560_blogs.jpg?width=750Ive read countless books concerning the paranormal, and in this case psychic mediums, and I dont think any book has grabbed my attention so completely as Laura Lynne Jacksons, The Light Between Us! Her style of writing grabs you and takes you right between the lines in a way that makes you feel as if you are having the psychic experience right along with her. In fact, and in a strange sort of way, it seems to awaken your own psychic abilities making her journey all that much more personal to you as well. The only other way that I can explain it, is if youve ever had any psychic experiences that are even remotely close to the ones she experienced in her life, they suddenly become alive and more relevant from your own past memories bringing new light and understanding to you, as your reading her words.

In my case, I had many psychic experiences as a child but as I got older these brushes with another dimension became fewer and much farther apart to the point where now they are just a rare flash of knowing from out of the universal core. However I did learn something that I had never considered until I read one line that Laura wrote: The best way to turn your psychic abilities on is to first learn how to turn your own ego off!

I strongly recommend reading this book if you have even a fleeting interest in the field of the paranormal. And remember; leave your ego at the front cover!

By Bill Walker

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Am I an Empath?

By LoconnorO, 2016-05-01

Hello, I'm very new to the whole Empath thing, but I really need to know if what I experience does make me sound like an empath or not... I plan to explain what I feel and experience and if you could please let me know if it sounds like I'm an Empath to you or not...

Ever since I was a little kid I remember always being able to "feel" other people. To me it's extremely easy to believe in us all being so much more than just this body because I literally have felt things from everyone all my life.

I've had about 3 times where I was around different women and then I noticed that her "vibe" changed and suddenly couldn't shake the feeling that she was pregnant, or I couldn't help but want to ask her if she was pregnant... come to find out around 1-3 weeks later that in all cases, they were. This really scared to be honest.

I get weird feelings around different people feeling some sort of strong emotion. The most recent thing that happened along these lines is that I was sitting next to a friend and immediately after this friend sat next to me I knew something was wrong. I started to cringe on the half of my body closest to him and I started having a mini panic attack because I knew something was making him extremely angry/upset. I ended up being able to ask him what was wrong and he did have something wrong, but I it scared me so bad that I knew something was wrong and felt that horrible sitting next to him, and I was literally still shaking from sitting next to him being that upset for over an hour after being next to him. This has happened MANY times... that was just the worst example of the recent times its happened.

I get a weird feeling about certain rooms and places. I cannot sit in certain seats after people because it is too uncomfortable (I guess the person before me had really bad energy or something). Some rooms I get claustrophobic in because the feeling of the room. It can be a huge room with not a lot of people in it, but I know that some of the people have really bad energy and its literally exhausting to be in those rooms.

After I get alone time I always feel so much better (both after and during really). I find that I can relax the most in either an empty room or outside alone. It's weird because I love people and being around them, but I have to have my alone time or I literally become the most anti social person you will ever meet.

Besides that stuff, all my friends and literally everyone around me tells me I'm the nicest guy they've ever met. People open up to me really easily, which I love because I try to seem nice and smile to everyone. I naturally care about people which I love. It's hard for me to be able to not care about someone. I take criticizm a little too well... And it's not just criticism, if someone yell at me or embarasses me, everyone else around me will get mad at the person and say that they would be so mad and hate that person, but it's just hard for me to get mad at them. I guess I understand why they yelled at me and I know it helped them to yell at someone. I also love having pets and plants like some of the websites say. I have a soft spot for plants that look neglected and I always love dogs and other animals.

So anyway if you read all the way to here, thank you so much. I've never been able to identify and relate to anything like I do to Empath communities so I am really hoping that I'm an Empath. But yeah please just leave a comment on what you think. Am I an Empath? or am I something else lol... Thank you!

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Now I know that for many all information in this article will be second nature already, but in my massage and healing practice I am still at times amazed how many of my clients, doing Yoga, Meditation or Mindfulness, even in teacher led courses, do not know anything about some considerations and techniques, which are easy and can really deepen and empower ones spiritual practice.

In my experience there is three basic important parts to any spiritual practice:

- Attunement

- Practice (Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound Healing, etc.)

- Safe disposal of released energies

Many only seem to do the second one point, which is obviously the most important, essential and time consuming part, but the other two have much meaning too. Let me explain what each part can do for you.


Attunement is to connect to a Higher Power and or greater source of energy. People might have different terminologies here, e.g. and not limited to: God/ The Divine/ Allah/ Jehovah/ The Universe/ Creation/ Spirit/ Holy Spirit/ Light/ The Good Guys. I try to be as nondenominational as possible so I personally usually say Ultimate Good, Spirit, The Light or The Divine. And for those who do not like religious or spiritual connotations one can still connect to e.g. Qui, Prana, Universal Energy, Orgone, etc.

Why Attune? Well I like to use the analogy of water. In a sense we all have a bucket of (energetic) water at our disposal per day. We usually start out with nice clear spring water, but as we age, it might get a bit murkier. We can drink it to sustain ourselves, or we can use it to cleanse, wash or refresh ourselves . Now lets say that those who already believe in the healing power of the mind have a 10litres bucket. Those who dont (yet) believe in using their mind to heal themselves have 10l too, but can only really access 5-6l of those. Without a spiritual practice the water can be harder to access. We can only really use our hands to scoop out handfuls to drink and wash. Spiritual practice Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, etc. gives us nice large ladle, which will make it easier to drink and to wash ourselves.

Now a bucket of water a day might be enough for some, at least most of the time. For them their current life path is perhaps a dusty road, and they can easily brush themselves off at night, and wash the rest off comfortably. For others the journey regularly, or occasionally is more demanding though. They track through stinky swamps, on muddy paths, or require large amounts to drink, as they are traversing a stretch of desert. In the desert one bucket might offer enough to drink, but really getting clean and refreshed will be a great challenge. Or after a smelly swamp track a bucket might not be enough to wash ourselves properly, even more so after drinking our share

That changes if one attunes. We connect to Higher and or greater sources of energies. Instead of a bucket we get access to a veritable waterfall of water (the waterfall even comes to us) you can have a shower now, and drink to your hearts content! Plus you dont have to worry anymore that during the day the bucket water might get contaminated (if you spend time in more toxic environments).

As such , when attuned, it raises our vibration somewhat makes us stronger (spiritually at least), it is easier to reside in ones Divine centre/ core, and we are more in-tune (it is easier to receive messages and communicate with energies.)

(N.B. Now I dont mean to make anyone paranoid, but water comes in a lot of different qualities. There is pure delicious spring water and there is more e.g. murky, or even polluted river water. In spiritual practice one usually says Ask and it is given! Now if one attunes to The Divine (with whatever name), and believes that the Divine is an all benevolent force that is clear spring quality water automatically. If one uses more all encompassing terms, such as - The Universe, one might get clean one day, and dirty the next. The same applies for more general terms such as Universal Energy, Qui, etc. One can still use those terms, but it is prudent to just add adjectives such as clear or healthy Universe energies/ Prana/ Qui/ Universal Energy only! Thank you! As a Spiritual Healer I trust that ultimate good Divine energies I connect to are actually intelligent too, i.e. they know themselves where to go, what to fix, clear or balance, and how. So If you want the same from e.g. Qui, e.g. just add the adjectives intelligent and healing capable.)

How to Attune? Some people use visualizations on how they connect to energies, I prefer to ask them to come and connect to me! You can just say a prayer in your head, such as I ask the Divine to connect to me as much as necessary, possible, available, and sensible. Many thanks, Amen!

Now some of you may say Hold on! I never bother with attuning and always feel connected anyway! That is well possible. Some people have agreements made before they incarnate, or someone has prayed for them correctly (e.g. a meditation teacher or author). If you are not all sure though it is safer to just do it. Spirit is practical too so one can actually ask just ones to always(!) be connected when one does any spiritual work.


I am not actually going to write anything here, as it would be too complex and since I assume that most readers already do this part anyway, you are your own experts already! For those readers who are not practicing yet there is tons of information about Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness etc. on the Internet. As well as on YouTube, in apps, books, you can take courses etc.

Safe disposal of released energies

Now this may be a stretch for some, but I believe that thoughts and emotions actually have substance, a body of sorts. But for the more science minded among you one could maybe call them energy, perhaps created by nerve impulses? And energy supposedly does not just disappear, it can only get transmuted. Have you ever tried tapping, as in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)? It is one possible technique to rid ourselves of negative emotions. Have a look on YouTube for a clip about it. It might not always work instantaneously for all emotions (big, complex and ingrained ones might be stubborn when attempting to remove them), but you will likely have some success with some (less complex) emotions straight away. It is quite a weird sensation when one feels an emotion, and then it just lifts and dissipates. Now I ask where does the energy go? As an empath I am quite energy sensitive, and in my experience/ feelings all sorts of things can happen. In a more natural settings such energies might be taken up by nature healed/ transmuted by sunshine, trees, (salt) water or else. In a more urban environment they might float about for a while though, such energies can accumulate, and ultimately either reattach to the person who released them or attach to someone else As such humanity has made great progress with regards to physical hygiene (most places have canalization, waste water treatment plants etc.), but with regards to energy management many places are still a bit like the middle ages, when folk just dumped their chamber pots out the window. That is why most healers learn to dispose of the energies they help remove from their clients. As will many more clued in yogis, meditators, etc.

It is quite easy actually. For released energies we do not have to build expensive canalization you just ask the same Higher Power(s), or sources of energy you attuned to before commencing your practice, to please safely take care of any negative or stale energies released. I tell my clients they are taken to the big cosmic recycling heap, but it is probably more like energy rehab clinics.

There is another benefit to asking for safe removal of released energies many people are actually not very good at releasing negative and stale energies/emotions. I feel it is because subconsciously they feel/ know that these energies might float about and attach to others, so unless they feel very safe and certain that what they release will be taken care of, they hold on to stuff. (NB. And yes, some of our negative energies/ emotions can feel quite toxic, so we might not want to burden another being with them BUT there is beings that enjoy recycling such energies. There is an abundance of such helping energies/ beings just waiting on the side lines, and they often hugely underused. And if you have problems releasing/ flushing out such energies, because you have basically been holding on to them for year, if not decades, there is energies there too that can help with that, which enjoy helping, and which we just have to allow to help..)

Now before you start to worry, as you might never have asked for safe energy removal dont. There is no use. If there is still anything floating about, you can ask for it to be taken up now. If anything created any discomfort anywhere, just ask for potentially necessary healings now too. And if you tend to do your spiritual work under a divine umbrella, your energies might have been taken care off before anyway. As with the attunement some of us have arranged these things before we entered our bodies, someone clued in might have prayed for you, etc. It only takes a few seconds to make double sure, and ask for this too. And here too you can even do the economic thing and pray/ ask that any negative or stale energies you release, or which may come through you, are always taken care off !

The above are the basics for good spiritual work. As with most things there is potentially even more to learn/ rediscover. Ill just briefly mention a few.

- Grounding - Grounding is to consciously connect to healthy (Divine) Earth energies. Some might call it Mother Earth, or if you are looking for more non-spiritual nomenclature you can say e.g. Earth Qui. It is basically specialized attunement, concentrating on ultimate good Earth energies. Ultimate Good Earth energies can be very healing capable and nourishing. The connection is a good avenue to get rid of negative or stale energies too. (Do not worry here either. The Earth is big enough to take all our crap energies. It is a bit like putting feces on a field they get transmuted and new things come out of them.) Grounding is great stuff, and an essential tool for most healers, many Lightworkers, and widely recommended as essential in the Empath communities. I wrote a whole chapter on Grounding in my book Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier; Surviving the Path to Enlightenment.

- Setting a healing intent Setting a healing intend can make spiritual work more targeted. If we just attune and practice there will be healing effect, but usually general (and there is often a lot of things to be fixed in life). It can be understandable to want to concentrate on specific areas of ones life e.g. upcoming exams, weight loss, a particular pain or emotion. Or we can dedicate our practice to the wellbeing or healing of another, like a sick relative.

- Asking for protections Now when we attune to the Divine, protection is quasi built in. There wont be much room for other energies to come in. When you use more neutral energies like Qui it can be prudent to ask for additional protection. When we practice we basically open up. Our chakras open up, and we become more receptive. Now as mentioned not all energies out there are all benevolent, so it is good to take some safety precautions, so that shadier energies do not see out opening up as an invitation to intrude.

- Saying thank you! Which is common sense, but it is still good to remind oneself. If a person helps us with something (especially without expecting anything in return), we usually thank them. They are there in the flesh and hard to miss though. Energies are usually much more subtle, and it is easy to forget that we might well be dealing with another conscious entity, which/ who might appreciate a quick Thanks.

All the above, if you are not considering it already should help deepen your spiritual practice. It should improve the quality of your practice. But just to keep it real after 20 years of meditation, I still do not levitate, and I still can have bad meditation days (where the mind can be all over the place). The fruits of spiritual work are often best measured in the long term, not the short term.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to share it, but please retain any reference to me as the author. Love and Light

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Trevor's Emotion Clearing Feedback

By Trevor Lewis, 2016-04-09

I am posting these here to provide more background on my work while still linking within this site. Foreach of my clearings I ask to be kept "informed with feedback, questions or comments, positive, negative or neutral" (rather than specifically asking for testimonials). The quotes shown aresamples from the feedback I have received (about half of them are from EC members here). Of course, results do vary from person to person.


Trevor Lewis has some simple techniques for clearing energy blockages and installing new beliefs and energetic flows. I've worked with him for about four months now and the shifts have been profound for my personal energy as well as for my business. Thanks Trevor for the amazing transformation! (An unsolicited testimonial from K.M., North Carolina, USA)


I met Trevor Lewis "by chance" when we were paired up to speak with one another after attending a business event. We traded gifts. I shared ideas for marketing his business and people with shared values, and he did an emotion clearing for me. It became clear his experiences went beyond my own, yet unlike many who have exceptional abilities; he had a humbleness and gift for empowering others rather than exalting himself.
After Trevor did my emotion clearing I discovered two potential printing companies for my business within one hour. Prior to that I had spent months unable to find the right partner. When next I saw Trevor, as I was telling him the story, he spontaneously handed me the business card of the fellow I had decided to partner with for my printing. Without knowing why, he had intuitively put that card in his pocket just before meeting with me.
I consider myself a highly sensitive person, but Trevor uses meditation and mindfulness to develop his abilities beyond anything I can do, or anyone else I have ever met. Trevor has served as a mentor and spiritual guide in my life's journey. He listens and affirms my being, and helps me find clarity and purpose in my life. I wish to be tuned in like Trevor. Thank you, Trevor. (An unsolicited testimonial from I.R., North Carolina, USA.)


I would like thank you so much, Trevor, for everything you have done for me. I also appreciate your patience and time you have took to help me. Your healing has given me hope. It's hard to lean on a complete stranger but you don't feel like a stranger. Thank you so much. (T.B., USA)

Thank you for your help getting me through a tough week! You my friend, are amazing!! I have you on speed dial! (J.L., Michigan, USA - two months after initial clearing)

I really am very grateful for the time, effort and energy you exerted in my clearing it is really amazing!
You did a great job here and all you got was do spot on!
I felt some conflicting feelings after the clearing and also felt some ease and comfort with certain areas that were so blocked.
I could really feel what you worked on and i am so grateful for all this.
You are so gifted and it was really very generous of you to offer help and share your amazing ability to those who need it.
Many deep thanks and blessings to you (Noha, Egypt)

"I do not think I have ever been this comfortable with myself ever I have never in my life felt this much of a release before. I am crying and it is amazing. It feels great. I have never felt this positive in my life, it's like I have a new look on life and my life and the world and everything. I actually feel like tonight will be great even if it isn't great. Not sure if that makes sense, but it does to me and it feels amazing." (K.B., Michigan, USA)


Trevor is a Godsend and is always there to help. If you find yourself needing one on one, he is my go to. (Shari, Missouri, USA)


After the emotional clearing I felt, lighter and more alive. I feel as if I am moving more in the direction that I want my life to move in, and slowly aligning my life's purpose with my everyday life. (Michelle, California, USA)


Hey Trevor! All I have to say is oh my goodness!! You hit spot on with everything! []

I am just blown away! [] thank you so much for doing this! You truly have been given a gift! (Stacey, California, USA)


You are truly one of God's gifts (D.E., New Jersey, USA - 14 months after the initial clearing).


I think overall I have made significant strides in the areas you have cleared. Thank you for your assistance. (Teresa, Louisiana, USA - 2 months after the initial clearing)


I had a sigh of relief letting the old energy release. I have a "lightness" again! The world seems sparkly today as well. I am feeling connected to all again. I want to thank you again for I now feel back in sync with the universe. Best wishes to you! Well done! (Shari, Missouri)


Thank so very much. I was reading the report and I just started crying. Everything on there made perfect sense. Is it normal to feel different so quickly? I feel more at peace and am ready to let go of the past. For so long I have held on to things that were hurting me. I mean psychically hurting me. I have been to the ER on and off for the past few years for belly pain that the doctors could not figure out. IT IS GONE!! I also don't feel run down or overwhelmed. I am content to just be. I feel like all is right in the world. Like I can sleep without fear anymore. This is amazing!! How can I ever thank you? I am so humbled to have found you and for your help. (M.C., Oregon, USA)


I woke up feeling incredibly connected to the universe today. I can feel its power and love surging through me. I wanted to spread the love and good vibes To you. You have been so helpful and i appreciate you being there while i am in and out of crisis (S.K., California, USA)


Good Morning, I opened the email and could not stop reading. Thank you so much your time and energy. It is amazing. I have to tell you last night I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I was really quiet within. It was an amazing peaceful quiet moment. I closed my eyes and say out loud I give you permission. Throughout the evening I started asking myself "why dont I do this" and "why dont I do that" that nothing is wrong with "I can do this and that". Amazing feeling. (L.H., New Jersey, USA)


I have been feeling joyful and content that the future is going to be okay, I have never felt joy like this though, I felt even more comfortable within my own skin, the negative self-talk has seemed to cease, I used to hear it often (A.M., USA)


I have been feeling amazing. I just checked all my email and realize why. Thank you so much! I feel lighter and relaxed which is awesome. I usually feel bogged down. Thank you again so much you are amazing! (L.H., MS USA)


Ok, I have had some time to process and man I feel good. I have been doing so much work on myself this last year I was beginning to question my path. Thanks to your clearing I now am reassured that I am awesome! I had a feeling I was holding on to programming from my dad, mostly fear, and it was holding me back drastically. Not anymore. Also I have been very abusive to myself this last year. Not eating well, sleeping well or in general loving myself. Thank you for releasing this. I am repeating some of the affirmations you wrote about and instantly I feel better. Thank you Trevor.

7/24/2015 Trevor is amazing. He cleared me a few months back and life is new and fresh again. There will always be life's turmoil but with Trevor's continued help and support I feel strong and in control. (S.K., USA)


I just wanted to say thank you again for the clearing. I am finally feeling much better and happier [1 month after the initial clearing and additional follow-on work]. (C, U.S.A)


I feel different from when you started. I have definitely felt you sorting things out. ... As for what happened at [...the age you specified...], A LOT. I became pregnant unexpectedly [...] and my partner was not supportive at all. On top of that I was dealing with a domestic violence divorce ...

I am noticing I am much more confident in myself, feeling very beautiful as well as empowered and I no longer have a feeling of being alone." (M.A., USA)


Thank you. I feel like a weight has been lifted (S.R., USA)


I have read my report. I was shocked to say the least. The answer [to the question "Do I know what happened at the specified age"] is yes. I had to calculate back and realized what happened then. You are right. I cried thinking about that time. And yes it has a huge impact on how I've been living. The tears coming again writing this. It was a very, very tough and heartbreaking time for me. I literally lost my heart that day. I've never been able to get over it. Hopefully now I can. Thank you for helping me see that. I really appreciate this (D.A, USA)


Thank you so much Trevor! I am indeed grateful to you indefinitely. I want you to know that I don't feel that heaviness I felt in my chest for a very long time. I feel like I can breathe easier. As the days go by I will let you know how I progress in my life. Thank you so much again and God bless (J.M., USA)


Trevor i am feeling much better and I know that it's because of your clearing.. Thank you...:) God bless you.. (Y.G., USA)


I just wanted to give you some feedback on how it's all going. I feel fantastic and the negative thought pattern that I had been having trouble shifting has gone. The feelings of isolation and, yes, being unsupported has gone too. (L, Australia)


Trevor is amazing at clearing. He has given me so much clarity now, I don't think I've ever felt this way before. I have such an inner calmness which is so unusual for me. (W.D., Australia)


Thank you so much, Trevor - for your time and insight. Before I even read the email from you this morning I woke up feeling so good and as the day has gone on I have felt that "new sense of ease".

The "unworthy" emotion you cleared that came through me from age 19 really stood out. It was an age where I definitely was feeling all of those emotions. I look forward to being free from these emotions that have been embedded and part of me for so many years. It all makes sense. (J.S., USA)


I do feel different these last couple of days, I feel more at peace and at ease. I feel a better flow of energy through me from nature and divinity.

(8/26/2014) I just wanted to make sure I properly thanked you for clearing me. I have truly felt a marked difference in the past few weeks, I've felt lighter, and more of a sense of well-being. I hope you are able to feel the positive energy returning to you from the thankfulness of those whom you help. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world (H.L., USA)


Since you cleared me, amazing and miraculous changes are taking place in my life and I am blown away by how wonderful all of this is! I just wanted to touch bases and give you more of an update. Amazing things are happening and healing is taking place. Thank you again for what you have done for me. (Shelly, USA)


I forgot to mention how at peace I felt, when I awoke this morning, It has been a long while, since I felt that within. I have no doubts that the clearing will continue to show results as the weeks follow! (H.R., USA)


Tonight something happened (the details are not important) that I had a bad feeling it was going to...but for the first time I had the power to overcome it and to see clearly and not get so overwhelmed with emotions. It happened thank God after you cleared me and now I am handling it really well...thank you so much!!!!

(8/5/2014) I have had less anxiety and I feel better altogether, like more positive and more strong. I really hope I'll stay this way because I was soooo drained before and so blocked. (E, Greece)


Hi Trevor, already I feel a difference from the family inherited issues. I didn't even realize I did these things or that other people don't have longing for things they can never have. That alone has given me such peace, you have no idea. (Aubrie, NY, USA)


I can't thank you enough for the happiness and peace you have given to me, a true gift! Thank you so much. (R, New Zealand, 2 weeks after initial clearing)


Thank you so very much for the clearing you did and the thorough explanatory report. The age [specified] made sense to me. That was when I entered into a 20 year marriage that was mentally abusive. Many heart walls put up during that time! I found the parental inheritances very interesting and recognized them. The throat chakra, YES!, I have struggled with that one all my life. And the vertebra affirmations were right on also.

I had an interaction of "closure" with my ex-partner last night and was able to communicate some ofmy feelings clearly and firmly. Progress.

Today I do feel a bit lighter and am not getting so caught up in my emotional body. That feels good. My energy appears to be slowly on the rise.

(7/11/2014) I just read the affirmations on my report again and am deeply feeling the truth of them. They are so helpful for me. Life is transforming rapidly for me right now. I've been going through adifficult breakup with my partner, who I realize I still love deeply on many levels. We were able to start working towards a friendship yesterday. It feels much better than where we were. My emotional field is still processing and I feel the benefits of your clearing still at work. Thank you Trevor. In Gratitude (D.E., USA )


We saw a big change in [my two year old daughter]. I would say the anxiety is gone by about 80%.....a big change. She started going to the bathroom herself which is a huge shift and she fell asleep last night in 10 minutes peaceful and content. I'm extremely grateful- many thanks to you again.

For me, I woke up for the first time in 3 years without feeling darkness over me. I feel light and peaceful. The negative thoughts are very minimal. The affirmations that you came up with and installed were perfect. I am so grateful to be able to feel this light and more like "myself". Words really cannot express what this means to me but I'm sure you understand.

(6/10/2014) I wanted to let you know that the work you did with [my two year old daughter] and I shifted something in her and me. For me it was just a reminder that I needed to slow down and for her she has become more loving and happy. Thank you so much. (K.M., USA)


I've woken amazingly in no pain, I took my morphine patch off yesterday, given I would not be able to tell if the work you had done worked in that aspect. I had also done a lot for me physically, normally one or both would have had me pinned to the bed in pain when I woke. But nothing. My muscles have completely relaxed and my sleep was the calmest it's been, I even dreamt which is a first. [My youngest daughter] is in an amazing mood I came down and she was elated for no particular reason. I am so tired however but a nice tired being my body is now saying heaven, I can't stay awake and need to sleep it off. (Martine, U.K.)


I could feel the clearing happen. First felt something kind of enter my energy and slowly I became more and more relaxed. This was a very welcome relief from the anxiety that crept up on me again. This anxiety was keeping me from being able to breathe and meditate, and I was an emotional time bomb just waiting to detonate and obliterate everything in my path which is very dangerous in my work situation. So, yes your work addressed the issue I initially wrote about. Since I could feel it happening I stopped working and closed my eyes and tried to enter a meditative state for a bit. I was able to breathe freely, slow my thoughts down naturally and I felt so very calm. I felt the energy moving and at one point I stretched and kept stretching a bit. When it was done I stood up and my back popped in 2 places and when reading the report it was exactly where t9 and t5 were. I felt all of my vertebrae align. It was so cool!! [] Thank you Trevor. Thank you. Thank you. (Kaye, MN USA)


Hi Trevor! I would had gotten back to you sooner but I was so excited and full of energy yesterday. There were so many wonderful affirmations, I started an affirmation board so I could recite each day. I was amazed by all of it. I was amazed on the vertebra part. I have degenerative disc disease in my neck and lower back. I also have a sensitive stomach. Another interesting thing, I was adopted but have been in contact with my biological family since I was 21. You were right on with them, with your findings. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me, there are not enough words that could express my sincere gratitude that I have. (Paula, USA)


I slept like a baby for the whole weekend. I'm a really light sleeper and wake up from the slightest noise and it takes me hours to fall back to sleep. I haven't slept through the whole night for probably fifteen years without waking up at least three times a night. After the clearing I slept ten hours straight for two nights and even when my kids woke up at 6.30 am on Saturday AND Sunday morning and made noise like only four and one year olds can do I just slept! Unbelievable. I could have slept forever but got up after ten hours because I felt sorry for my husband who had been awake since 6.30 :)

(6/15/2014) I think you're really done miracles for me. I haven't felt anger for a long time. Quite the opposite: I experience these bursts of happiness many times a day and feel really serene most of the time. Thank you so much! (S.O., Finland)


Thank you for the amazing work you have done :-) it is really appreciated, the sense of peace and clear mindedness I have been developing inside is truly mind blowing. Blessings and many thanks. (Chris, South Africa)


Work is going a lot better. I am currently caught up which hasn't been the case in a very long time. I have been using some shielding techniques to keep people away from me and it has helped a lot. Relationships are going better and it feels like I have the walls down around my heart now. I am happy with myself at work and at home. My finances are better. My intuition has soared and my other abilities are strengthening also. Thanks for all of your help! You have been amazing! (D.S., Australia - 3 months after initial clearing)


Wow! Thank you. This has brought tears to my eyes. I do have to admit that, as you found, I have been unable to cry in quite a while. Tears come to the eyes, but not enough to fall. Since you have done your work, it has come close to overflowing; I feel it on the edge and somehow know it will help me...I am hopeful time will make it so, thanks to your work. I am enjoying my kids again, laughing at them and with them. It is nice to feel that again. (C.I., USA)


Just checking in to let you know that I am feeling great after the clearing you gave me. I thought more about the woman friend I was keeping at arm's length. Something shifted in me, and we are getting along nicely. (L.H., USA)


I notice that my recovery time has lessened threefold. I bounce back from the emotional turmoil situations rather quickly now. It's a nice change from going days on end feeling crappy to maybe a few hours. Thanks to you, I still am feeling pretty good. (Tami, USA)


Two or three days ago I was suddenly aware of reacting to an old issue in a different way. And at the moment I feel more enthusiastic, and more 'myself', if that makes sense. Also more joyful and freer. (1 week after initial clearing)

(12/9/2014) Your work is amazing, and I can't begin to thank you enough. Here's a list of changes so far.

I feel completely comfortable with being a sexual being.

My shame has gone.

I feel strong and powerful. I can stand my own ground without losing my center. There is an underlying sense of determination.

I feel enthusiastic and grateful for my life.

I trust in divine providence. I feel loved and supported by God.

I feel love and joy. My heart is responsive to happy things rather than just sad stuff.

Trevor, thank you so much(GW, Ireland - 2 weeks after initial clearing)


Wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat and clear with me...also wanted to give you an update[My husband] took his blood pressure and for the first time in a few years it was quite low...this is huge for him. I think it is a combination of things but most importantly the work you have done for him. We cannot thank you enough. (S.L., USA)


I'm still doing the emotional clearings and about half way through the week a lot of bad past memories came back and I was able to talk about them with my dad. I found out what my triggers are and I was able to face them and I'm feeling better than I did before.

It surprises me too because i had a lot going on. I had to end a seven year friendship because the person was not respecting me and I faced the emotions associated with my uncle's death that happened four years ago and I'm still trying to fix the emotions associated with my mother. It's still a lot to accomplish, but I know that I can do it. (B.Q., USA)


I am realizing that I used to start my day trying to figure out what was going to go wrong and what was going to come get me. I never realized this before so it is clearing. Probably directly related to what you cleared on Sunday.

(11/20/13) All day I have felt very serene, quietly happy.

(12/1/13) So things have been easier with mom today [after you worked on her]. She even laughed a few times. I have not seen this in a long time. :)

(8/9/2014) Thank you! How comforting it is to have someone like you at the other end of the line! Hugs and gratitude. (N.W., USA)


[My grandson] had a much better day in school yesterday. He got a prize from the Treasure Chest for his behavior and was very excited about it. You [cleared him] just after his lunch period. They were probably still out on the playground when you started. Seems like a good time to impact him. I would say that he feels clearer and more relaxed, both last night and this morning. (P.M., USA)


I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for me. For the first time in my life I am optimistic about the direction in which I am heading. You have been like a shining beacon of hope, in a world that was bathed in darkness and despair. I could never tell you what you have given me, but somehow I think you already know. This year has been a whirlwind of change for me, and I think that if you hadn't come along I would have never been able to handle it all. (J.B., USA)


Did you literally start the clearing around 7:00PM today? Around 7:00 I had the breath taken away from me. I was sitting on the couch and was like whoa......what was that?

(8/7/2014 after second clearing) Amazing! Very detailed. The funny thing is that I knew when you were doing it again. Just like the first time, I had lost my breath for a few seconds. It was a whoosh feeling. I had to take a deep breathe. You definitely relaxed me. For the first time in months, I slept for over 8 hours. I normally sleep 4-5 hours a night due to various stressors and things on my mind. (Josh, PA, USA)


That is amazing! You really hit it on the head. It was pretty astonishing how accurate you were in associating issues I had with what age I was when they were most pertinent. I also wanted to mention that this morning had a very different feel to it. I almost felt rebirthed. Everything just seemed more vibrant and lively like a nice new, rejuvenated energy. Definitely felt a stronger spiritual connection than I had been feeling for quite some time, which I was very pleased and happy to welcome back into my life. You have a wonderful gift, thanks for sharing it with me! (K.D., USA)


It has been about a week since you cleared things up for me and the change is very noticeable. The energy is flowing more freely and the impediments that I mentioned in our first communication have pretty much disappeared. I have no interest in past behaviors that were holding me back and have even lost my craving for chocolate cake. LOL. I was a confirmed chocoholic and now have little to no interest in it. There is a much more positive outlook in my life and a sense that I deserve to have all that life can offer me. (B.H., Canada)


Feeling quite at peace since yesterday. Actually today i had a laughing fit watching something on TV, I could not stop for fifteen minutes. I have not laughed that hard in almost twenty years. I was actually crying I laughed so loud and strong. Thanks. (Scotty, USA)

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Loosing Energy

By Karen2, 2016-04-05

I don't know what's happening...I have my suspicions...but that's all they are....I feel as if I'm leaking energy through tiny holes in my energy field....last week it felt like I'd been released from something...I suddenly felt really energy started to expand and I had lots of energy...that continued for a couple of days and I was so grateful....then it started again...felt like something dark clamp down around me.....felt and heard such anger and hatred and pain throughout my body both inside and out...I managed to clear a lot of it but the feeling of pain and discomfort continues....and the energy loss continues....I don't know what to do about this...I just know I have to find someway to stop it...

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New Blog!

By Crownite, 2016-03-27

Hey everyone!

I've been MIA for a while. But I wanted to come back and share my new blog with you all.

I write about life explorations, growth, philosophy, inspiration, musings, etc.

Please feel free to check it out, like, comment, refer your friends, and subscribe.

I look forward to seeing many of you and I hope my posts help to brighten your day, empower, or encourage you all to continue growing~

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I am writing my life story. My Life as an Empath-Book by Jonny Foster

By The Importance of Being Jonny, 2016-03-25

Hi all,

I could use some advice especially from those who live a very paranormal life and those who have written books about their life experiences. I have wanted to write a book for a very long time. But only recently(within the last few years) have I said that writing a book about my life as an empath or turning my psychic journal into a book would be a better idea. While this is something I have already started and have decided that I am going to reveal a lot which I initially kept private, there are some things in my life story that I feel I should not mention either because this info is related to me but not my own personal business or because some of the terminology that was included in actual angel messages given to me is something that can have negative feedback. It's really those two areas that I am struggling with.

I consider this book to be an autobiography, but is it a tell-all? And if it is, do I really wanna tell all? I struggle because the publishing of this book can go two ways: It can be something that doesn't take off as I thought and only a few of my friends will read it, or it can be very popular and lots of people may want to purchase and read it. While that part is great, it also scares me because my truth, my personal spiritual journey will be read by strangers who I don't know. Do I want that kind of notoriety? While people know of it being a book on my life and experiences, names in the book have been changed for privacy. So if I write about my soul brother who happens to be very powerful with all sorts of abilities and gifts, his real name and identity isn't revealed in this book. I just fear the outcome. For the first time in my life, I worked in a public venue and I had blown up. I wasn't just a friendly face, a cashier at a local store. People knew me, I was being interviewed by college students and news reporters about my life and so many volunteers and staff looked up to me and relied on me for help and guidance. That level of celebrity as an introverted empath is not something that I want as a normal part of my life and because of that, I fear the consequences of what my life would be like if this book blew up and became popular, or if just a few people who didn't know my real truth suddenly knew my truth.

Is this just normal for anybody writing a book about their life or do I have real concern because of the nature of my life? I would love to read your feedback because I am struggling so much. I have written over 20 pages so far and have 34 chapters/topics to discuss. I'm going to combine many of them so I don't have a 100 chapter book. My life is a story and I felt that I finally had to write it down on paper to tell it. I am a psychic empath growing in many ways and I simply wish to tell my story in a way that I know people will listen, by reading. Otherwise, no one else cares about my life and my struggles.



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By Lotusfly, 2016-03-21

The other day I walked in the woods for 2 hours. It was a struggle for me because it was cold, but I listened to my body and my intuition to enjoy it and learn from it the best I could. So I took several breaks. The first one, I sat down on a rock to eat part of my brunch that I had taken with me. I had the sudden feeling that I was happy and peaceful in that moment and didn't want to be anywhere else. Right then I had the urge to look up and slightly back and to my right, and when I did there was a large owl perched high on a tree branch. I could see him clearly, and later, upon research in a local bookstore, I found out he was a nocturnal owl, so he was sleeping at the time. It was as if I found him. My soul led me to that rock (I had considered sitting down to rest in other spots but chose that one). He even opened his eyes when I talked to him (like I said, I didn't know he was sleeping until later, and he was so high up that even with my glasses on I couldn't tell if his eyes were opened or closed, but he opened his eyes when I talked and then closed them after). He was a fully mature owl. They are rare this time of year. He is the first owl I've seen in my spiritual journey. I've heard the sound of an owl lately but I literally sat down underneath him without even realizing. It was an area slightly off the path.

Just before moving to my current location in October, I had purchased a paperweight that is simply a smooth, ceramic oval (about 5 inches in length), cream color, with a brown, painted owl. I met someone in the store the day I bought it and we were chatting about our beliefs and she asked me if I was a "tree hugger." I said "no...I'm nothing...just spiritual." I had asked her, somewhat jokingly, if she thought the owl paperweight would make me wise. She said, "only if you think it will."

I am so spooked by this I can't explain. I don't know if I am creating my reality or if my environment is. I don't know if I am being led by my soul/God or if others are. I think it's all one. But I want to be free of all conditioning/messages from others/environment and find my true self and the real truth. Because I feel as if we are not living the way we should and none of us know the truth. I want to live an authentic life; not one predetermined for me. I want to know the source of life. What truly created us. The meaning of life. All of the great questions :)

I keep being proven wrong every time I think I know, lol! I want to do a soul search, a real one. I want to uncover the truth. Go to the source. I want to travel to the higher realms to get some real answers...

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For open eyes

By Lotusfly, 2016-03-10

I'm going to be real gutsy and just put this out there, because it is how I feel and I'm willing to get bashed for it, because it could also help someone who may relate. Who knows? So here goes...

Since going to the bottom of my well of pain and crawling out with my bare hands, with the help of some ropes that were thrown down to me (as well as stones), I am at a place of peace with my self, with others, with the planet, with everything. I still dislike (very much so) that so many people are hurting (some being tortured and killed) on this planet. I still cringe thinking of animals and mother nature being used and abused too. I desperately want to help these people. The ones who don't have a voice or don't have a way out. The ones who are trapped. And we're all essentially trapped in one way or another. None of us are entirely free. Not until we leave our body. But anyway...

I have completely forgiven myself and others (though I still dislike how I'm treated by people from my past and some in my present). I have found me and I'm free. I don't have inhibitions, though I do try to uphold my manners because I'm respectful of others' boundaries and appropriateness (for example, I'm not going to eat ice-cream with my fingers in public...though I would love to ;) ). I seriously am so comfortable being me and I know that I'm not hurting anyone, so any disapproval from others is on them. I say that with utmost respect - for them and me.

So...through this deep healing and re-finding or newly discovering me (since I had always "held back" my true self and wishes) I have suffered through many worldly challenges, mostly financial based, because I "just want to have fun" after 35 years of not! Do you blame me? I'm putting my money to good use. No shopping for extras...just healthy food, supporting small businesses, a music lesson, travelling (by car), meeting people, seeing live music/dancing...LIVING. I'm doing okay but it's not easy when income is limited, which it always is (haha); there's always a limit on how much money we have. And so I've been learning to live within my means and it's been a fun challenge. But anyway...

I've run so low on food that I had to ration very small amounts and rest a lot so I wouldn't burn up all my nutrients and get sick. I made a tea bag last 4 cups. I went without any sweetener in my tea or food. I lived on very little and I survived. I got healthier! Having less made me more grateful, more serene, more in touch with me and my god-energy, my soul, my angels and spiritual support. I am very connected with the natural world, in that I mean, animals love me. I love nature. I get along with children and adults too. But MY true love is the god-energy. When I allow (by saying, "okay, I surrender; god, please take the wheel") God to steer my life (especially in my car!) I ended up in the most beautiful, amazing places/scenareos. God really knows what I need and by listening to it (my god is unisex; just an energy flow/current), especially in each moment, at the right time, it's as if God really is driving me through life and it knows where in the world I am needed or I need to be. My connection to god, through my intuition, is so strong, that I know I will be okay by just following my intuition. It is so comfortable to be held by the flow of the god-energy as it carries me where I need to go and be, because I can relax and not worry and just enjoy the ride. Is this wrong? :)

Has anyone felt this god-energy experience. It is a combination of a "calling" from my intuition and then surrendering into the flow, which I seem to be feeling through my own chi (the energy that runs through my body), as if I am being pulled forth by my own chi, which is god trying to lead me to where I need to go. And the "hints" are often from my soul/intuition, getting me in line with the god-energy so that I may do my lightworker duties.

It is very awesome living this way, though I doubt I can make a career out of it ;) I feel that I can heal people with my presence and my chi energy, and even telepathically. But how does one have a career in which they simply follow god's calling and go about doing what god wants them to do? I'm seriously curious and interested, because I love living this way of...oops, that's my soul/nature/universe giving me a message to go I get myself there...but if I don't act quickly, the moment may pass and the message will change. So I believe I'm somehow connected to universal energy, as if I know what's happening in places where I am not (through God communicating to me because I am open and listening now), but because life is constantly in motion, if I don't act quickly enough, the event I'm supposed to arrive at will have passed, so I am no longer able to fulfill that calling.

I'm a bit new at this and not quite familar with it yet, but it is amazing and I hope to do more of it.

Please share your experiences if you have had anything similar or can relate. Because I feel like I'm a true child of god, a vessel of god, similar to the other great masters. The ones who spoke god's truth and does god's work.



P.S. Unedited, freeflow writing, definitely incomplete :)

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By Lotusfly, 2016-03-03

The other day when I saw the lady bug in my kitchen (and then looked up the meaning of this sign from mother nature), I thought of another instance when I saw a lady bug. I was dorming in college while studying Vet Tech and when the weather got nice and I had the window open (though there was a protective screen also), a lady bug landed on the screen, and then another one, until there were lots, and they began finding their way into my room. Eventually there were dozens in my room, on the ceiling, crawling on my belongings, periodically taking flight and flying around my room. I was terrified! No joke :) An infestation of a beautiful insect that I neither wanted in my room (one is cute, hundreds is scary...probably similar to the idea in the movie The Birds :) ), nor had a way to stop them from coming in or get them outside (I was on the second floor).

I was at an all-time low with being codependent on my alcoholic father (I was 21 years old and had attempted to leave him 2 times prior and had given up, surrendering to his manipulative ways because each time I left and came back, he became more controlling, and I didn't have the inner strength to help myself survive on my own...for long anyway) and I was wrapped up in a multi-daily marijuana habit, on a full spectrum of psyche meds, and I had started binge/emotional eating at the snack shop at night, and I was oh-so-tired all the time, falling asleep in my lecture classes. I wasn't retaining the information from the classes or my studying. I had lost my self. I was buried under all that mess.

Those lady bugs were reminding me of who I truly was and how I needed to be: a sensitive good soul who needed to protect her sensitive self with assertive grace as needed. It was (and is) great to be sensitive, but I am unable to apply myself in the world if I am unable to set boundaries and preserve myself when situations call for it.

I have found self-love through understanding that I can be sensitive and my true self but I also need to stand up for myself and help myself to survive when people or society try to take advantage of my caring heart. In the end, I have to save myself.

So within a day of feeling like I should change my name to Ladybug or something along those lines, I developed a sense of belief in myself...I became my best friend, for the first time in my life. This has allowed me more confidence and belief in myself, as an individual soul, to love myself enough that I am determined to save myself...not really for me but because I have a great purpose to fulfill on this planet, and if I don't have utmost love and respect for my being, my soul won't succeed.

In one day, I went from seeing myself as a lotus who wants to fly, to a lady bug, to a goddess.

I believe we are all unique and have a special purpose. I believe we should all cultivate self-love, because that is hugely deficient in this world and is the reason people feed off each other's energies.

Much love~

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