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On Becoming Empathic

By: Bing
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On Becoming Empathic

When we become empathic we are graduating beyond the separateness of present society to the next level of enlightment. We have come to the realization, be it through our empathic experiences and/or by introspection, that we are all one; that there is no us and them there is only us. We are now more in touch with our feelings and we feel the world through our developing higher senses. There is no need for us to think things through when we meet people as we know instinctively as plain as the nose on your face what is real and right. Sometimes we even deny our sense of feeling and go back to doubting our abilities. You would not doubt that you were seeing the color yellow and say well it cant be yellow, it must be blue, and so it should be with your empathic senses. As empaths we must not let our mind dictate what is real as this denies our sense of feeling. Analyzing ever thought and action is what holds us back from becoming who we feel we are. We must become more out of our minds and then we can become more empathic. We must learn to trust our feelings as this is closer to source energy and who we truly are as spiritual beings.

As empaths we feel the universe and become one with it. For too long we have lived a life separate from each other. We have actually been crippled by our inability to feel each other. This has led to great misunderstandings and fear, which in turn that has filled much of the history of mankind with wars and deceptions brought on by those who misled us for their own personal physical betterment. This era is now coming to a close. We are entering a new level of human evolution with the raising of our collective consciousness. We are passing from St. Thomas Aquaniuss Age of Faith and Rene Descartes Age of Reason to the new Age of Empathy. We are progressing from I think, therefore, I am to I feel, therefore, I am.

To be empathic is to be open to the world, to seek others out. When we do so we become more communal, trusting and altruistic. We cannot be lied to or deceived as we know what is real and what the deception is. We no longer live the falsehoods of others, but know our own truths. It is to celebrate a more intimate, robust realization of the layers of ourselves. We are able to feel the truth. We can see what is behind the curtain. We are now no longer slaves to fear. A life lived in fear, a fear of Them, a fear of death , fear of God, fear of running out of time, fear of being inefficient, fear of not being perfect, is to live a life of looking over your shoulder; of always being on the run. A life lived in fear is a life less lived.

When empaths are around such people it is like you can taste the adrenalin. Although the setting may look quite serene the air is full of intense stiffness and guardedness. You can feel it! It is difficult for empaths to be around such a setting or individuals. They can quite literally drain the life out of you.

As empaths we freely choose a life of higher consciousness and by doing so openly recognize our collective human frailties. Thus, we connect to the oneness of us all and airs of superiority and inferiority fade away leaving only our connective identity.

It is an interesting phenomenon that as we become more empathic and enlightened our fear of death withers as does our interest in seeking the solace of earthly utopias. As more Indigo and Crystal people emerge, being more empathic and spiritual by nature, they will be noticeably less interested in institutionalized separations such as religions, nationalism, and ethnicity and have a greater enthusiasm of celebrating our collective oneness. Institutionalized organizations all have the same structural basis such as rigidity of beliefs, fear of death and outsiders, and obedience to the mindset of the leadership. Failure to follow the core beliefs of the group threatens the free thinker with expulsion and exclusion. This mindset of singular salvation through the groups vision further exacerbates the continuance of the us and them mindset.

As a person becomes more empathic you will come to believe that the tribal fixations of these types of organizations are regressive in their fear based beliefs and are an anathema to oneness with everyone. Becoming empathic requires the development of the ability to intimately engage with others, yet retaining a measure of detachment so that we do not become overwhelmed by others. It is a fine balancing act of letting in the emotions of others without becoming overwhelmed and losing your own identity. It is about developing an ability to turn down the "receive" and balance the "send". By developing empathy to others you will also develop a strong sense of self and personal identity. This will also lead to a stronger connection with your ability to feel. As you become more enlightened and empathic you will come to a point in your development where you will break free of fear based delusional thinking, and like a chick breaking through an egg shell, discover the beauty in the oneness of us all. Like Columbuss sailors you will discover that your betters were wrong. To believe in your feelings and let go of delusional indoctrination can be a hard step to take. It requires a leap of faith and a singular belief in oneself. It is to let go of the need for middlemen in your relationship with the rest of creation and to believe in what you feel and know is real.

This raised level of consciousness is a result of mindfulness, reflection, introspection, overcoming life crises, hardships, and personal demons; as well as interaction with others. When you take that step outside of fear based thinking you begin a journey down the path to transcendent spirituality. It can be scary and yet extremely liberating. It will feel as if you have shaken off a layer of thick gel and are beginning to walk free for the first time in your life. You will experience a lightness of spirit and courage of self that you have never felt before. You will feel free! There will be no going back once you have taken this step. It is to step out of the nest and spread your wings in flight. Why walk when you can fly?!! No one can now own you as you have become your own person. You will be separate in body, but one in spirit with all that is. You will walk in Light and Love.

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