A Message from the Universe?

By Kevin P, 2017-01-02
A Message from the Universe?

For the past few months it seems every time I look at a clock I see numbers like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 11:11, 12:12, etc. Does this have some significant meaning?  Is anyone familiar with numerology?

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Need Help Understanding

By jaijai3122, 2016-12-13

I need help understanding what is going on with me. I am experiencing a lot of weird things lately.

I feel other people emotions

I can't go to the zoo because I upset the animals

I blow out light bulbs

and  a lot more.....I would like to know what is going on.

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The True Identity

By Soothsayer4, 2016-12-09

Ok.  I dont blog really but I thought this as important. What is our true name? Our identity? In a world of which we dont belong how much do we limit ourselves? If I limit myself because I dont want to be in another's being then does that limit my full potential as an empath? How much more can I do if I accept another's energy as m own without losing myself? Am I being selfish or just too damned polite? Maybe I am limiting myself by pure humanitarianistic principles. Do these principles appy to Empaths when we have the c#apacity to commune with others in synergenic ways others cant even comprehend. when is it considered taking avantage of them or shoud it matter? What trueley is the Empath code of ethics?Do we have one? Should we have one? What is our ultimate mission by God?

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Temple Of The Soul Intro-Part 1

By MysticAngel22, 2016-12-06

Temple of the Soul - Intro- Part 1

    What is the soul? The soul is our Akashic records. It is the storage area that contains all of who we are, our thoughts, our emotions, even our memories from lifetime to lifetime are kept hidden here. It holds information on all the lessons we have learned in the past, where we are in the present and who we will become in the future. Anything you ever wanted to know about yourself, you will find in the soul. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? When you begin to walk down the path of understanding, you also begin to walk the path of the unknown. For many who are seeking a deeper understanding of self, this is an exciting time.

   We often begin the journey feeling courageous and even a bit invincible. Even though we don't know what lye's ahead, we are driven by the knowledge that what we will find will be life changing. It's this type of "knowing" that pushes us to take our first few steps without any other knowledge of the journey. We don't know why, how or what is expected of us, nor do we care because we know the end result will be well worth any costs associated with this journey. There are many reasons why we begin the journey. For me, it was fighting my fears of the shadows that haunted me and trying to understand why they were haunting me to begin with. At the end of the journey, I realized that it had little to do with understanding and more about battling the fear and rejection that came with it. Knowledge was merely a tool that allowed me to come to terms with it and accept this aspect of myself. I wasn't fighting the ghosts, I was fighting the fears I had of them. I was fighting the rejection that came from those that rejected my gifts. But most of all, I was battling the God that cursed me with this gift to begin with. This journey started at a very young age. I didn't know at the time what I was seeking,nor did I understand the depths I would have to reach in order to find whatever I was looking for,  I just knew I had to continue down the path.

   This path has been traveled for many, many years. It  wasn't a straight path. This path had many twists and turns. It contained a labyrinth of dead ends and  empty rooms. Some areas contained light and endless possibilities. Other places were dark, cold and straight up terrifying. This was the cost for traveling down this path, the path of the unknown and unexpected.

   The Soul is much like Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom. The soul is the temple of Doom, not knowing what lurks behind each corner and what is hidden in each room. The seeker is the heroin who braves the unknown in search for the hidden treasure and who will risk everything for it. Some rooms contain traps and skeletons, while others contain beautiful golden nuggets. As we begin the journey into this Temple of Doom, we enter in with several agreements with ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, we are bound to these terms during our journey. Now that doesn't sound fair, does it? But it does, because in the end, you will realize that you already knew the terms before you began the journey.

So, what are these terms? The terms will vary however, the most basic terms are these.

1- When you begin the journey, you agree that you will find what you are seeking, even if you do not know what it is in the beginning of the journey. You are guaranteed this treasure no matter what, if you are willing to find it.

2- On this journey, nothing is as expected. Sometimes we follow the path right to the treasure, but more often then not, we must sift through several layers of dirt  and enter into many rooms in order to find it. This is essential for the smaller treasures we find lead us to what we are seeking.

3- We agree to be completely honest with ourselves. Without this honesty, we will never find what we are seeking. Since this is a solitary journey, the only one we have to be honest with is ourselves. Not an easy task for honesty requires to see all aspects of ourselves, including the sides we refuse to admit we have. We are required to see everything as it is, not what we want it to be.

4- We are required to accept the truths shown to us, for it's this truth that allows us to fully see who we really are. This enables us to accept all aspects of ourselves, change what we don't like and allows us to evolve into the person we have chosen to become.

   By accepting these terms, we are truely ready for this journey.

   So, when does this journey begin? It can begin anytime, there is no age or time frame. We begin this journey when we have a strong desire to gain more information or understanding on a certain aspect our ourselves. Though many consider this journey to be spiritual in nature, it's really more about deeper understanding. Some would call this a time of "enlightenment" but it is more about understanding. On a bigger scale it is about understanding what makes us tick, but is often triggered by a nagging question that we really need an answer to. Some questions may be "why do I do this all the time?" or "how come this keeps happening to me?". It could be something more complex like "Is there really a God? Why do bad things happen to good people?" or "why was it time for my mother to leave the earth?" This journey allows us to go inward to find a deeper meaning to the questions we have. It helps us understand by giving us perspectives that are tailored made for ourselves. Because the soul is a storage unit for who we are, we not only get understanding, but that understanding comes from understanding our own perspectives as well as those that we look to for higher guidance.

   Though the knowledge kept in this giant storage unit is our own truths, truths are subjective that can and often change as our understanding and perceptions change. What may have been truth to you ten years ago, you may discover you don't feel or see the same now. The temple is ever changing because you are constantly changing. This is what we call the evolution of the soul. The evolution of the soul is merely a process of growing and changing, maturing into who we choose to be. This process never ends because there is simply to much to learn. Our desire for knowledge is an eternal quest. The things we desire now, may be different later on. Sometimes, it's not about understanding the basic knowledge but the desire to see how far it will really go. This is often the case when a soul desire to learn and understand "unconditional love." Journey's such as these are often loaded with the things we don't expect because when we desire that type of depth of love, we often focus more on the end result, but rarely take into account of what is required to get to that point. Because there are so many apsects of love, this journey would focus on one or two aspects first. It will also show you other aspects of love the more "negative side" such as pain, anger, and situation that may require forgiveness or justice. There are many steps and stages a soul must travel to in order to reach the "treasure" which is the ability to have unconditional love or what you understand to be unconditional love. These bigger desires cannot be done in one life time because of the extent of it,however, these bigger desires to learn a specific thing is often seen through our life themes.

   What are life themes? Life themes are the things we are here to grow and expand on. It is mostly rooted by a deeper desire to learn specific lessons. For example, I knew from a young age I was here for two reasons. The first reason was to find the other half of my soul. I took this to believe that this was my twin flame. (Looking hindsihgt, I realize that my twin flame was only a part of that desire!) The second reason was for a very specific reason, but not sure what!. I knew it had to do with teaching or showing something, but also increasing my own knowledge of something. That's all I had to go with. So in my 30's I began to look for certain things that seemed to be consistent in my life. That consistency was spirituality, ghosts, psychic experiences,things that seemed unnatural or supernatural and magic. Part of that also included things such as God and my beliefs in a higher power. The other theme in my life was romantic love but moreso, finding "the one". I knew he was out there somewhere, but didn't know who or where. What I also discovered was not only finding the one, but understanding how deep it would go and understanding what makes it so great to begin with. Between the basic knowing and discovering the basics coupled with the ideas of what I expected to experience and didn't, is what pushed me to seek more answers deeper within.

   We often seek outside forces to settle the questions within,however, this often leaves us even more confused, for the most part because even though these sources give a general idea, it doesn't cover the individual experience. It doesn't take into account the depth of your own feelings, thoughts or ideas, so though we do have some "aha moments" and feeling a connection, it makes us go deeper to understand how this knowledge applies to us on a more intimate level. It's alright to look into outside experiences in order to gain direction, generate ideas, invoke emotions or inspiring a yearning towards specific areas, for the desire alone helps us connect to this information, but the journey of the soul is figuring out what it means to you, if anything and expanding or changing it to fit you. Between the two sources, inward and outward, we are able to see our life themes better and help take us to a deeper level of understanding on these life themes, the things we desire to learn while on this planet. 

   The Bigger Picture? We often have a need to be a part of something bigger then ourselves so we often seek to higher powers to guide us and tell us why we are here and what we are supposed to do. I think we are often afraid to make that decision by ourselves because we feel inferior and are afraid we may screw it up, or even miss our purpose altogether! This is really about understanding the bigger picture and how we fit into it as individuals. The Bigger picture is really about the earth and it's inhabitants as a whole. We often look at this as working together and working towards a place of unity, understanding,peace and love. It's viewed at evolving humanity as a whole to a place of higher enlightenment and unity. But is this really true? We may never know. What I do know is that certain things are in place in order to give us as much room as possible to allow ourselves to grow, but still having something greater in charge of certain aspects of these decisions.

   Fate vs. Destiny - Destiny are the choices we make and are the things that are in our control. Fate is the bigger picture of things that we can't control such as our timing for life and death. We know this to be true becuase we are often baffled when a loved one dies and we start asking why one is allowed to live while another is destined to die? This is especially true for small children. The reasons behind fate are usually done with a higher reason for everyone involved. Whether understand or are willing to accpet the reasons or not, death alone effects every person on the planet and is a part of life. Without death, we never really learn to live. It invokes things in us as individuals and as a whole that we would never be able to experience without it. These lessons and situations helps us evolve and grow as a whole. Fate works more for the whole where as destiny is more our own choices that allow us to learn and grow as individuals.

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Living in constant Deja-vu...

By who_am_I, 2016-12-05

I dont remember when it started, it was that long ago. At first I didnt pay any attention to it, blew it off as normal deja-vu. But recently it became more and more frequent. 

What would you do if you felt like you were reliving your life or that you knew something was going to happen but you didnt remember it till it actually happened? 

Thats my life. 

I live in constant deja vu. After something happens, it can be the littlest thing, a picture someone posted and I would remember that I saw it before in my dreams. It feels like I am reliving my life. And the worst part is, I cant fix my mistakes because I only remember after it happens. 

Anyone ever experience anything like this before? 

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Are you ready for a change in your life?  Are you ready to let go of the old baggage that we carry around from our past?  Are you ready to live the life that you were born to live?

At best, emotions will flow through us in the same way that they flow through healthy children (who can have a temper tantrum one minute and be all smiles the next). When we grow older, these emotions get stuck in our physiology and color our whole outlook on life causing us to feel stuck in outdated patterns of behavior and thought.  Clearing those stuck emotions can help us feel lighter, happier, in more harmony with other people around us and general remove the obstacles that interfere with living the life we were born to live.  

Emotion Clearing sessions use a list of emotions to determine which of those are stuck for you and need clearing.  I will share what is specific for you.  I also determine the original owner of the emotions being clearing.  Many of us are living with stuck emotions inherited from our biological parents and our parent’s parents back through the bloodline generations.  We have a chance to break that pattern and to stop it being passed down any further.  So I identify each emotion as being your own or else inherited and, if inherited, from which parental side it was inherited.

When we are young and get hurt, we have a limited ability to defend ourselves, so we create a wall around our heart to avoid getting hurt the same way again.  Each time we get hurt the wall gets a little thicker and a little higher but walls work both ways.  They help to keep the hurt out, but they also keep out the love from other people and hold in our own love and stop it from being fully expressed.  Not everyone has a heart wall, and not everyone who has a heart wall is ready to have it cleared.  For some people, it is appropriate to keep their heart wall until they are strong enough internally, and maybe change their environment, so that the protection the heart wall provides is not needed.  I will do the work that is right for you.

The next questions I ask are about whether your current state is consistent with being healthy, happy and prosperous.  Someone may subconsciously decide at a very young age that being sickly is a useful strategy to get love and affection. Decades later, with that decision still in place, they may be confused in their conscious mind as to why there is nothing they can do to live a strong, vibrant, healthy life.  Similarly with happiness and prosperity.   Until the unconscious theme is cleared the self-sabotage will override the conscious desire for a better life.  Clearing these three are important foundation blocks for establishing the new you!

Your relationship with God, yourself and with other people are the next areas that I clear. Up to this stage, the work backward looking, clearing past emotions trapped in the physical body and taking out what should not have been in your environment.  The second half of this work, below, is primarily forward-looking - centered on installing new strategies for future behaviors that support a healthy and balanced life, adding in what was missing.  This section introduces a unique structure that combines four decades of my work in this arena. I use a considerable number of other modalities beyond the basic emotion clearing that is the foundation of my work.  These may include archetype energies, affirmations, flower essences, and any other way that I can tap into universal energy on your behalf. 

What I clear are emotions stuck in the body, in other words, there is a physiological component to these emotions.  I can clear the emotional body in a matter of minutes; it takes the physical body much longer to process the change.  During the first two to three days after your clearing, you may experience old thoughts come up that are unrelated to your current activities.  If you start thinking "Where did that thought come from?  I haven't thought about that in years!" that is a clear indication of old patterns releasing from your body.  Just be aware that you are letting go of old baggage and don't attach inappropriate importance to what comes up during the release.

For a few people, one clearing is enough to return them to a state of feeling happy and at peace.  For many the first clearing only uncovers another layer underneath.  It is important not to clear too much too quickly as the release process can be overwhelming at times.  For this reason, there are always limits to how much I will clear during the initial clearing.  Some people chose to continue being cleared at a later time.  I will usually leave at least two weeks between sessions.  If you wish to discuss your clearing in further detail please follow-up with me.

Legal disclaimer: Emotion Clearing sessions are NOT a substitute for medical care and should NOT be regarded as such.  Please refer to a licensed health care provider for any state of mind or body that is impacting your well-being.

Lastly, it is my privilege and honor to be a vehicle for this impactful work.  My life has been changed by being a recipient of this work and I am truly grateful for the many people with whom I have been able to share this knowledge.  It does take courage to acknowledge the old baggage that we need to drop but truly worth it on the other side.  Thank you for allowing me to be of service. 


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Shaking sensations

By Dawn Jones, 2016-12-01
Sometimes when I lie down to rest, or start to meditate or just clear my mind, I feel an odd sensation. With my eyes closed, I feel like I'm being shaken up/down, then side to side, then front/back. I can physically feel my eyes making these movements, too. This has happened ever since I can remember, but not every time. Does anyone else experience this? Does anyone have an explanation as to what it is? Thank you ♡


By Dawn Jones, 2016-12-01
So I recently learned that some of my dreams that I can't explain are meant to be a message to the person in my dream. In these dreams, I have uncharacteristic actions and words, and often feel like I'm not me.

I mention one of these dreams to someone involved, and it made sense to them. The message is something they needed to hear.
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Looking for help.

By Mike Simpson-Rogers, 2016-12-01
I assure anyone that This is all true. Please check out this link and share. Been sick for 30 yrs. Halloween 2016 I was put in hoapital almost on Life support. I woke up 2 days later with a GI tube in my stomach. Once I have a large weight gain. Tube comes out I am on my own again. I really need help to get Chocolate Ensure, total nutrition.
This is the link:

Please share thats all I ask.

Fortune Out of Unfortunate Events

By Pisces_Aquarius, 2016-11-20
Fortune Out of Unfortunate Events

I've known about my empathy since I was twelve. I may not have known the term, but I was very much aware of my abilities. I would dream of disasters as they were happening. I could sense when those I loved were about to go through something rough. I would see demons/negative spirits basically anywhere I went. Most of my experiences were very negative or frightening, but I was cool as a cucumber throughout my adolescence. I was a wonderful listener, a shoulder to lean on, someone who always tried to make people smile. I would show off some of my abilities throughout middle school and high school, becoming known as the high school "mystic." I was innocent, kind, and very in-tune with the emotions and thoughts of everyone around me.

The big thing here is that I kept it all secret from my family and home-community.

I was raised in a more radical Christian community. I am Romanian and was born in America a day after my parents arrived in Arizona -- escaping communism in Romania. I say radical now, but my whole life, I never thought of it that way.

I did what the other girls my age were doing, when it came to church. I was at church twice every Sunday, once on Wednesday, Thursday, and sometimes Tuesday. My uncle is head of the Romanian Pentecostals of America, so he's basically the big kahuna. Everything I did seemed to have extra eyes watching because I had a reputation to keep up for my family.

When I was twelve, my dreams of demons and hell that started when I was somewhere younger than 7 entered reality. I was seeing things everywhere I went. I was "talking" to spirits. I was having premonitions. It came to a point where I was really seeking support so I told my parents that I was seeing things. They told my uncle who made a prayer request in my name, and I spent the next couple years being ridiculed by my fellow churchgoers. I felt like it was the biggest mistake of my life. I drew deeper into myself. I would get home from school and lock myself in my room and spend hours in my own mind as I watched the flame of a candle flicker, or the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling go in and out of focus. I wasn't just spacing out -- I was getting to know myself. I was listening to and feeling the presence of the spirits around me and really tuning into the universe. I would have conversations with God/the Universe, and more often than not, I would go to sleep completely at peace, regardless of all the dark I was experiencing.

Since church wasn't helping, I turned to the one thing that had immediate answers -- the occult. I was reading oracle cards, though I avoided tarot cards because I felt they pulled from negative "forces" rather than positive. I was reading books on Celtic magic because for some reason, I was always especially drawn to the Celtic heritage -- though I'm Romanian. Hiraeth is one sense I am most familiar with and it always comes when I see or hear anything having to do with the Celts. I sometimes wonder if I was a Celtic priestess in a past life or something.

Throughout all of my self-discovery and years of enlightenment, I was inundated with severe guilt. There I was, a Christian, related to the big guy in America, and I was doing what they would deem witchcraft. How could I call myself a Christian while doing this?

When I was 17, I met a Romanian man who showed interest in me. I was the age that most in the church were expecting me to get married soon. Most girls in the church are getting married between the ages of 18 and 20, and if they are single longer than that, parents start worrying (Think "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding).

All of my guilt, mixed with the expectations of marriage, was the beginning of the end of my "supernatural" experiences. I was married a year and a week after meeting this man and took up the life of a Romanian stay at home mom. Though experiences didn't come to a screeching halt, they did stop for the most part. I stopped seeing faces every time I closed my eyes. Premonitions were extremely rare.

The marriage turned sour almost immediately, but I made a vow and would hold my end of it. I worked really hard to keep my husband happy. I sacrificed my friendships, my writing(my one thing I would do for my own self-release and comfort), I tried to be the Romanian wife and mother I was expected to be. Husband was very difficult to keep happy, though. He was a narcissist and that's basically the worst companion for an empath and, unfortunately, the type of person empaths are most drawn to.

I sacrificed so much of myself that I lost most of myself. I was so drained all the time...drained, and then had negativity thrust on me almost every day. This drainage manifested into physical illnesses.

Adrenal exhaustion.

Memory loss.

Weight loss.

Stomach and intestinal ulcers turned into bleeding ulcers.

Heart palpitations and chest pain.

And so much more...

My blood eventually had the consistency of molasses and I was warned on two different occasions, 6 years apart, of the likelihood of a stroke. I had a "warning stroke" when I was around 21 or 22. Two doctors pressed me to leave my husband, but I resisted. I couldn't do that. My actions would be judged most harshly because of my family. I wouldn't be able to support myself...I never finished college because I had no support and was raising kids and running a house essentially by myself...and I still wasn't doing it "good enough."

I was literally killing myself by staying in a relationship where the man couldn't change, but demanded I give up even more of myself for him. But there was nothing left to give up. He had my material possessions, control over my emotions, control over my actions. I had nothing else to give and through that emptiness and consistent attacks on my psyche, my body created an auto immune disease, which I just now have finally been diagnosed with.

I told myself for years that it was my own fault. I wasn't doing my job well enough. I was trying to make "me time" when I wasn't supposed to have "me time." I was trying to hold onto my identity when my community told me, "you're a wife and mother now. Your identity is your family." I had times when I tried to start writing again, against my husband's wishes.

I spent a massive amount of time in my life stripping away what I could, giving it to someone who could never have enough -- right down to the point of stripping away my own body. My hair and skin flaked away -- psoriasis. My eyes were glazed with exhaustion and defeat. Adrenal exhaustion. Blood was leaving my body through any exit it could find. Ulcers.

Almost eleven years of psychological abuse and neglect later, I had enough. I left.

Since then, I have found someone else. Someone I didn't think could possibly exist. We had an entire continent between us and only the internet and phone to stay outwardly connected. But the connection we had inwardly was incredible. He would have visions of what I was doing and how I felt. Typically at times when I was lonely or scared. We could sense when the other was holding our tongue on a topic we didn't think we could handle talking about, and we'd be able to push and support each other as we opened up about it. It was a connection I had fantasized of having with someone since I was a kid, but assumed it was only in stories. 

He is in almost every way the male version of me. We think the same, have had several almost identical experiences, the same goals and values in life, even the same parenting style. He does not drain me in any sense of the word, but instead, he fills me with positivity and hope. I enjoy every day, night, and the time in between. He's helped me rebuild myself from what I thought I lost through my marriage. I'm me again and I love life again.

What I lost in my physical body, I have slowly regained as this man has supported me and loved me. What hair I lost, grew back. What palpitations ruled the hours of my day have disappeared. I sleep and I dream good things. I laugh every day and feel completely energized on a spiritual level -- more than I ever have.

It's amazing what life throws at people for them to grow. I spent most of my life resisting the question of "why?" I didn't feel I had the right to question God/the Universe, but the past 2 years are now laid out in front of my mind's eye, and I can see just how things in life led up to this phase in my life. The Universe was thrown into the air and settled around me like morning dew on grass and everything is just sparkling with life and potential now. With purpose. 

I'm a good mom. I was a good wife, and will be one day again, I'm sure. I have no grudges against anyone. Not my church who stopped supporting me when I left. Not my family who only now is starting to show vague flitters of thought toward me and my health and happiness. Not my ex husband who I hope will find someone who he can fulfill and be fulfilled with. I know who I am and I know the Universe is with me as it always has been.

Life is a journey, and mine has only just begun. 

 / 78