Okay so I go to this local prayer group every week and this week was for some reason important so we watched the Passion. I brought along Evan, I am so glad he came! Lately he had been able to go to the meetings but this one I am rather happy he went too. I am still not good at shielding so...yeah. I watched the movie without complaint, out loud. I flinched at everything they did in the movie and I got to the part where they were hurting him extremely. I knew it was a movie, I did but everything seemed real and plus the feelings from the other people didn't help.

The farthest I could go was when they were judging him, I saw the movie before and I almost cried. I knew what was going on and what they were going to do to him. Evan saw that I was getting uncomfortable, every once in a while he'd tap my leg too so he would bring my attention to him and not on the movie. Then I started shivering and I was getting cold on my back and shoulders. I shivered even though it is spring here and it was warm. Evan looked at me and asked me if I was okay. He knew I didn't like the movie, there was a certain reason why I didn't like the movie.

He told wewould go outside if I didn't want to watch the movie anymore. I could move, shivering and holding my arms in a death grip. He turned to the people in charge of the prayer group and asked them to turn it off, he didn't care that we were not the the only people there. Kathleen, my friend in charge of the prayer group came and checked on me, she hugged me and had me go out into the hallway. I told Evan he could stay and watch the movie, I went out and sat in the hallway.

Moments later Evan came out and walked the entire length of the building with me holding my hand, I told him how bad I was at sheilding but I tried to secure one but with the movie going on I couldn't focus. He said it was okay, he said that many times actually. I was shaking even after we left the movie and we went outside even though it stunk out there. He's like "you look like you could use some fresh air". So we went outside and I felt much better, he made me laugh and hegoofed around. He does that when he wants me to feel better.

I am so glad I have him, he is so sweet. He is taking me for a day on the town on my birthday, which is saturday. He says he has my present but it is not complete yet. This scares me. But if it wasn't for him tonight I would not have survived that. I love him, like I tell him I do. :)

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The Good, The Bad and the Empath

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2011-09-19

Yesterday, on my way to a friend's house I stumbled across an older woman who was just released from the emergency room from the hospital right across the street. She asked if I could help her with bus fare to get home. My heart went out to her and I could have helped, but I didn't and I felt so bad. I did not have loose change on me, nor could I give her my bus fare card to help with fare as I was headed in a different direction. But I did have a few singles on me that I could have given her which she would have made into change for the bus. When people ask me for money on the street, I'm always cautious and slightly paranoid because it's money and this is Brooklyn, NY. My big heart could easily lead me into danger of being robbed so I oftentimes say I don't have it, even though it's partially true. They may ask for change when I only have bills, but a $5, $10, or $20.

As I told her "I'm sorry, I don't have it", she gave me a look of despair, as if she'd been out there all afternoon. I stood with her for a few seconds and told her to keep asking, I'm sure someone would help her out. I was literally on the verge of tears. I was beating myself up as I walked away. I called myself stupid and kept saying that I felt so bad for continuing her suffering. I REALIZE HER PREDICAMENT IS NOT MY PROBLEM, but I still could have helped and felt so ashamed of myself. This was on my mind until I got home late that evening.

I begged and pleaded to God and Gabriel to give me another chance because how I feel I acted to that woman is not me. I'm always willing to help out, I just don't think the situation through enough. I said, if you gave me another chance to help an individual in need, I would devote my time and money(if I had it) to that person.

This morning as I left for school, I was coming out of the supermarket when I am stopped by a homeless/down on his luck man. I had seen him before around the neighborhood. He, in a soft and low voice, told me his life story. How his wife died of AIDS and gave it to him before she passed. How he is taking care of their child by himself with no help. He went on to say that he's been out there all morning asking for help for what he needed from the supermarket but no one would stop to help him because of how he looked.

He said he's a devout Baptist and he believes in the power of the Lord very much. He talks to God everyday about his problems but once in a while, he wants to talk to someone who will answer back. He came up to me and said I look like a kind and understanding gentleman and that he knows I have a big, helping heart and that he just wanted someone to listen to his story. It just so happens I left home 30 mins early for class so I did have some extra time to stop and chat with him.

I intended on going to the bank to make a small deposit of $40. It was nothing big, but I wanted to deposit it anyway. After the guy told me his story he politely asked me if I could help him by buying some baby formula for him, something no one wants to help him with. I knew what had happened was this was a chance at redeeming myself so to speak because I felt so bad that I didn't help someone when I had the money. The formula came up to $34. I was shocked as hell baby formula costs so much, but like always when someone asks me to buy something for them, if I have the money, I will get it for them and I had it.

He was very happy and I told him God bless and never worry about the unkind people in the world, there will always be someone out there willing to help out if they can. I'm glad I was there for him because I can't even articulate how bad I felt the day before with the look in that woman's eyes. To help someone out is such a good feeling for me. If I'm sad, I will be uplifted. It's that sorta thing that makes me smile. In addition to helping the man out, I had a fabulous day.

Blessed be,


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My empathy

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2010-11-12

You Scored as Communication Empath: As a Communication Empath, you possess the ability to feel emotions from fictional characters in books, games, movies/TV and from works of art.

Visit the Empath Community at And for more information and help go to

Communication Empath: As a Communication Empath, you possess the ability to feel emotions from fictional characters in books, games, movies/TV and from works of art.
Balanced Empath: As a Balanced Empath, you possess a blend of the other Empath types, balanced and unified in working as one. You possess the ability to lead and to teach others.
Human Empath: As a Human Empath, you possess the ability to connect with other people on an empathic level, allowing you to feel their emotion as though they were your own.
Healer Empath: As a Healer Empath, you possess the gift of healing and the ability to transmute pain into light.
Clairvoyant Empath: As a Clairvoyant Empath, you have the ability to pick up on and see events that have not yet happened, through your empathic link with others.
Animal Empath: As an Animal Empath, you possess the ability to feel the emotions of animals within yourself.
Energy Empath: As an Energy Empath, you possess the ability to feel subtle changes in energy from things like spirits, places, crystals, auras, plants, and/or the weather.
Physical Empath: As a Physical Empath, you possess the ability to feel another person's physical pain as though it were your own.
I feel that this is true, because I sense emotions and intentions from fictional characters more than I identify with real people. But I guess some of everything in this list is true of me because I have my days when I experience a lot and other days when I experience nothing.
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Updated January 15th 2016 by linking a revised document. The updated attachment:
a) Emphasizes grounding at the start of the exercise
b) Includes instructions about focusing (NOT concentrating)
c) Renames the exercise The Light Projector (was Conduit of Divine Energy).

Many people on the EC are challenged with picking up other people's stuff. Certainly it was what brought me to this site in October 2012. Since recognizing what was happening to me I have been able to move from being an empath, in a passive receptor mode, to becoming a healer in an active mode of sending healing energy to others. I believe it to be a transition that many, if not most, empaths can make. Also, most importantly, it is a change enables us to heal ourselves as it helps to protect us from being dazed and confused by other people's emotions that we often mistakenly think are our own, and it helps us heal the planet along the way!

My notes around this work, and the core exercise that I was given to share, are in a paper I have titledThriving As An Empath

Special thanks to Julie Barry, Bing Haley and Jen P for your support in helping me write this paper. Thank you to all the many dozens of other people on this site who have extended their trust in me over the last year by letting me practice my healing and clearing techniques with them. You know who you are! I hope I can continue to help you! And, as always, my gratitude to Elise for creating this site.

Our planet is in the middle of a huge transition, something that is becoming more evident every day. As empaths, we need to make the transition to being healers for ourselves so that we don't get sucked into the mire of everybody else's emotions as they go through the planetary changes. We need to make the transition to being healers for everybody else to help them through these changes. We need to make the transition to being healers to support each other as healers though these changes so that we are strong together to do the work we were born to do.

We chose to live in interesting times. Please enjoy Thriving As An Empath

I look forward to reading your responses.

With blessings, Trevor

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Empath Quiz 1 Results: Are you an Empath?

By Christina Rogers, 2013-12-02

You Scored as Certified Empath

You are a natural born Empath! You are haunted by the calling of "the others" and walk in silence between the busy and the distracted. You qualify for certification by the School of Empath Psychology. From the Book of Storms Series newsletter on Yahoo! Groups.

Potential Empath
Certified Empath
Unbonded Empath
An Intuitive
Not an Empath
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Coming back

By a.klepsteen, 2015-03-30
So it's been a while since I ahev been on this site. Last time I was here I was just a kid trying to survive high school and now 5 years later I'm just trying to survive life. Since I've been an empath my whole life I have never known what it is like to be normal... I have gotten decent at shutting people out so I can do my job but I still pick up on things if I need to or want. Even though I sometimes think I have a handle on everything, being an empath still gets to me, I often find my shoulders hurting as I try to block everyone out... Anyways to keep this short, I came back to see if I can get a better grasp on my empath abilities without shutting out the world.
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The Made By Empaths Store

By EliseLebeau, 2011-09-09
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Unexpected pain.

By Peter, 2013-04-30

A fairly accurate description of empath traits was posted in a forum I am a member of (not on this site or one that has anythign to do with being an empath). It really hurt me to read it. Like strangers were looking in my sock drawer. I wish I knew why it hurt so much to read it. I ahve been pretty stable and productive for over two years now and remember how much this level of discomfort bothers me. I really should listen more on here and be less full of myself.

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Emotionally linked to the weather?

By bluecrystalangel, 2009-06-08
Hello, everyone.Is it possible for an empath to be emotionally linked to the weather? Ever since I was a small child, I have noticed that each time my mood changes so does the weather. Depending on how or what I am feeling, the weather can be either sunny and warm or downright miserable and anywhere in between. Once when I was upset, the weather was really miserable. High winds, thunder, lightning, torrential downpour, etc. I can even call upon it. Is that supposed to happen when you are an empath? Has it ever happened to anyone or am I the fortunate one? Or is it something entirely different?
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