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Blaque Roze
11/21/17 03:55:21AM @blaque-roze:

I'm an empath who works as a massage therapist so daily I have a set of emotions draining me because I have not been able to block it yet. Recently I have been waking up especially drained, and for about 2 days I have been feeling some kind of disturbance around me. Especially when my daughter is around. She is about to turn 12, but even when she was a baby i would sense static when she touched me or kissed my face. Obviously shes my daughter and I love her so I had to deal with it  but now it seems like she is about to start her period and I'm feeling this static even stronger. I feel the static when we are apart.

Also it seems now that I not only pick up for emotions (and this may seem strange) but I'm also picking up the emotions my daughter is as well. Is that possible?