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Blaque Roze
@blaque-roze • 2 weeks ago • comments: 0
Responded to "Sorry":
"I felt like that along time. I no longer feel that way because your spirit knows what's best for you. Sometimes you collect so much of other people's..."


Blaque Roze
11/21/17 03:55:21AM @blaque-roze:

I'm an empath who works as a massage therapist so daily I have a set of emotions draining me because I have not been able to block it yet. Recently I have been waking up especially drained, and for about 2 days I have been feeling some kind of disturbance around me. Especially when my daughter is around. She is about to turn 12, but even when she was a baby i would sense static when she touched me or kissed my face. Obviously shes my daughter and I love her so I had to deal with it  but now it seems like she is about to start her period and I'm feeling this static even stronger. I feel the static when we are apart.

Also it seems now that I not only pick up for emotions (and this may seem strange) but I'm also picking up the emotions my daughter is as well. Is that possible?

02/09/18 07:58:20AM @pinkrose:
Hi, hope ur well.. what does her menstrual cycle have anything to do with the static? Why do you think it might be? Static from my experiences emanated from (1) my own built positivity through good works, it gets annoying sometimes when you come into contact with some people you feel like ur constantly zapping them. (2) the presence of spirit energies, the person them self might not feel it but those around might sense traces (has a cloud like feeling above the head). (3) own positivity emanating through non practise of positive acts but positive thoughts, when negativity is increasing on the self, one can deflect it by how they choose to handle it, if this is intense one can feel the static literally rise from them and feel an orb around them, sometimes it's enough to energise the whole body and you feel it in an instant. In sufi mysticism it's called the 'sema'so they practice the whirling, which generates more and the spin becomes faster.. one Hindu that I met practiced this energy with dance, and those are the gods (spirit energies taking over, some choose to see them as positive others negative, depends ones culture/religion if any. Sure empaths can feel the emotions of children, if it's something that's effecting them deeply, it will emanate as a mild thought, can be shrugged off as one own, if it builds up, becomes stronger, can easily be recognised as not ones own, and if continued to be ignored depending what is emanating from the child, if negative they might snap at the adult for example if they feel left out from conversational recognition.. My experience with adults has been, I might be connected to some one whom they are connected to closely, I can feel how person A feels then how they make person B feel in return how it makes person A feel, like a cross network if that makes sense?
02/09/18 08:03:27AM @pinkrose:
To add, some people who are far apart, theyre energy travels, sometimes we pick it up through whatever means of contact we have with them, but if the connection is strong, it's like WiFi the signal continues to travel till the receiving device picks it up, needless of any type of physical connection.. hope that answered.. I'm really bad at analogies!
02/09/18 08:11:34AM @pinkrose:
Oh and sounds like you could do with a massage urself haha! Take a hot bath/shower to relax your mind/ body Epsom salts work for some to take away negative energy, to avoid feeling completely drained practice whatever little of good ur able to, kinda like doing a random act of kindness or charity, prayers etc, if you do too much and ur surrounded by people who significantly are lacking it, u will continuously be drained by them.. balance it enough to make you feel energised, but not so much that someone will zap it from you, some will take it all if not careful, if this happens relax, stay away from them till you have regained that's important, even after any form of contact they will continue to drink from you like a vampire lol
02/09/18 08:14:32AM @pinkrose:
And remember people leave traces of theyre energy everywhere and what they come into contact with, doesn't have to be a, if they were positive at the time you will catch positive energies, if negative they will drain etc

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