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Big Pharmacutical Company Lies

By: Bing
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Here is a link that you should look at and forward to all of your friends.

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Gin S
06/12/13 08:37:01AM @gin-s:

I am currently reading a book called "What your doctor won't tell you." It is about how the government has been stopping cancer cures and pressing charges against people who find any cures. It is an older book so some things might be out of date but apparently this has been going on for decades. Why are we donating to cancer research when no one is allowed to actually have a cure because then the government would lose all the money from the crap they are using to pretend to cure us. Although I think things have changed slightly in that some hospitals will allow you to use alternative medicine along with their radiation and poisons. It is just sick what people will do for money these days.