By Hermes.V, 2017-05-21

For many who practice meditation and breathing excercises, it is apparent the many benefits of proper breathing. 

I came across this recently:

"Harish Johari’s book, Breath, Mind and Consciousness, is another toast to this science of breath control (swar yoga). He quotes from the Yoga Kundalyupanishad to explain how controlling breath helps us control the subconscious inner chatter that governs us, by manipulating our animalistic nature."

I haven't read the book yet, but I agree with the idea of manipulating our animalistic nature. My opinion is that one who successfuly manipulates his own nature has little need to manipulate others. Here by manipulating, we of course do not mean to be cruel or domineering, but by understanding the animalistic nature, much like a good rider understand's the nature and personality of his horse. Once understanding is achieve, bonding occurs, and co-operation is possible. Thus it becomes possible to undertake the long journey. When we understand this perspective of our own nature, we also start to understand the nature of others. Some people are  entirely controlled by their animalistic nature, simply meaning that the rider has not yet gained the trust of his ride. Were we to ride alongside them, what would we do? If we understood the nature of their horse, what would we do? If we understood, why the horse is in control and not the rider, what would we show?

Finally, some research has been made into breathing, where possibly one day, technology can be make this available to the masses. Everyday is a step closer to making the esoteric exoteric, to demystify mysticism, and the possible empowerment of everyone.

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You Know What? No.

By Kimberly Rose, 2017-04-22

I was scrolling through Pinterest, as one does, and I came across a picture that said, "Unborn Must be Born.  Poor Child Oh well should have thought about that before you had children."  And that just rubbed me the wrong way, I guess as I identify as a particularly pro-life individual but I've known enough children from low-income families in my line of work to say no to that.  I, personally, very much care about those children.  One of my good friends had an accidental baby in her final year of high school, she kept her daughter and I absolutely adore this little girl who will be soon going to preschool.  

Now in my final year in high school I was...protesting at an abortion clinic (scroll back up and keep reading) and I was partnered with a younger girl who I was sharing a sign with.  We were walking around the block and we started talking, and we found some dandelions and carried them with us.  Sam (the girl) and I decided that this protesting at clinics isn't what we wanted, we decided we wanted something more.  We talked about started a special outreach program for battered women, pregnant women, and children.  It started as something like Planned Parenthood but the idea slowly started to grow in our minds.  We wanted a safe house for abused women, women who could get free healthcare for her and her children, and just somewhere that any woman can go to get help.  

I've been thinking since I saw that picture how much more that building could be.  Expanding on Sam and I's original ideas this is what I've come up with:  

  • Battered woman's shelter 
  • Women and children's health center
  • Maternal health center
  • Onsite mental health center (in case of trauma)
  • Referral to trusted health facilities and doctors, for termination or continued health care

I realize that even though I identify as pro life and I'm allowing terminations to exist in a facility of my own design it seems counter intuitive or even backwards but I've had the most interesting experiences that made me change.  

My good friend was, in a way, very lucky and very unfortunate.  Her daughter was born of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend of the time, he abused her and mistreated her and his own daughter (battered woman's shelter).  She had a wonderful mother and father who helped her through her trauma and kept her safe from him even now (mental health center), she did technically pay for her own health care but it was the money she had saved for college (women and children's health center and maternal health center).  If she had chosen to terminate her daughter I would have been sad but understood her decision (referral).  

While I do advocate for the life of the child I find I must also advocate for the mother as well.  I've been doing a lot of reading, and doing a lot of learning.  I imagine becoming a mother myself, and I would be very happy as I greatly want to be a mother to any kind of baby, healthy or not and adopted or not.  But being that of being a very imaginative nature I turned it to a situation where I wouldn't be happy to be a mother.  If I had not wanted children or that I was being forced to carry a baby to term against my will.  

I realize I could never force someone else to do that, no matter what I felt about the baby or the mother.  It is sad at the lost of a life, especially a new one with so much potential, but the loss of mother and baby possibly through suicide or illness is worse for me.  

I would open this clinic myself but I haven't the means or the health professionals who could help me but I would gladly take the name that Sam and I came up with all those years ago:  Giggles and Smiles, A Place for Mothers and Babies.  I think my area needs a place like that.  

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Pushing The Ego Aside

By Corey Easton, 2017-04-15

This is from my own experience and how I “pushed my ego aside”.

My first step to getting rid of my ego was to realize my ego was not my friend anymore it was a threat to me and the people I love around me. You see when you view someone as your friend it is hard to notice the evil they are doing behind your back when your not looking.

So when I looked at my ego as a threat to me, my happiness and people around me I could monitor it, it could no longer do evil without me knowing. It was not tip toeing in the background anymore I watched it and saw the true evil.

I am gonna explain to you what the ego does with a explanation and a example. The ego is like a cloud that floats above our head all of our focus goes to it. this cloud produces lets just say about 1000 thoughts per day. These are the type of thoughts that automatically judge people when you are walking past them based on there weight, ethnicity…etc. You see the ego like to build itself up it likes to make you feel good and better about yourself but every time it is doing this you are actually losing more control in your life, it is a false illusion. The ego is the reason why sometimes you feel like your in a jail cell in your own mind. BECAUSE YOU ARE!

This is a long process this is not a sprint, you need to be extremely patience and aware, so I am watching my ego and I catch it right before it is about to give me a thought about making fun of someone because of there weight, I got one down now my ego will give me 999 thoughts per day, just using the number as a example. So I keep doing this and one day even if it is for 10 minutes my ego cloud goes away and my focus goes on my body for the first time ever this experience will change you forever, and I feel how the energy flows in my body and feel the chakra’s. Even if this only lasts for 10 minute you begin to realize the universal consciousness. This will motivate you to continue the battle against your ego it is not easy and not for everyone, its all about how bad to you want to better yourself and your life, I made that decision when I was battling a lot of mental disorders and it was either my life was going to end or I was going to take up arms against my ego.

I will use one more example that lead me to some of the explanations above when we have trauma in our childhood and during are teenage/adult years it will try to heal itself by releasing this trauma experience from our body by removing the “trauma energy” the problem is it hits our ego and we can not stop thinking about it so the trauma goes back into our body and never releases, when we put our ego to the side we can realize that trauma energy want to escape and lead it the exit so we no longer hold onto this weight anymore. exit stands for a lot more which would be an entire discussion itself.

coming out of the Empath closet

By Ember, 2017-03-29

Hello fellow Empaths

I feel compelled to put this out here today.  I am sitting behind my keyboard gripped with fear, anxiety and every other overwhelming emotion.  I have decided that I am not going to hide in the Empath closet any longer!  I am going to start being true to myself and to others.  I am going to let people know I am an Empath and what that means in my life.  Now some people may not know how to take that.  That's fine.  I have a feeling people I know are going to think I am crazy and that's fine.  But I can no longer hide who I am for the sake of others.  Because honestly, as an Empath it is making me ill.  If I am sick then I am no good to anyone else.  

I have known I am Empath now for many years and I practice trying to protect myself.  But lately, it's been difficult.  There have been alot of personal issues going on in my life and I have had a chance to re-evaluate it.  Now I have decide to take my life in a whole new direction.  A direction that I know in my heart is going to be the best for me.  

To be honest the whole thing terrifies me.  I am really fearful of doing this.  Stopping and switching rails mid-way through your life is hard.  

I can not live in fear any longer!  The longer I live in fear the longer it wins.  The longer I stay ill.  Today, I am standing in the face of fear.  I am opening the closet door and stepping outside!  Who know's where it is going to take me, but I know it can only get better because worse has already happened!  

I wish you all a wonderful day, and please be true to yourself!  Let us all stop hiding our Empath selves because we can only make the world a better place!



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"Working the Chakras For Empaths"

By Trevor Lewis, 2017-03-22

"Working the Chakras For Empaths"

Why this exercise?

Many “New Age” teachers talk about, and teach from the perspective of, opening the chakras (if you are not familiar with the chakras, they are energy centers that are part of our energetic body; more details in a moment). For highly sensitive people, and particularly empaths this opening up is not necessary. If anything we are already far too open.  Empaths tend to live life with their metaphorical hands outstretched saying “gimme, gimme” to all the stray emotions that are flying by them. The challenge is to be able to pull back and not take on so much.

This exercise is about contracting the chakras so as to be more discerning about boundaries and take on less of other people’s energies. Although this exercise talks about “closing” the chakras, STAYING closed is not the purpose of the exercise. A door is not a door if it is open all the time (it’s a hole in the wall), nor is it a door if in closed all the time (it’s part of the wall). A door is meant to be opened and closed.  Similarly, it is not appropriate to walk around with our physical hands open all the time nor closed in a fist all the time. We want to be able to open and close our hands at will, at appropriate times.

We go into a gym to exercise our muscles by flexing them against weights.  This exercise is about learning to flex our chakras so that we can better expand and contract them as appropriate to our surroundings. We will go through the exercise contracting each chakra and then, at the end, allow them to expand out again to an appropriate level.

Introduction to the Chakras

The chakras are energy centers that have been part of the Indian mystical tradition for thousands of years. They are spinning wheels located at seven centers in the body as shown in the table below:




Attributes of the chakra



Base of the spine

Grounding, security, survival



Pelvis below the navel

Creativity, pleasure, money



Belly just below the solar plexus

Personal power, willpower, confidence.





Bonding with others, caring , compassion, love of self and others




Communication self-expression.



(midnight blue)

3rd eye (between the eyebrows)

Seeing, both inner and out worlds. Intuition. Wisdom. Consciousness


Violet / Gold / White

Crown of head

Connection to the universe, The Divine, Being


When the first chakra is too open, we get caught up in the material world and forget that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

When the second chakra is too open, we focus too much on base pleasures; sex, money and having a good time.

When the third chakra is too open, we are too open to other people’s power and will to the detriment of who we are ourselves.

When the fourth chakra is too open, we may be overly caring of others, again to our own detriment.

When the fifth chakra is too open, we may be over communicating and sharing too much of ourselves.

When the sixth chakra is too open, we may become spaced out with the knowledge of higher worlds while losing our grounding in the physical world in which we live.

When the seventh chakra is too open, we may drift off into the ether and forget that we are supposed to be having a human experience in a physical body.


Most top athletes in every sport use visualization techniques. They’re an important part of sports training. Mental coaches would say they’re the key to peak performance in almost every discipline in life. If these techniques works for top performers, it only makes sense to apply them to ourselves in our everyday lives.

With all mental exercises, it’s not about HOLDING a thought, it’s about FOCUSING a thought. One analogy is to treat the mind like an active child when you want them to sit still. You are going to tell them to stay where they are, but sooner or later they will get distracted and start wandering off. You bring them back, they sit still for a while, and then the process starts all over again. When your mental attention wanders off from the subject of focus, gently bring it back. Keep repeating the process. Just bring your attention back to your subject. Do not worry about having thoughts; they are natural. Do not try. Let it be . . . easy!

The most important part about any mental exercise is that it be done with intent.

Variations of this exercise

With each chakra we are going to “tighten up” the chakra and concentrate its energies. There are (at least) three styles of visualization that you can use for this:

  1. Visualize a shutting door and locking it with a golden key.
  2. Visualize a lotus flower contracting from full bloom back into a tight bud.
  3. Visualize a ball, or a doughnut, contracting into a small tight sphere


Decide which form feels best for you and work with that one form through the full exercise.

The Chakra Exercise

Begin sitting comfortably where you can be undisturbed for ten minutes (this is a relatively quick exercise). Take a few deep breaths to settle down into your body. Connect into the ground by imagining you are growing roots from your legs, through the soles of your feet, deep down into the center of the earth.

  1. Start with the first chakra at the base of the spine. This is colored red. Using whatever imagery you have chosen, a red door, a red lotus flower or a red sphere now is the time to close and lock the door with a golden key, fold the lotus flower back into a tight bud or contract the sphere down into a tight ball.
  2. Move up to the second chakra in the pelvis below the naval. This is colored orange. Close the door, tighten the lotus bud, or constrict the sphere.
  3. When you are complete with the second chakra, check on your first chakra again and ensure that red chakra is still closed tight. Check on the second, orange chakra again and then move up to the third chakra in the belly just below the solar plexus. This color is yellow. Close and lock the door with a golden key, fold the lotus flow back into a tight bud or contract the sphere down into a tight ball.
  4. When you are complete with the third chakra, check back to the first, second and third chakra in turn and ensure they are closed tight. Now move up to the fourth chakra in your heart center. This color is green.  Close and lock the door with a golden key, fold the lotus flow back into a tight bud or contract the sphere down into a tight ball.
  5. Repeat the process from the base of the spine back up to the heart before moving up to the fifth chakra at the throat. This color is blue. Close and lock the door with a golden key, fold the lotus flow back into a tight bud or contract the sphere down into a tight ball.
  6. Repeat the process from the base of the spine back up to the throat before moving up to the sixth chakra at the third eye between the eyebrows. This color is indigo, deep midnight blue. Close and lock the door with a golden key, fold the lotus flow back into a tight bud or contract the sphere down into a tight ball.
  7. Repeat the process from the base of the spine back up to the third eye before moving up to the seventh chakra at the crown of your head. This color is violet, gold, or maybe just a pure white light. How does it show up for you? Don’t close this one all the way down. Tighten it up but leave the connection open up to the heavens. Stay connected to The Universe, to your God Source.


Relax. Take a few deep breaths. Scan through all seven charkas one more time with the intention of opening them up to the appropriate amount to go back into the outside world.  Reconnect into the ground by imagining you are growing roots from your legs, through the soles of your feet, deep down into the center of the earth.

Using this exercise

You can repeat this exercise even a few times a day.  Once you are familiar with it you can run it from start to finish in only a minute or less.  You can repeat this anytime you feel like you are taking on too much energy from the world around you, whether it be from one person or many.

When you are in a safe, healing space you can use this exercise to open up; either when you are working on somebody or when another healer is working on you. Just remember to contract again at the end of the healing session.

Trevor Lewis

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Hey guys :) I'm back

By Emmy Long, 2017-03-07

I've been lurking around the community for a few days now. It's wonderful to be back again. The new site is so nice! I can't wait to start sharing and learning with all of you again.

I took some time for myself while I was going through some struggles and now I'm feeling as good as new!



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Hardest to handle em-path abilities while in pain

I am not sure of the reason why I seemed to not be able to separate myself from others emotions. However , recently I was in a car accident which my injuries have cause a lot of distress. Pain comes and goes as I do certain things

 I am less able to do many things I always was able to do. The thing is I notice a difference in my empath abilities occurring before the accident but nowhere near what I have experienced since the accident. I had become quite competent in separating my emotions from others for a long time.  My abilities began to increase r intensify right before the accident. I found myself picking up others emotions from a distant with just a thought or a mention of their name. Then I began to avoid public -places because I would pick up on anyone who had a high amount of anxiety whether that bwe anger or sadness or fear or happiness. I was practicing placing myself in a bublle and keeping those emotions from others in check. Since the accident I have struggle significantly with responding to others negative emotions. In the doctors office I picked up on all the emotions of those working there and those patients coming in to get treatment. Because it's treats mostly spinal and neck injuries there is a lot of physical therapy which gives me time to focus on mindfulness and pushing others emotions away from me. One of the other things I notice which was beginning before the accident but seems to expedient is feeling emotions of others while talking on the phone.  I have exploded on the phone a few times while receiving others anger emotions during a conversation. The only way to I was and have been able to handle it was to hang up and not answered the phone of the one whose emotions I picked up. For me this is very distressing cause I do not like and make every effort not to respond back to or in anger to anyone. My question what I came here to sought out was if the Physical incapaibiliti3es and the p[ain from my accident making more receptive to others emotions and thought patterns. Has this extreme intensity of others emotions since the accident a  side effect of the accident.? Being the reason I am experiencing pain is  because of my spine being badly injured, Could the sensitivity the increase of empath ability, which is overwhelming me, be tied to my spinal condition? One thing I had noticed that was not so pronounce is that I am not just picking up one emotion from others but it seems like I am picking up all the emotions they are experiencing. With my own emotions i8nteracting also this is causing a lot of anxiety, lack of sleep, focus issues on reading or studying. AHH one bright side is when my great niece comes over I experience all of her emotions,she seems to respond to all of what I am feeling. I know she not yet two but I think she may be empath also.

Surrender exposes your hidden fears?

By bijoublue, 2017-03-04
Two years ago I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. I wasn't familiar with this concept, I wasn't trying to reach a higher consciousness, I wasn't working towards enlightenment. I didn't know I wasn't conscious. I did know I died.

In childhood I had a powerful innate intuitive relationship with god and the spiritual world.
I wasn't taught about spirituality or religion by my parents. They did not have a faith based belief system, so my relationship with my spirituality was kept hidden from them.

Raised in an home with the textbook narcissistic family structure, communication is dysfunctionally oppressed and it's kept that way through threats of rejection or abandonment.

I was parentified starting in 2nd grade.
I knew the truth of who my mom was and how terrible her abuse was towards my sister. I knew my mom was lying when she blamed my sister for the family dysfunction.
I knew.
I vowed to not be like her.

Instead, I married her.

C-PTSD took me out of life. The trauma of the abusive marriage triggered my old wounds that I didn't know I had.

The survival instinct will change how you think and it will hide how unsafe and fearful you felt as a child. My brain knew my mom was abusive, aggressive, violent and unable to love.. but it blocked me from seeing I was abused too. The lost child who's purpose was to emotionally support her fragile mom. Was unloved, exploited and abused too.

It's the wound of aloneness

I lost part of my soul and I became conditIoned and experienced living the human condition. I lived in body. Part of My soul went into hiding.

Not having a hold on my reality I left the marriage and worked on healing.

The kundalini was a response to trauma healing. I thought I was having a break down. Things surfaced so fast I had no choice but to process it. I laid on my bedroom floor and grieved for my whole family, including my mom. It was a feeling I had not experienced before.
When I surrendered to the fear of feeling these feelings... it stopped and I was filled with unconditional love and humility.
I saw my shadow and instead of hating it and hiding it, I understood it and accepted it. I had reached self love and self acceptance. I experienced pure enlightenment for about a week. But I was forever changed.

I was shown truth. But the ego, it just gets new attachments, If we don't resolve the fear. For two years I've been in different places, different levels of awareness. I doubted my experience and I just wanted my life back.

The process continued as I received more knowledge and more clarity and I don't know how I knew things. My awareness moved past self awareness to family awareness to world awareness.

I saw the veil of deceit and realized I've always seen it and that shows in my apathy towards politics, I don't vote and I have no clue what's going on.
My inability to conform to corporate America.. but somehow managed a successful career.
The beliefs I had about institutions as s while, reflected what I found to be true.

All of this was inside me the whole time, but I lacked awareness.

The last thing to surface were my fears I was oblivious to.

This was also the hardest part.

My fears happened, every single one. What I fought my entire life to keep myself safe from experiencing rejection, failure, success, and mostly my mothers abandonment, I made it happen.. it was me that subconsciously put myself in positions or acted in ways that would make my hidden fears a reality.

It took awhile to process, but by experiencing those fears and surviving them, it released them. It brought them up and out. I finally understood.
My childhood resulted in the hidden negative belief that I'm not worthy of happiness or success. I was a subconscious self sabotager controlled by fear.

The journey to my core was amazing. It felt terrible, but with every moment of feeling terrible, I got deeper.
With complete surrender, I got answers.

With answers... I detached and let go. There was pain.. there was fear that I wouldn't survive, mostly My moms abandonment, and when it happened I felt like I was dying, it was unbearable. I floated in between consciousness and ego.. I wasn't in either place, I had no identity. I was just energy.

There is no good or bad, right or wrong.

Everything just is..

I forgave myself and my family and I feel compassion for their pain.

Then I walked into my power.

I am free.

I am.

It occurred to me, is it what we fight the hardest for what we fear?

Life isn't meant to be a struggle.

Fear controls you and steals your free will.

It was with surrender at every level that I eventually retrieved my soul fragment.

I integrated my left and right hemisphere of my brain. I have logic now. I wasn't living in just the emotional body or right brain anymore.
I have Integration of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

I have balance in the mind, body and soul.

I did this alone. Without guidance from a therapist.

This is in all of us. We know everything already, we just don't know that we know.
We all have miraculous abilities to heal ourselves and raise our consciousness.

I felt energy my whole life. I knew that everything is made of energy, that energy is life.

Now I see how we are all one in this energy.

I see how life is love.

When we lose fear and move into love based thinking. We become alive.

This is because we live in the moment and we understand that the moment is all that exists. Their is no past or future.

Fear is an illusion. It doesn't exist in the world. It exists in our minds created by how we think. It's survival instinct gone haywire.

Love is existence. You feel it when you don't think.

Surrender was my answer.
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Trying Tarot

By Mythical Spark, 2017-02-20

Back in December, 2015, I was in a bookstore, one of the major book retailers in the UK, and I was just looking around for nothing in particular and I had some books that I was going to purchase and I was just doing a brief last look at some odds and ends before going to the checkout to purchase the books I had and I was at a rotary of things like games and stuff and I come across a deck of tarot cards.

I was never the one for divination and I'm not much of a believer in them or anything like that but the general idea interests me for some reason, so I thought I'd pick up a deck while there, mostly just for fun.  I had used them once or twice on the first couple of days of getting them and gave it no real thought.

Then, this afternoon, I picked them up again, just for a bit of fun I guess.  I thought perhaps I could channel some of my own 'energy' or 'essence' or whatever into them as I clasped them in both hands so as they be 'in tune' with me as I used them for information.

The instructions were to draw 4 cards, A; B; C and D.  A being what's at hand, B being past influences, C being 'ponder this' and D being what to do.

Anyway, for A I drew XV: The Devil; for B I drew IV of Swords; for C I drew III of Pentacles and for D I drew XVII the Star.

I consulted the book for information on the cards and what they represent/mean and it seemed to make a far amount of sense of what was at hand, or what I had asked in my mind before shuffling and dealing out the cards but I don't want to read too much into it as I understand and know that these things require interpretation and I know that there is probably just as many possible interpretations as there are people.

But then again, I don't wish to seem close minded and I like to be open minded to possibilities that there might be and I guess that there are people who might be more au fait about such things who might be able to actually shed light on such things.

I do not wish to disclose what was at hand or what I had inquired mentally before dealing out the cards as I feel it's a bit of a personal matter, not that it's anything embarrassing or anything against anyone, it's just that I'd rather keep it personal.

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