How Can I Read My Private Messages?

By EliseLebeau, 2016-11-20

You can read and reply to your  Private Message by clicking on your Username > Private Messages


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Where are the groups?

By EliseLebeau, 2016-11-10

The groups were migrated to Forum Categories.  Everything is in one place!

You can find them here:

Or click on "Forum" in the top menu.

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New Empath Community

By Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove), 2016-11-01

I am not sure about the new Empath Community site.  I don't know how to find the groups.  I'm not sure if I'm posting a message in a blog right.  I couldn't even find any information on it. 

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You can't choose who you love

By Rose3, 2016-10-24

You can't choose who you love.Someone I feel like being an empath makes me love everyone and everything.So I fall so hard when I do.I met another empath I starting to hate meeting them because I always seem to fall head over heel for one.It's like feeling you emotions then their emotion and it doubles.I cut the ties of my emotions for him so I'm better but I feel tethered to him.He's twisted though says he loves all his girls and he can't choose favorites which is why I ran away from the situation.He shares himself with everyone he is selfish wants everyone.The only reason I know that is because I can feel his emotions which he isn't used to.We were so n sync I could feel him and he could feel me.It's like we didn't need words.I just wasn't going to be another lover and I wasn't going to share him with everyone.That makes me selfish too.Honestly neither of us were ready for anything a relationship with an empath will never happen to me not in this life maybe the next.Honestly I don't really need advice I just need to vent with people like me.People who may actually understand whats it's like.I have already had 3 encounters with empath males.They always end in a train wreck.I fall for them instantly I never chose it I avoid them like the plague and it hits me like a runaway train.

Might as well let this out the first one was bad empath. That was a darker time in my life.He manipulated everyone around him including me.He say and I quote.I want your hate.When he said that I ran.He was addicted to drugs and got married and didn't tell me...Tried to use me to cheat on his wife he didn't need my help though.

The second one this was more promising.He was an addict who was a year clean.He found Jesus and we connected.Then he dropped a bomb and said he was getting married and ran off from the church and never told me anything.Worse part we worked together he quit when I was off for two days.I told him I feel in love with him he was the reason I was able to control my emotion. The love he had around him he helped me to control that emotion.I sadly think he is an addict again or running away empaths are good at running.He didn't like the fact that I could tell when he was lying and read his emotions.

My third and hopefully my final empath love.A sweet guy who cares about everyone and pretends to love them all equally.He would only allow himself to love me to a point.I'm an empath and so is he.I know there was something more but he would't let go so I didn't either. 

I hope I never meet another empath in person again.I take all that love and another rejection.Clearly I'm not ready for a serious soulful commitment .One thing I will say I see why people are so drawn to us.

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My Grandfather is trying to tell me something?

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2016-10-16

He passed away 1 month ago, and he keeps showing in my dreams, but I usually have the need to decode the dream into separate parts and I knew exactly what he wanted to say today. 

He was dressed in a black tuxedo, his mustache was dyed black and I know he would've done it for a Funeral because he was always very trendy and elegant, he was well known for it. 

My grandmother is very sick and I feel like he´s announcing that she´s about to pass soon. 

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Clues in my Dreams?

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2016-10-12

I've learn to read the Clues that appear in my Dreams, over the past year, and it has been quite interesting. 

I have been looking for a girlfriend for months, and I recently had a dream, that I met a girl at a mall. she was pretty and shy, I didn't know her name...I saw her face but it was pretty blurred out, all I know is that she was attractive. 

The way I can read clues (correct me if im wrong) is: I take different objects in this dream and put them in separated containers (in my head) then I search for their meanings separately, interpret them and thats how I put the pieces back together like a puzzle. Am I the only that does this?

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New Member

By Mythical Spark, 2016-09-27

I guess I should say hello and give a few words about myself and why I'm here.

I guess I should say that just someone who's looking to learn something about themselves, I guess that's why I'm here.  I think that I may be an empath or have some empath tendencies.  I'm not certain on these things and I'm not totally sure if I believe in it but I like to keep an open mind on different possibilities and I do naturally tend to find rational explanations before I except supernatural/paranormal explanations for things but I have found myself questioning whether or not I may be an empath.

The other week I randomly came across something online about empaths.  It was an article about empaths, their traits/characteristics and it made me think about myself and my past a little bit and as I read the list of these traits and characteristics I recognized some of them in myself and the natural tendencies that I have and how they've been a part of me during my lifetime.

There have been a few incidents, some more mundane and some that seemed somewhat out of the ordinary, that I have called back from memory in my life that seems to corroborate my current questionings of being an empath.

One memory was of a time when I used to drink with other people in a local bar and I had put on some music on the jukebox.  After a while someone said that I was seemingly able to judge the mood of those who were also in there and put on music that would fit perfectly to the mood of the bar at the time.  I think this may have happened a few times.

There have been times when I have been able to gauge general opinion on things, even when I hadn't really spoken to anyone on the topic.

This one's a bit of a bigger thing that happened and might be coincidence.  There was a time that I had a really pleasant dream.  It happened many years ago and I remember spending time with a beautiful girl.  It wasn't anything sexual or anything like that but there was a general feeling of love and it was filled with a really loving air and we were mostly just hanging out and eating and I was lost in the general loving feeling that I felt being with her.  I woke up and I was still feeling such great feelings at the time.  About a week later I was out and had some places that I needed to go to as I had a couple of appointments that I needed to attend to.  As I was walking down the road to one of these appointments I noticed a girl walking up in the other direction.  We had caught each others eye as we got closer and we smiled as we walked past each other and I could have sworn that she was the same girl from my dream.  I know that I should have said something to her at the time but I guess that I was a bit too shy about it.

I know that it could all be a coincidence or just my mind playing tricks on me and is just my imagination but at the time it was something that struck me as strange and still hangs in my memory.

There were other things during my life but I need to try to remember them and they seemed to happen a lot during my time at school

A few traits that I have that might suggest that I'm an empath:

  • I prefer my own company and have been at my happiest in my life when I'm alone.
  • I really dislike crowded places and I really like to avoid them when possible.
  • I feel sorry for those lower down the 'social chain' and sympathize with those who are downtrodden.
  • People have been known, including several strangers, to talk to me about their problems or life and some have said that they feel perfectly comfortable in doing so.
  • I feel naturally drawn to supernatural/paranormal things and different spiritualities, even if I don't particularly believe in them I still feel a sense of wonder and curiosity.
  • I have a creative side and an imagination.  I've always enjoyed things like daydreaming and fantasies, writing, photography.  I can't draw or paint at all but I do like the joy of writing and imagining various worlds and stuff.  I also like video games such as Simcity and the like and the sandbox modes for freedom to create cities.
  • There have been times when I get quite bored and I try to find things to interest me and to keep my mind entertained.
  • I really hate liars and lying in general but if it's necessary, like telling a white lie then I guess I can forgive, given the situation.
  • I hate any kind of violence or acts of cruelty.
  • I really can't stand self-absorbed or people without any kind of self-awareness, or narcissists.
  • I'm often aloof and very distant from people, even with those close to me; close in relationship and as in close proximity.  I think that I'm naturally a very private person and I naturally keep people at a distance, mentally and often physically.
  • I am prone to depression and anxiety, socially and generally.  I have found that I am oddly selective about those who I am comfortable around and not socially anxious with.  I can't really explain it.
  • There have been times that I've had emotions or general feelings that I can't really put any words to other than 'positive', 'neutral' or 'negative'.

These are some of the traits that I currently recognize, maybe there are more but I haven't picked up on them.

A bit more about myself is that I'm not a part of any religion and I've never been Christened or whatever the ritual is for making people a part of each religion is.  I was never brought up in any religion and pretty much all my family are non-religious/atheists or agnostics I think but I can't really speak for them as I'm not entirely sure on exactly what each family believes.  I'd say that I'm an agnostic myself in the sense of not really knowing if there is a god/deity/higher power or not, or at least I'm not the one for current or past concepts of them and I do think that it's a natural part of the human mind to anthropomorphize things and that shows in people's general concept and idea of gods and higher beings/power and I feel that a lot of religions seem to be very earth- and human-centric but that's just my opinion and I really don't know what any god or higher power might be like and I guess there's an idea on that as there people.

Even though I'm not religious but I do have a strange fascination for them, especially ones outside the normal realms of spirituality and I have done a little reading on other religions and new-age stuff and it generally interests me.  I'm not saying that I necessarily believe in any of it.  It just fascinates me when hearing about various legends and myths.  I don't know why it's just something that interests me generally, maybe it just stirs up my imagination.

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Energy from electronics

By Renee2, 2016-09-25

I had two panic attacks today. I have been having them more frequently again lately. There are many factors, and often times there are obvious reasons. Today, though, it seemed they came out of nowhere. I was thinking about my history of anxiety, and my worst panic attacks throughout the years were while I was on the computer while the computer was near a TV that was on. I currently have my computer sitting in front of the TV. This is temporary until I get a new router and can move the computer back into my office.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else is sensitive to energy from electronics.

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Wanting To Learn About Crystals

By Hop Daddy, 2016-09-22

I discovered that I am an empath a year ago. And since then my sensitivities seem to be getting stronger by the week. I am around groups of people often at work and at home. And being out and about can often make me anxious and feel really drained. I heard that carrying around a black tourmaline crystal helps. I have tried that and it does seem to help a bit. But I also hear there are all sorts of other protection and happiness stones out there. And being a novice on this subject, I wanted to ask what crystals & stones others are using? How do they work (does it need to be touching skin or a chakra etc...). And what's the advice on cleansing & renergizing the crystals so they remain effective every day?

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By IndigoLoutus, 2016-09-20
Well, I haven't been on in a long while, I guess i forgot with the business of every day life. So im glad to be back, uh, I feel a bit a wkward right now but its the good kind of awkward.

I must say this new layout is a bit confusing but much more organized from what I've seen. I like it. More blogs later or tomorrow maybe? :3
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