Vision of Mine

By: bluecrystalangel
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Hello, everyone.

Some of you know already that I have visions. I have been having visions of the same thing, actually it is of a living being, for quite some time now.
I have been seeing this vision for the past two weeks, early morning around 4am, while chatting with Crispy as he gets ready for work. I let Crispy know what I see each time.

It is of a beautiful baby boy. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes, weighs no more than eight and a half pounds. He makes a few little sounds but does not cry. He is newly born for the cord is still attached. I see the baby now as I am typing this.Crispy is there, very eager to hold the child. When he finally gets to hold the baby, I see one single solitary tear trickle slowly down the side of his face. Both are so beautiful.

I have been seeing this boy at various stages. Sometimes he is an infant, another time he is a toddler, etc. Crispy has also seen the baby boy as well.
09/16/10 02:14:04AM @bluecrystalangel:
Hello, Deirdre.Thank you so much. I do love your artwork. Keep it up. Love and hugs to you.
09/16/10 07:28:46PM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you so much, Elaine. Love and hugs to you.
09/17/10 03:00:00PM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you, Jennifer. Thank you so much. Love and hugs to you.