still kept after my friend. I tried to not see it but I was in a trance. It felt like I was. I started to cry.I told myself over and over that I was not seeing this but then the person that my friend was fighting turned to me and said that I was. That I had to.The person really hurt my friend and then turned to me. It was as if he could actually see me. My room became my room again and the person was there too. He held me down. I felt pinned to my bed, unable to move. I was frightened. He grabbed me by my jaw with both hands. I tried to turn my head but I could not. It hurt so much. His face was just inches away from mine. He was on my bed, over me. He told me that my friend was gone. He also told me that he will be watching me. He said that I was needed, that he needed me. Right after the vision, I searched the house because I thought that he was really here. That is how real it was. I was shaking uncontrollably because it frightened me so much.Has anyone ever had visions and right after noticed marks on them? I still have the scratches on my face from where the person from my vision touched me.
08/02/09 07:38:17PM @angel:
Sweety, I don't think this is a normal vision. Visions, typically we see them, not experience them first hand. We may see it like an outsider would, we can also channel the emotions. The only thing I can think of , is that you are astral projecting, like projecting yourself into the vision. The fact that they are useing swords and stuff may also conclude a past life experience. My advice is to ground and shield yourself first. I know it's hard, especially when the visions just pop up, but you can make the vision stop before it getting that far simply by breaking the connection. If you choose to continue, invision a white bubble ahead of time. Say tonight, you meditate and invision a white bubble surround you and be specific on the purpose of the bubble, like invision it encaseing you in the bubble so you are not able to project outside of it and then it lowering when the vision is finished. When you have another vision, immedietly put the bubble up and don't continue until you are completely surrounded by the bubble. Keep a journal of your visions, notice dates, times, frequency, and notice any common themes that go with it. Keep us updated.
08/02/09 07:42:05PM @angel:
p.s. another explanation could be something as basic as you simply reacting to the vision. Like watching one person scratching the other and your physical body reacts. You can also put up a video recorder and tape these sessions to find out what happend. Don't be afraid, take it easy. It may be simply learning to control how deep you go into the vision and learning to pull yourself away.
08/03/09 10:43:53PM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you, Angel and Darkstar for commenting. I appreciate it so very much. I am always wide awake when this happens. Lately, it happens every night between 4 and 5am eastern. I am afraid after it happens, not before or during. During, I do not have the chance to be afraid. I do write everything down. Always have.
08/04/09 11:00:34AM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you for commenting, Bez.I have dogs and even they can sense that there is something in the room with me. I trust their instincts.