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Great Health Booster

By: Bing
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HiI am writing this letter to let you know of a great product that will help you and everyone you know live a much healthier and happier life. Over the past two years I have done extensive research on a natural "Super Food" called Marine Phytoplankton. The health benefits derived from ingesting this whole food, it is a food and not a vitamin supplement, are really amazing. I was doubtful of some of the claims being made by people who have taken this product, but have come to the conclusion that the claims are true. Here is a list of some of the benefits of marine phytoplankton. Immune system enhancement Antioxidant protection from cancers and degenerative diseases Cholesterol modulation Anti-inflammatory effects on membranes Blood pressure control Cell wall improvement through increased permeability and flexibility Detoxification through metal chelation. Better and deeper sleep Increased mental clarity Reduction/elimination of medication for type II diabetes Disappearance of skin disorders Relief from arthritic joint pain and disorders Aggressive cancer tumours that disappear or become benign (pancreatic cancer, brain tumours, lung cancers, skin cancers, kidney cancer, blood diseases HIV and ADD patients who find great relief Calming the effects of stress and depression Improved vision Relief/cure from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and acid reflux Relief from hot flashes and night sweats Quicker recovery from injuries and operations Rebuilding of injured joints and increasing muscle massAs you can see the list is rather lengthy and covers a number of symptoms. However, I have no doubt to the veracity of these claims. I personally recommended this food to a friend of mine who was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. A couple of months after she began to take the marine phytoplankton, in liquid form, she went into she her doctors for a consultation about further treatment. After running a few new tests the amazed doctors informed her that no further treatment would be necessary as her brain tumour was gone! It had disappeared.There are a number of companies that manufacture this food, but I have narrowed down the list to one company that offers the best product. It is called Umac-Core and is based in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. I have put together a list of links that you can follow to do your own verification of my research and come to your own conclusions. first link is all about Mr. Tom Harper, the founder of Umac-Core, and how he discovered the health benefits of this food. He once had terminal lung cancer and type II diabetes. At the time this video was made he became involved with a company called Forevergreen which produces a product called Frequensea. "Frequensea" is a juice product that uses marine phytoplankton from Umac-Core as a base ingredient and then adds additional juices and minerals. Forevergreen also conducted a double blind test at the University of Utah on the benefits of marine phytoplankton. A copy is available at their web site,<<a href=""&gt;>or I can supply you with one as well.The second link is to the Umac Core site that has its own short video. When you arrive at the third link you will be able to navigate the left hand side of the page for further information.There are different suppliers of this product, but the best price I could find was from Umac Marine. It is listed at $20 CDN and is about half the cost of other sites and the link to this site is included in the list.In my opinion taking marine phytoplankton on a regular basis would be of great benefit in not only relieving the present symptoms of the prementioned illnesses, but would also be a great tool in preventing these illnesses in the first place. Thus, it would greatly reduce health care costs to our society as a whole, and lead to a better quality of life.I have no link with, nor do I receive any reimbursement from, any of the sites or companies listed in this letter. My sole purpose is to let people know of this great health enhancing product and to increase the level happiness in people's lives.Yours SincerelyBing
02/04/10 09:19:37PM @angel:
are you my father useing a different name? lol. My father has been trying to sell me on this for quite some time. Though he didn't go into much detail, just a "you gotta try this!" kinda like the first time I tried wheatgrass,lol. But it dous sounnd wonderful and with this added info it may be worth looking into. Have you been useing it? how is it working for you? Thank you for all of the added info !!!