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  • Top Menu >Click on your Username
  • Click on the Gear icon that appears at the top of the page 
  • Fill out the Biography section

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How Do I Change My User Photo?

By EliseLebeau, 2016-09-12

To change your username photo (the one that appears beside your posts)

  1. Top menu > hover on your username
  2. Select Account Settings 
  3. Choose Upload a new image
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How do I report a problem?

By EliseLebeau, 2016-09-12

Need help?  Found a SPAMMER?  There's a discussion that running amok?, you can report it by filing a support ticket.

  • Top Menu > Hover over your Username
  • Click on Support
  • Click on Create New Ticket
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Everyone experiences deja vu through out their lives. Deja vu is something that cant be explained. Some people say that it doesnt exist, that its just our brains playing tricks on us. I dont know what to believe anymore.

About two years ago I started experiencing deja vu more frequently and more intensely then your average. I remember one day I was sitting at my college orientation and I could swear with almost every fiber of my being that I dreamt of this moment before. Ever since then my deja vu has been more and more frequent. Ive had a few more times of thinking that I dreamt of a moment before.

Now a days, I feel like I have deja vu of moments everyday. Things like, Ive been here at this moment before, Ive done this exact thing, Ive seen that picture before. It feels like I am reliving my life. But the strangest thing is, that it all feels like Ive seen it all before in my dreams. Only I dont remember them, and only remember them when something reminds me of them. Hence the deja vu.

I have many nights when I wake up in the morning and i feel like I had a dream but I didnt see it, or remember it. Maybe thats where my deja vu is coming from?

Anyone ever go through something like this?

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By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2016-09-04

Hi friends!

I saw Elise's message that we will be moving to another platform soon and we'll be losing information such as friend's lists. I will most likely be rebuilding my friend's list. But in the meantime, if you'd like to friend me on Facebook, send me a message and I will request you.

My Facebook link isJonny's Facebook

Hope everyone is doing well. EC Rulez!


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My world is falling apart!

By wiseriverowl, 2016-09-01

I'm not normally one to freak out and start stressing but today I have had so much bad new that I don't know if I can handle all of it. So my morning started out good I woke up with both my boys cuddled next to me. (My dogs) Dozer in his favorite spot to his head on my back between both paws. Tiger curled in the open space between my arm and one elevated leg. its always a good start. after I got up and got moving I feed the boys got showered and ready for the day. I get to work and learned that one of my co-workers was being fired. A fun person to be around very upbeat and awesome to work with. So to kind of back up a little bit. all the change started when I got my new position. the lady who had it before quite with no notice, the next day they fired our service guy who was great at his job, a week later they fired good friend, then today another good friend. I was justtalking to my co-worker who is our marketing person and she is putting in her two weeks notice. I feel like every thing is out ofbalance...the one person who has neverever let me down andhas been there for me always. passed awaythe 25th of July of this year. Inormally so good about keeping my composer but I really feel likesome tippedmy dominos and there still falling. I have tried to meditate to clam my self but even that isn't working... I just want to sit down and cry.


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Love is a Battlefield

By Rose3, 2016-08-31
I met another empath today.Well I met him like a month ago.And today of all days I learned to control my gift.It was because of him and faith which sucks because I am engaged and getting a house.Our energies today are unique something I have never felt.I want to run.I want to cry I love my fianc.I feel like we're slowly growing apart I want to give it a chance.I also feel like I am in love with love and I need to be alone and figure some things out.I know what I should do but that's the hard way please help
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My energy level has been similar to a wave lately, though mostly on the low end. Today, however, I felt the high end of the wave, which was wonderful. I wanted to stay there. But shortly after I took a short rest to read, I became extremely drowsy and, once again, needed a nap. My nighttime sleep is light and broken up.

My appetite has changed too. When I once ate three hearty meals a day, I now get full on half the amount, so I need to eat smaller, more frequent snacks. I don't like any dense or spicy foods anymore. Though I'm easily gaining weight, not sure why, other than due to the lack of energy and appetite shifting.

I'm trying to listen to my body through these changes. It feels spiritual. Though it could just be because I'm in my mid-30s :)

Just thought I'd share in case anyone is going through something similar.

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