It's Not You, It's Me............?

By Paul Watkiss, 2017-02-18
It's Not You, It's Me.............?

Society largely considers what is normal by the agreed consensus of the majority. If I was in complete agreement with this then most of my communication in the outside world would consist of the phrase under which this is written.
Indeed being empathic ( energetically sensitive) I feel that many of us find growing up and maturing in the outside world something of a unique challenge.
At an early age we may discover that we are different from our peers and often our parents.
The constant emphasis when at school and by others on the physical, percievable, allegedly concrete world felt as if most people only lived in a 2D reality. Their world seemed to have little depth, a linear monologue of an existence.
My awareness of my sensitivity and my spiritual path are inextricably entwined. Indeed being energetically sensitive has helped create a somewhat unique spirituality in me that is reflected in many aspects of other belief systems ( that is Buddhism, Hinduism, Pantheism and Taoism to name a few).
Through many conversations that I have had with others with similar experiences it seems we have much in common when it comes to living our lives and the challenges we face. For example, having been born into a society which operates on a model that is the antithesis of what we feel to be right. This can lead to :
- subsequent feelings of loneliness and alienation which may lead to social withdrawal, addictive behaviors ( in order to numb our sensitivity) or wearing a socially acceptable mask in order to fit in.
If we do this however we compromise our ability to individuate and fully bloom into complete self actualization. This may leave us feeling unfulfilled and frustrated.
- having to constantly assert our needs to others as most people presume that our needs must be similar to theirs ( in terms of space, down time, opportunity to be creative etc)
- finding oneself in constant conflict with others and institutions that prioritize materialism and egotism
- having the desire for honest, open, loving human contact but mostly having to compromise due to the apparent lack of individuals who are unable to form relationships that do not involve some degree of attachment and / or dependence.

Despite the difficulties encountered on my path and the many years spent in a spiritual wilderness, it has all been worth it. For every challenge I have faced has shaped me and furthered my understanding of the world in which we live.
The ability to experience the external and internal worlds in such a searing depth and excruciating beauty has led to a true appreciation of lifes pulchritude.
Any solace that I have needed has come largely from my inner self and has not been found in relationships within my social circle. For those that have found some with others, you are truly fortunate.
So if over the years, you yourself have been your main source of solace, rest assured.
To have retained your authenticity and to still be here is testament to your inner strength and tenacity.
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Sprirt Dream 02/14/17

By Angel, 2017-02-14
Sprirt Dream 02/14/17

I just woke up after my husband and I took a much needed nap. I often don't like sleeping in the afternoons because I seem to have the strangest dreams, but when Spirit comes, it's always in dreams I have at night, this was the first time it has come during an afternoon nap. I'm writing this down to keep a record of it since there appears to have an important message attached to it. Most of the dream I don't remember, as usual, just to the point where Spirit enters is what is written.  For me, Spirit often comes as people in the dream, but I can usually recognize them through looking at their eyes, they are usually more solid and is conscience. I this dream I missed it until the end.

My dream started with my two younger kids (now teenagers) when they were young, daughter was about 5 and my son about 4. (They are 15 months apart). We were being chased the creepy "The Ring" girl. She was chasing us around this hotel,trying to kill us. She also had a daughter with her. So the kids and I started running. My son fell behind and they almost caught him but I snatched him up just in time. We lost them for a short time and I stopped and talked directly to my son. I can't remember what he said, he just kept saying something wrong and I kept correcting him. I was just happy we were safe. They found us again and we started running. We were blocked in an area where we were trapped. My daughter ran up to the wall and shapeshifted into a maniquin, then my son sat up against the wall with his hands wrapped around his knee and also shapeshifter. But they weren't full maniquin, they just looked like it. Right around the corner I saw a door and ran into the room. I tried getting the kids to follow me, but my son smiled and said "no, he's got this". The creepy lady and her daughter were walking around the kids like they were confused and trying to find the kids. I knew it was only a matter of time before they found them, so I decided to distract her. I opened while standing behind it. When they were walking through the doorway, I slammed the door on her a few times, she held something in her hand and cut me with it. I finally hit them enough times to take them down long enough for me to run past them and grab the kids. As we were runnning, the dream switched to the creepy lady giving my blood to some scientist guy who wanted to use my blood to track us down. Then it switched back to the kids and I. We kept running and had my son in hand and my daughter was right behind us, then she disappeared. I started freaking out but I knew they didn't have her, but we had to find her before they did. We walked by an open doorway and I saw her run across something out of the corner of my eye. I went in and grabbed I asked why separated from us and she said she didn't, we left her. I told her we didn't leave her, I looked back and she was gone and she looked at me in the eye and said "But Mommy, that's how they get you, when you let things get in the way." And then I woke up.

I don't know who the Spirit is, I just know this is a message, an important one. I know who "they" are, but the rest I will need to figure out, soon.

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My Awakening Came With A Spiritial Horse

By Angel.Light-Worker, 2017-02-14
My Awakening Came With A Spiritial Horse


    HI- New here- Or shall I say rejoined!

             I finally  had my awakening about a year ago. I have learned so much about who I really am, What I really can see, the places that I have been, and so much I really have learned.

        But best of all is my Horse- The end of what was my life , I didn't know that I would have ended up my Dr telling me I needed help with all my past issues.  But I never believed in shrinks.. My Dr. also knew I loved animal's -The happiest I am is in the woods, and I had been at a stable renting horses. So? I called my friend who rented horses and boarded them.

       When I got there I rode in the woods of 600 acres on a horse I always rented. When I returned to the stable, they were unloading this beautiful but very thin, sad, depressed horse. She was lead to the pasture. She had been in the Flood that happened in this state, and was left in a bard for 3 months,, he muscle tone was gone she could hardly walk, But the owner wanted to board her there. As I untacked the horse I had rented, I asked about the thin horse.. The girl told me she was going to leave her there, and see if she could find someone to buy her or lease her. Days went by, I found that going to the stable was my place of confort. I also had decided I would buy a horse of my own and board it there,,

           Then one day. I went into the pasture, The thin paint was where I was walking, she turned and look at me. I looked at her, and I felt this deep, emotional caring bond. I walked up to her, she stood there facing me- I looked deep into her eyes. There was a connection.. I had goose bumps all over me,, I shivered, and I put my hand out and she touched my had with her velvet nose.. There we were, Like in a trance- staring at each other, She pushed her head on my chest,, I stroked both sides of her head, neck and I cried,, I could feel her pain, he past trauma .  I felt a warm like sunlight around us..  I stood there for it seemed forever. I talked to her, I felt her heart beats, I turned around to walk back and talk to the lady that owned the stables.. She walked beside me. All the way back to the barn.

          I made arrangements to talk to the owner- She then sold her to me. That was a year ago in April. And from her I have learned so much. She understands me, I know, I know her every thought. But Hopefully you will see the pitcher I downloaded . Its taken in the woods where we ride. Its a spiritual cemetery , there a family of people buried there from the Revolutionary War.. Its fenced there, I get chills there, Its sad, but 2 weeks ago I rode her there, and a friend took this pitcher.. I was stunned when Saw how it came out- yet? I have other photos of angels around me at a place of Indian spiritual Grounds under a natural  spring water fall... Walking my dog..  I hope I get feed back if the pitcher of myself and Dolly turn out in the blog-- Thank You for reading...... "Stand In The Light"

Another message from my grandpa?

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2017-02-12

The last time I dreamt about him was months ago and he is back. 

In this dream it was like a big event was going to happend, he was all happy and excited and was dressed in a grey suit, I am not sure what it was but my grandmother was not there. I can't remember if he mentioned her but it was related to both of them. like some sort of wedding or a special event. And this was going to take place in their own House.  He had prepared a few tables with decoration right outside of their front door (?) 

Note: *She still lives at their Home.

Can anyone tell me what this means? 

what is he trying to say? 

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Somewhere Beneath The Surface

By Mythical Spark, 2017-02-11

Sometimes I get the feeling of something deeper inside me that my conscious mind isn't aware of and I am only able to sense fragments and bits and pieces to whatever lies deeper down in the darker recesses of my mind.

Occasionally a flash of an image or a sound or a word or a whole train of thought pops out of somewhere in my deeper subconscious that my conscious mind just will not or cannot latch onto for more than a fleeting moment and without any context or rhyme or reason.

I often ponder what gift, if that is the right word, has been repressed by my own conscious mind and, if so, what reason?  Maybe it was out of fear or lack of comprehension, maybe I just wanted to seem 'normal' in the eyes of others and I learned how to repress and hide these things deep down inside me and forgot all about them until I learned about empaths.

Sometimes I wonder what I might have become if I hadn't fallen into the trap of 'normality' and tried to lead a 'normal' life and embraced my natural or true self.

But I also wonder if I'm just crazy and if I'm just repressing some form of madness.  I wonder if I am harbouring some empathic abilities or if I'm just getting some fuzz from my own subconscious mind.

Karma and forgiveness

By Merin Eliz, 2017-02-02

So today I was thinking about forgiveness. Why we should forgive others who aren't even sorry, right? It had been a question I had thought about for sometime. It suddenly occured to me ( or maybe it was an angel speaking to me cause that did pop into my mind rather randomly.), that we are asked to forgive and forget even if they haven't apologised or seem sorry because holding on to something can only hurt us. I don't mean hurt us psychologivcally, but or soul. You see there is a high chance that holding onto something like hurt will create karma. And they person will be indebted to you. And for them to pay back their debts in karma, they'll have to be born again and so should you. It'll be like, you being born again and going through suffering just because you held onto something. If you had forgiven them, then probably the karma would be gone and you can be truly free. So the reason you are asked to forgive and forget is actually for your own good. I'm not sure if I said it right, but I hope it was clear. Was it only me who was oblivious to this? :-)

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Okay.  Sorry it's been so long since I've been able to finish this blog series.  Life has a way of distracting  Continuing on...

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire:

Let's talk about being a human lie detector......a natural built in polygraph.  I don't fully understand why or how, but empaths have the uncanny ability to sense when they're being lied too.  I know for sure that it has everything to do with the constant psychic connection we have with others.  I believe it goes hand in hand with the ability of intuition.  Ya just know.  Now, exactly how it works within the connection, I really have no idea.  But I'm really glad it does.  This ability has saved me so much money, from getting ripped off in deals, and many other situations.  Definitely not an ability I want to suppress.  Only drawback I have found with this ability is when someone your close to you and love so much lies to you.  It hurts. But ya know the truth and you can call them out on it if you deem necessary, 


Everyone needs a recharge now and again.  No one more than the empath.  There's no right way or wrong way to recharge your batteries.  Whatever brings you a sense of peace and calms your mind will do.  Try to find a place where no one is anywhere around.  Take a country drive if you have too in order to be alone and away from people.  Then plug in and recharge.

Kill Them With Kindness:

I've read so many posts and heard from others concerning narcissists, sociopaths, and the such. How they drain the empath of energy and drives the empath crazy.  Now, how can the empath fight against these types of people?  Simple, kill them with kindness.  If they see that they can't get to you, they'll move on.  Stop giving them your energy.  They live for drama and keeping you on an emotional roller coaster.  STOP!  They won't stop on their own; only you can stop them. Start killing them with kindness and not allowing them to bring drama into your life and stay off that roller coaster.  They'll leave.  You'll be so much better for it.

Part 4 will be here soon.  (Sooner than this

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Seeing the same name and number over and over??

By IntuitiveDreamer, 2017-01-23

I keep seeing the name "Alex" everywhere!! it has been following me since 2015, I saw it repeatedly in my dreams for a week. I remember it and wrote it in my dream journal "Alex_love13" I still have no clue what it means. Over the past year (2016) Ive met  4 people with the same name. Alejandra, Alexa, Alexia,Angela... and I have the letter "A" engraved on the floor of my terrace along with a heart on its side. That was already there  before moving to this house.  

The number that I see repeatedly is 12:34

Does this mean anything??

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Filtering, Blocking, and Meditation:

In the last blog post, we talked about filtering.  How it filters the negative emotion and allows the positive emotion to reach you.  REMEMBERthere must be balance, so some negative will come through your filter.  Again, don't be discouraged.  You haven't failed.

Now let's talk about blocking.  This is gonna be all too familiar to those of you with children.  You know those times when your so engrossed in a TV show and your kids are screaming, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, I'm hungry, snack,snack, mommy, mommy" and you know they're saying something but you really don't hear them?  Or those of you without kids sitting in a bar and see a sweet little hottie shaking it on the dance floor and ya boys are talking to you and you don't even hear them?  If you've experienced this then you've officially blocked.  Blocking is a very helpful and necessary tool when helping others.  Even though your filtering the overwhelming emotions coming at you, you still need to focus on the one your helping and block out everything around you.  You can't help someone if your distracted.  They begin to think your just being nice and really don't care.  To break it down simple, it's all about individual focus.  Personal attention to the problem and person at hand.

Meditation.  I'm not going through another method of meditation and relaxation,  You can find those all over the net.  Meditation, as everyone knows is a great way to clear your mind and relax your body.  There are many forms of meditation.  You can meditate the traditional way, play music, draw, paint, or pray to name a few.  Whatever puts you in a peaceful state of mind and relaxes your body.  A solid foundation in a religious belief is a wonderful thing to have.  It helps out tremendously in the life of an empath.  

Feeling a Specific Person:

The way that each empath feels out a person is different.  There's no right way or wrong way to feel someone out.  Find what works for you.  For me, I have to see the person; look into their face and open myself up to receive the emotion that their radiating.  A person's emotions can tell you everything you want to know about them and their intentions.  

I remember when me and my late wife were dating.  She lived in a "not so good" apartment complex and everyone wanted to be her friend and hang out at "the new girls" apartment.  When I would stay there on the weekends with her and my kids, I couldn't help but feel out everyone who was around.  On many occasions, I would feel that one or more of those people weren't what they were portraying.  Something felt wrong and deceitful.  Then intuition kicked in and I knew exactly what they were after; what their true intentions were.  I tried to warn her over and over again, but she wasn't buying it.  After a while, their true colors shown and she realized I was right.  I never said "I told you so".  Hundreds of times she apologized over the course of our life together.

Empathic Attractiveness:

Aren't empathic people just so darn attractive.  We must be such beautiful and sexy people because everyone is so attracted to us.  NOT!  Empaths emit a sense of comfort to those we come in contact with; a feeling of being easy to talk to.  People sense that we care.  This is why we attract others.  On the negative side of attraction, we also attract narcisists, sociopaths, and energy vampires.  If you want to get all scientific about it, you can search up the Law of Attraction.  If your like me, there are time that you just want to be left alone; some "me" time.  Empaths get very little of that.  Seems like everyone needs you, so you have to be careful to not let your energy be sucked from you.

The All Day Healer: being an empath, you are also an all day healer.  You are a healer of emotions.  We make people feel better and bring joy back to their lives whether it be through a few words, a smile, or an intense conversation full of advice.  We heal peoples hearts and emotions.  We heal without even knowing or trying to.  It just happens.  It's part of this wonderful package we were born with.  But this healing ability can progress.  If I'm not mistaken, the next step is taking physical pain from people.  We'll cover this later on in my blog segments.  By feeling what the other person is feeling and knowing the emotions from either our own heartaches or others we've helped in the past, we are able to heal someone else's.  By healing someone else, we slowly heal ourselves.  It's a win win situation.

I Know That I Know That I Know:

Intuition.  There's not a whole lot that I can say about this simply because I really don't understand how we do this.  Only thing I know is that it comes with our connection to others.  We just know's a part of the empathy package.

Part 3 will be posted soon

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Empathy: You Don't Have to Suffer

By Scott Yates, 2017-01-09


All my life I have dealt with the positive and negative aspects of being an empath.  My family encouraged it and believed me when I told them what I saw and felt.  This made the learning process a little bearable.  Along the way, I have learned a few things that I'd like to share.  It's my hope and my prayer that at least some of this blog will help someone else.

I have comprised a 4 part series of what I've learned and how to make life as an empath bearable.  This may not work for everyone.  What I do know for sure is that everyone that I have helped has benefited from from this.  Hope you enjoy.

What is Empathy?........It's More:

If I was to ask the question, "What is empathy?", the answer that I would get would be "it's feeling the emotions of others.".  Although this is true, it's a lot more than that.  

It's a deep level connection with all living things.  A way to understand them and bring joy to their lives.  A vast warning system against those who want to do you or someone else harm. You are the peacekeeper of emotions.  

As many have already found out, many other abilities come with being empathic.  Clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and healing to name a few of the most common.  To those with emotions running rapped, these other abilities will cause more stress and anxiety to one's life. Resulting in the person despising their gift and referring to it as a curse.  I know there's not much training out there to help one co-exist with their gift, but this site is a good place to start.

Social Suppression and Self Suppression:

We are all born with the empathic ability.  It's nothing special given to a chosen few to bring light and love to this cruel and dying world.  We all have it.  Only difference is, it has been suppressed from a young age.  When a child starts showing evidence of this gift, the parents and schools suppress it because being different isn't socially acceptable.  Having a working ability makes you different and society is afraid of what they don't understand.  You hear statements like "science doesn't support that" or  "there's no logic in it" or "you better not let anyone know about this.  They'll want to experiment on you"  They will pull the "never make friends" card all in an attempt to make you feel bad for being different resulting in suppression.  Yet, there are those like me who are hard-headed and just don't care what others think that remain active and learn. Many don't realize their ability until later on in years.  By then, they are struggling with what they have been taught and what has just awakened within them.  To be honest, it drives them crazy trying to deal with it.  A lot of them turn to drugs and alcohol to suppress the swirl of emotion that they are feeling.

I have a friend that I've known for 20+ years and recently found out that she is empathic and dreams dreams.  She smokes pot to suppress her dreams because she can't stand knowing whats to come.  Claims it's always bad things that happen.

My late wife was ADHD and had severe anxiety most of her life.  After I introduced her to the idea of being empathic, she realized that her anxiety wasn't hers.  She experimented with not taking her medication and separating her emotions from those of others and had great success. She never took another anxiety pill all the way up to her death. (THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS AND IN NO WAY AM I ENCOURAGING YOU TO STOP ANY MEDICATION).

These are two examples of self and social suppression.  

Can't Be Controlled.....Co-Exist:

You can't control something that you don't fully understand.  You can't control something as unpredictable as every emotion coming at you all at once.  It's impossible.  Therefore, you must co-exist with your empathy.  Learn to live and function together to enrich your life as well as others.  It's like losing a close loved one.  At first your devastated, but over time you learn to live with the loss.  I've heard people say that they have gained a small level of've learned a way to co-exist with a small portion of your ability.  

To control something, implies that you are it's master.  No one has ever mastered empathy.  It changes all the time and takes on different forms and situations.  There's not enough years in a lifetime to master them all.  

To co-exist with something, implies that you live with it.  It's a part of your life.  The trick is to find that happy medium where you and empathy work together as one.  When one stops struggling, peace can be obtained.

I'll Take That Filtered Please:

Over the years, I have tried shielding and grounding to just cut down on the emotions that flooded my body.  Let me tell you, for me, they didn't work.  Shielding started cutting it out all together.  Suppressing my ability.  I definitely didn't want that.  Grounding was just non-existent for me.  I never could grasp the concept and apply it.  But, filtering has been a blessing.  Took a while to become comfortable with envisioning myself being surrounded by a reusable coffee filter, but now it's second nature.  

The filter concept is to filter the negative emotions from the positive ones.  Like coffee grounds and water.  There's a flaw to this concept.  Everything must be in balance.  Even though your filtering, some negative emotion is going to get through, so when this happens don't think that your not doing it right and give up.  It's going to happen.  The good thing is, is that it's nowhere as intense as without the filter.  

Empathy responds well to filtering.  It's not suppressed, not running wild, yet comes and goes as needed without struggle.  You have to filter continually to make it second nature.  After a while, you'll filter without realizing that your doing it.  Being filtered allows you to concentrate on who needs your help and keeps your mind calm enough to know how to help.  

Part 2 will be ready and posted soon

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