Is it possible to have too many abilities?

By: bluecrystalangel
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Hello, everyone.I just have a few questions that I would not mind receiving some answers to. So, if anyone wishes to respond, please do.Is it possible to have too many abilities? If so, what is the required amount for an empath? One? Ten? Twenty? Or am I more than just an empath? Can anyone help with this? Please? It is not that I wish to part with any of them. I am just curious. Extremely so.My abilities seem to keep increasing and getting stronger. I feel like I am receiving new ones or ones that have been lying dormant are now awakened. This happens when I spend time outside. I do not know why it happens. Is it because I am connected to nature, to the earth? Or is that just part of it? Or is it something else entirely? Does anyone know?I know that I was chosen to receive these abilities just like I know that was born to help others. But I would like to know why I was chosen, for what reason and by whom or what so I can thank them.Is there anyone who can shed some light on this? Please? I truly would love some answers.Katherine
06/18/09 03:41:35PM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you, Bez.Thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate them very much. As for 2012, I have had visions about that.
06/19/09 03:55:10AM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you, Daniel.Your words have helped. I knew that I was different when I was a child. I did not start receiving new abilities until I became a teenager. 13, to be exact. Thank you for responding.
06/19/09 05:14:52PM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you to all who have replied. I truly do appreciate it.
06/20/09 05:21:13AM @bluecrystalangel:
Thank you, Soul_gazer.I like what you have written. I will ask my spirit guide.