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@bing • 5 days ago • comments: 0
Started a discussion "Birds as Omens and Signs":
"Hi The following is from an article by Nicole Canfield posted on the Exemplore web site.  I hope that you find it informative. Birds as Omens and..."
@bing • 2 weeks ago • comments: 1
Commented on @gracie25:
"Hi Gracie  Welcome to the EC.  We also have a Facebook page that you can join.  I am including a link to my group within the EC called the Library of..."
@bing • 2 weeks ago • comments: 0
Started a discussion "Angel Stories":
"Hi This discussion is a collection of stories about how angels have affected and changed the life of people. I have done some very minor editing to stress..."


Charlotte Blue
07/24/15 10:15:20AM @charlotte-blue:

Hi, Bing! Thank you so much for your kind words of welcome and encouragement. Also for the red ribbon. May I ask the significance of it? In my world of working in schools, it usually represents drug awareness. But I doubt it means that here!

I had seen other posts by you and wanted to look you up. Just haven't gotten to it yet, so thank you for extending a welcoming heart.

I'm trying to gradually figure all this out and ran into a lovely woman at the pond where I walk who talked to me about animal empaths and how to not be overwhelmed by sadness for when their plight is sad and worrisome. So that was a blessing. Also, just yesterday, I experienced a situation that felt like I was being totally overwhelmed by a person and it was strange and yet interesting to observe from this new perspective of taking on other's emotions. I became nauseated, dizzy, had a headache and had to leave her (after an hour - she didn't want to let me go). I am wondering if this is what it's like when you take on the angst of others? I didn't know her and yet she became very attached to me immediately. I'm still not completely over it, though maybe it's something else. Just wondering if you've had this experience before. Thank you!!

Charlotte Blue
07/24/15 12:39:15PM @charlotte-blue:

OMG!! I just read the part about imprinting in the Library and this makes me wonder about my very real connection to Vincent van Gogh. I'd written about this in another post on here (I get lost so easily and can't remember where I've been!) But this would make sense as I relate so strongly to him and feel I've known him and loved him as a friend in another life. Wow.

Secret Blossom
07/29/15 07:53:49AM @secret-blossom:
Thank you so much for the warm welcome!! :)
Charlotte Blue
08/06/15 08:22:05AM @charlotte-blue:

Hi, Bing - I want to thank you for the information you gave me recently. I feel like every turn takes me through another door - to places I didn't realize were inhabited by so many wonderful people. It's a lot to process and sometimes it feels like the proverbial "rabbit hole" phenomenon. But every revelation feels freeing in ways I've never understood before. So thank you!! I hope and yours are happy and well.

08/18/15 11:28:35AM @citronella:

Thank you Bing. In a "head space" presently, in which I became quite weepy, reading your welcome note + suggestions. Stay Blessed Bing

08/18/15 11:30:50AM @citronella:
Red Ribbon
08/19/15 01:40:42AM @rosemary:
Here's to you...that's all I can afford at the moment! :) thank you for my ribbon. :)
08/19/15 05:48:05AM @smaria:
Eternal love
Kit Kat
08/19/15 12:52:03PM @kit-kat:

Thank you so much! <3 I'm really happy to be a part of this community with so many kind and compassionate people like you are! And thanks for the gift :)

09/14/15 11:35:44AM @rene:
Thank you so much for the ribbon Bing. I hope your day is smiling down on you
10/05/15 08:24:10AM @rosie:

Thank you so much for the warm welcome :)

10/05/15 09:08:29AM @rosie:
Red Ribbon
10/05/15 11:53:49AM @ultimatetobie:

Thank you, Bing! I look forward to reading the information you shared. I really appreciate the support and kindness.

10/05/15 01:03:26PM @lexie:

Thank you for the welcome. Looking forward to reading the links. Lexie :)

10/05/15 03:54:03PM @gsmitty:
Thank you for the warm welcome and the list resources. I'll definitely look up the blog regarding medical professionals. Have a great day!
10/06/15 12:08:53AM @tina3:
Thank you for your kind words..I am concerned that I may not even be an empath as I do tend to diagnose myself but after reading what one is to my bf last night I think I may be on the right path!! Thank you for welcoming me :)))
10/06/15 04:51:20AM @joni:
Red Ribbon
10/06/15 05:06:39AM @joni:

Thank you for the welcome, it is appreciated. I am about to read up on the links you sent me :) and I think it will really help, as things are happening at lightening speed and it's nice to have a friend that understands. Thank you for the gift as well!

47th Wonder
10/06/15 07:37:11AM @47th-wonder:
Thank you Bing!
10/06/15 10:56:58AM @krenee:
thank you ~ how are you ?
Silvio Alves
10/06/15 01:40:01PM @silvio-alves:


Thank you so much for your kindness! Your words brought tears to my eyes. I really feel lonely. I know most of people don't get me right and because of it I prefer to be alone. It is like there is no moreplace to me in this world. But here I am! Thanks again for your loving support! And thanks too for the links! Nice to meet you!

10/06/15 04:09:45PM @krenee:
amazing so much info, thank you ~ i have been searching to understand for so long not knowing...
10/06/15 07:44:42PM @lance22:
Red Ribbon
10/06/15 08:44:04PM @lance22:

Thank you for welcoming me in our oasis. :) I am very fortunate to find an empath community. I can feel the warmth and love that you and the rest of the people here are sharing and vibrating in a high frequency. It will also my pleasure to share my love with you.. thanks again..

10/06/15 09:39:03PM @lynnyb:

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, any and all information is greatly appreciated. I realize there is much to learn about controlling this gift and the links you have provided will help immensely, Thanks again, I feel right at home here with these kindred spirits.

10/07/15 11:33:24AM @transformer:

Dear Bing, I send my gratitude for such wonderful & thoughtful images.....I feel honoured by your presence......uplifting and supporting. Best wishes for all the good you do....

Silver Hughes
10/07/15 01:36:54PM @silver-hughes:
Thank you so much for your encouragement and links! :)
Silvio Alves
10/07/15 05:15:48PM @silvio-alves:

8_members.gifBlessings to you Bing!

10/09/15 05:11:55AM @lillotus:
10/12/15 08:50:41AM @breezygarden50:

Bing, Thank you so much for welcoming me upon my discovery of this community. It has already been of great comfort and enlightment to me. I am just now starting to fully understand what i have been puzzled and intrigued about my entire life. It is a great blessing to be a part of helping mankind and creation. I am growing every moment and this community is already making everything easier. Blessings to you!

10/12/15 09:34:07AM @gem:
What a lovely welcome Bing, thank you. I'll enjoy looking through the links you left me! It's been a relief to find my way here and be able to ask questions and read through other people's experiences. X
10/25/15 04:06:44AM @alexandra:
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to return to this site, I'm in the midsts of an incredible & difficult journey of self discovery. Please don't think it's due to lack of interest, I'm so grateful for this site & so happy I finally found my way here!My story is weird & wonderful & truly incredible (despite the hardships) & I can't wait to share it & to read others.The lack of understanding from others throughout my life & the resulting judgement & criticism has been crippling for me. Finally having an accepted explanation for the way I am & how I relate to the world has been truly redeeming.Even though I know I will never receive the same understanding from most as the kind I give without a thought - even from those who really do try, the fact that there are others who share this burden with me is a (somewhat) unfortunate but wonderful comfort..Thank you for accepting me into this community. It truly is a blessing. & much needed!
10/26/15 07:17:34AM @kara1623:

Thank you all for welcoming and making me feel at home. Greatly appreciate the nice encouraging words.

10/26/15 08:20:32AM @sensitivegirl:

I wish to thank you ever so much for the wonderfully warm welcome and the links to view. I am still finding my way around this site, but I am extremely grateful to you for taking the time to send this greeting as well as the gift. Sending you much gratitude and returned warmth and affection. I am so pleased I am not alone and we can connect here.

10/26/15 09:36:14AM @matthew:

Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated and cherished by myself. I have actually started my own blog (the link is in my profile) to help others learn about empaths, even those who are not empathic. I believe there are many people awakening to the full potential of their abilities, and still others who have not even realized their powers yet. Like it is written in the 10 signs of psychic awakening post below, everyone has the potential to develop their psychic abilities, some people just gain knowledge and awareness of them sooner and are further along their own path of spiritual and personal development in this world. Truly believing in psychic abilities is important as well since your thoughts alter reality around you. We are all supposed to work together to help each other evolve spiritually, once there are enough people awakened in this world the true spiritual revolution shall begin, it has already started and there is nothing that can stop it now because all of our spirits are being transformed and transfigured by love!

10/26/15 10:29:53AM @alexandra:
Thank you so much. I'm so deeply grateful & definitely relieved. It's a wonderful thing that you're doing here & I can't wait to explore. What a treasured blessing!
10/27/15 12:07:16AM @karma:

Hi Bing, Thank you so much for the warm welcome and links.

I am taking a look around and will be more interactive soon. Thanks again :)

10/27/15 01:20:05AM @karma:

And thank you so much for the gift :)

10/27/15 12:21:54PM @leafherder:
What a kind welcome!! And wow, a good list of reading material, too. I think I need it. Thank you, Bing. :)
10/28/15 04:30:18PM @brandi14:

Thank you so much Bing!!! This is very much appreciated, more than you could know!!! It has been a hard journey discovering who/what I truly am, but I am taking everything day by day and trying to distance myself with the negativity and hardships that have befallen me the past few years, one day at a time!!! Many blessings to you, thank you again for your kind welcome!!! :) xox

10/29/15 06:40:34PM @water-lily:

Thank you for the gift!

11/12/15 10:46:59AM @alenkak:
Thanks for all the articles and kind words ...
11/12/15 01:01:50PM @autumrf:

Thank you for the welcome and the resources. I am looking to post my experiences and find others that might have similar ones to begin a discussion with empaths new and old. Would anyone have any suggestions? I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

11/14/15 07:55:47PM @empathicangel:

Why would u like to know the name of my angel?

11/27/15 11:11:47AM @elfilosophy:

Thank you. Looks like I've lots of reading to do now.

11/27/15 12:55:36PM @marta:
Thank you for the warm welcome! Much love.
11/29/15 09:32:23PM @vyxyn:
Red Ribbon
Aquarian Amethyst
11/30/15 01:35:18PM @aquarian-amethyst:

Thank you for your welcome message! I really appreciate it.

12/11/15 04:55:42PM @lindseyann:

thanks for all the great links you sent and for the kind words of encouragement

12/14/15 09:48:19AM @tiffany:
A gift in return :)
12/14/15 09:54:33AM @tiffany:
Thank you so much for the greetings and great resources for me to read more aboutI really needed to find a place where I can be myself. Love ,light and blessings to you. Sincerely, Tif
12/14/15 03:47:10PM @lindseyann:

wonder what is going to happen?

12/19/15 05:48:32AM @larkspur:
Thank you for the Red Ribbon welcome! I look forward to talking to you as I am new to accepting my role as an empath.There is much growth needed and many obstacles to overcome.
12/19/15 09:46:03AM @larkspur:
Thank you for the welcome ribbon. I am still getting used to accepting that I am an empath and yes I have a lot of growth and healing to do yet.
12/22/15 05:08:55AM @justme:

Thanks so much for your warm welcome and the red ribbon. And for the links too, unfortunately I'm dashing off for the holidays PC-less for the next week, but am looking forward to a good read-through when I get back. The topics really interest me, I have a lot yet to learn but find that I'm learning a lot on here, I'm so glad I joined! Peace and light and happy holidays :)

12/22/15 08:36:56AM @beth2:
Thank you for the kind words Bing, its good to finally have answers for why I am the way I am and its good to know I am not alone.
12/22/15 08:39:54AM @beth2:
Up until recently I didn't know what a empath was, I had heard of it but didn't know what it meant, I guess I'll have to read up on how to cope with this.
12/22/15 08:52:11AM @beth2:

Thanks for the links will definitely check them out.

12/22/15 08:55:58AM @justme:

Thank you Bing! Have a very merry Christmas too! I had a little time to check out the Alan Watt's Real You video, which I had seen before but it was good to see it again, I had watched it about a year or so ago just before I figured out I was an empath, so it has a lot of meaning for me, I have learned a lot from Alan Watts, he never fails to inspire me! So thanks again, peace and light.

12/22/15 10:36:47AM @beth2:

Thank you Bing

Colby Bartlett
12/22/15 02:55:13PM @colby-bartlett:

Thank you Bing, the links were very interesting and enlightening.

Lynn Cooper
01/01/16 03:41:00PM @lynn-cooper:
Red Ribbon
01/02/16 04:28:13AM @anna3:

Thank you so so much Bing. I read and listened to everything you posted last and so much of it rings true to how I feel I am and what I feel is locked up inside me that I am yet to discover. It's so lovely to meet you. Anna x

01/02/16 08:38:41AM @confuciousfeels:

Thank you so much for this comment, the links associated with it, and all of the helpful input. I cannot wait to start learning more and becoming one with myself and all of you (or at least recognizing it!) lol :) Thank you everyone!

01/02/16 12:06:48PM @carol3:

Thank you for the warm welcome :)

01/03/16 09:00:33AM @marta:

Thank you for the reading list & the ribbon :)

01/06/16 11:34:47AM @dakinime:

Thank you for the warm welcome Bing

01/08/16 01:41:57PM @doglover:

Wow! You pretty summed up exactly how I feel all the time! Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out. I am looking forward to spending more time on this site as well as looking at the links you sent. :-)

01/10/16 05:16:47PM @questioneverything:
Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Its a great feeling that there are people out there who may be able to help me figure things out :)
01/11/16 10:32:19AM @larkspur:

I just read "I Wish You Enough". I am crying my heart out.

01/13/16 10:09:19AM @certainmystery:
Red Ribbon
01/14/16 09:27:03AM @austin1977:
I just wanted to thank you for all the information you gave me. It was very enlightening. I woke up this morning surrounded by positivity and love. I no longer have that dark pulling feeling And plan to research and read the topics you left for me. I'm sending positivit energy to you.Thank you again!
01/14/16 02:20:29PM @mo:

Thank you so much Bing. It is wonderful to know that I am not alone. I've kept my gifts secret all my life for fear of what many here have shared they have experienced. Keeping my gifts secret has cost me in other ways. It is a relief I can finally open up about my gifts to people who not only understand but share them. Throughout my life I've felt like I've been living in a Stephen King novel at times. Now I may finally learn answers to the many questions I have. I look forward to learning and growing with all of you

01/14/16 05:27:25PM @cag95:
Red Ribbon
01/14/16 05:49:39PM @cag95:

Hey I'm new and have no clue if I am an Empath or not.

I am easily influenced by others emotions and feelings. My moods constantly change, one minute I'm fine the next I'm sad or angry or just not okay. I have been diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and PSTD. I hate and can't stand being in big crowds and too many people make me overwhelmed. I get panic attacks for no reason, they are worse when there are many people around. I can often tell when someone is upset or angry, and I usually get vibes from new people I meet, which I listen to. I have heard some voices in my head calling my name. I have had a few visions of a room that is not mine and of a place i have never seen before but felt like home to me. I have also had many weird dreams of dark shadows. In the past i have had dreams that have come true and I am almost constantly getting deja vu. I also have time where I have been out and the places i have grown up knowing look completely new to me, like its my first time I've been there and my dog had to lead me home cause I was so confused and didn't quite know where i was.

People always come to me when they have a problem and i am always the one they want to confide in and seek advice from.

I have also heard with my ears someone calling my name and often hear things and see strange things others can't.

Does anyone know what this is, I would like to find an answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me.


01/19/16 10:18:56AM @forandreak:

Thank you so much for the welcome. I am looking forward to the love and support.

01/21/16 04:10:45AM @tressa2:
Red Ribbon
01/21/16 09:50:54AM @tressa2:

Wow bing thank you.

01/24/16 06:11:57AM @blink:

Brilliant! Thank you! X

Ashley Carter
01/25/16 08:47:47PM @ashley-carter:
Thank you so much for all the great links. They are very helpful.
Just Stevie
01/28/16 04:46:16PM @just-stevie:

Please dont be offend by what I am going to write. It is born out of frustration and the only reality I know.
My husband is convinced I need to see a doctor.

I know what I see is not in the range of normalcy.
I know fan blades don't really move.
I know they can't really throw out spider webbing that engulfs the room.
I know the picture frame can't pull away from the wall or have ghostly images come in and go out from behind it.
I know the fan can not be a hub that can shine out direct light beams.
I know there is not a parade of men, women, children, animals and nondescript images all ages going in and out of my room nightly
And I especially know an alarm wall panel couldn't (this is new) float in the air where I am able to touch it and put my hand under it. Of course, it goes without saying, walls don't ripple and bed comforters don't roll like a calm ocean.
I know these things because I can not explain in terms that anyone including myself can understand.
I know I can't see these things I see.
I know because what I see is what is not there.
How would it be possible to See these things and others can not?
I know because it's not logical. It doesn't make sense. Yet I know ... I do.
I don't understand a world where these things might be possible.
I don't understand Angels or God.
I don't understand but
I know there is a higher power and it doesn't make sense to me to think there is a higher power that has nothing better to do than hear prayers and help each person in this universe. I know prayers aren't the answer because the good have bad things happen to them and the bad have good things happen to them.
I know I feel Sane.... yet am I insane?

01/28/16 09:01:09PM @lila:

Thank you so much for the welcome and all the great links! I cant wait to learn more from other members and to share

01/30/16 04:30:56AM @singerchic:

Father God, In Christ's Name, have mercy. These are words that I needed to see. And I am grateful for your response. I have kind of closed myself off from the world because things have just been troubling lately. And just as you said, I just have so many feelings. It's so funny because my mother used to say that her mother told her that she just FELT too much. I honestly think that this is a gift from God because it makes us sensitive to other people, and that's why we are here. To help others. And honestly I feel blessed in the respect that I have these feelings and sightings. But in the same respect I feel isolated. So it was a blessing to receive your text. I think it was amazing that while I was praying the other day and reading the Bible that the word Empath came to my mind. But I greatly GREATLY appreciate the words that you said.

Just Stevie
01/31/16 09:11:01PM @just-stevie:

I have been trying to finish this for w days.

I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. My husband wants me to go to the doctors. Ain't happening. I am so sick of doctors. I have Fibromyalgia. It took them years and every test they could think of to decide what it was. Of course, there are no easy fixes but at least I can stop and deal. Now when I go to doctors I tell them what is wrong and what tests or meds I want if needed. LOL

The thing is (you know I look for the scientific); there HAS to be a reason and an explanation. As long as I can conceive it; I can believe it.
There have been "moments" throughout my life when I could half believe I could be a little Psychic and could even see where and why it was possible. But THIS...does-not-compute. I have looked and looked. I can't find anything remotely similar. I don't have a "couple" of - or a "now & then". I have full on pull out the stops invasion!! I don't know how, I don't know why. But - It IS happening.

Here is my very preliminary impression.
I am definately the focus. I'm pretty sure I am being used but not in a mean way. I opened the door they walked in. I have read about using someone's light. I know I am weaker each day and beyond fatigue. Fibro is definitely acting up but I can't blame all this on it.

I am going to describe the overall scenario because I suspect like me; you want to understand. I think you are deeply caring and sincerely want to help others. I am more analytic. I look for the problem to be able to solve and improve. I am more clear and concise. You, however, I suspect want to search for and give the answers or the pathway needed to provide comfort. I feel you are a gentle soul.
But I digress, sorry, sometimes I see more in written words than just the communication. I could be way off course.

The ceiling fan and light above my bed is what I refer to as the hub. I can look up at it anytime day or night. It may or may not react. There is no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it's a simple slight wave of the blades. At night it kicks in. There is not as much activity until the TV is off. It begins with webbing. The tips of the fan sends it out in every direction. It first gathers in black clumps and spreads across the room then up / down the walls and across the ceiling until the entire room is engulfed in an almost transparent web. Sometimes there appears to be stick figure black spiders with thick legs running across the walls but then it spreads out to connect to more webbing. I can somewhat control the web. I can reach out my hand and it will come to me. I can some what redirect it by moving my hand. I don't know if it is trying to protect or prohibit. It is quite unnerving especially when the lights begin. It seems like the lights come from the base. It's kind of vague, lighting different areas focusing most on the glass slider. There are times when it seems like a strong beam, remembrance of a flash light. White shapes dance across the ceiling. The visitors have diminished and they are often less defined but still stop by. Last night it was a thin young man wearing a light green dress shirt and tie. I don't really see colors with my eyes, it's more in my mind. The interesting thing is they almost always come to my bed and look at me first. I open my eyes and there they are. They often look back when leaving as well. They are definitely aware of me. Then there is the rippling area on the bathroom wall. When I look at the area it starts moving as though something were underneath looking for a way out. The movement changes pattern.

I don't understand (although I have tried to research it) smudging or crystals etc.

I absolutely adore my house. It took more than 2 yrs to find the house we wanted. I can't imagine ever finding something I would want more.

For the first time ever, I have no pets. I lost my beloved afghan about 14 yrs ago. Some months back I lost my c

02/03/16 09:39:05AM @shellyf:
Thank you very much!!!
02/03/16 10:56:40AM @pooja:

thanks so much,appreciated..Pooja

02/08/16 10:33:05AM @hopeful:
Thank you for the help
02/17/16 07:57:02PM @jolie:

Hello Bing, thank you for the warm welcome and the articles to help. Sorry for taking a while to reply I wanted to devote time to properly reply.

02/21/16 12:07:09PM @indyflibble:

Wow!! Thank you for the links!

02/24/16 09:22:17AM @morgan2:
Thanks for understanding
02/24/16 09:35:38AM @teresabrennan:
Red Ribbon
Tesha Johnson
02/27/16 12:12:16PM @tesha-johnson:
Thank you so much
AnimalEmpath Colleen
03/05/16 01:37:19AM @animalempath-colleen:

Thanks so much! Much appreciated.


03/08/16 02:09:18PM @thamara:

thank you bing! i can't wait to read through all those interesting links :)

03/08/16 05:05:05PM @jen2:
Thank you for the warm welcome Bing!! I look forward to learning more about this gift of empathy.
03/08/16 06:06:56PM @holygrail:

Hey Bing,

thank you so much for the friendly welcome.the links are very helpful. I am so pleased and thankful to have found this forum.

I'm sure it will bring peace and new understanding to alot of questions, that I've waited a very long time for the answers to.


03/11/16 11:17:09AM @melody:

Thank you Bing! I can't wait to dig into the links... headed there now :-)

03/18/16 12:58:36PM @michelle:
Thank you so much for the information. What you have described rings true for me. I'm so excited to be apart of this amazing community.
03/18/16 03:37:18PM @teali:

thank you so much i hope you are enjoying your day.

03/30/16 11:42:17AM @cplove33:

Thank you for the gift!!! and for the links! I will definitely put them to good use!

03/30/16 12:27:43PM @nikler:
Thank you! :)
03/31/16 01:13:53AM @layla:

Wow! Thank you so much for all of that info! It helped tremendously! :)

Alison Dickson
03/31/16 02:01:42AM @alison-dickson:
Thankyou kindly.
Noel Johnson
03/31/16 09:40:46AM @noel-johnson:
Thank you so much!!
04/01/16 05:18:40AM @prophetmagnus:
Red Ribbon
04/01/16 05:24:12AM @prophetmagnus:
Thank you and its very true not many can understand the nature of the empath! I will be looking thru the information you were kind enough to provide
04/02/16 04:59:54AM @sunflower:
Thank you for your warm welcome. I look forward very much to chatting with fellow Empaths and being able to be myself :)
04/05/16 07:00:45AM @ekkostar:
My ribbon of entwinement as I am entwined in my community of people who are gifted and lifted above their senses!
04/05/16 07:22:12AM @jenjen:

Thank you for your red ribbon. You gave it to me at a time when I needed it.

04/05/16 09:44:30AM @lisa5:

Thank you for the Red Ribbon. I look forward to meeting/making new friends , that I have similar things in common with. Very happy to have found this site!

04/06/16 02:46:37AM @fancygirl:
Red Ribbon
04/06/16 03:12:36AM @tandi:
Thank you I really appreciate the warm welcome! I look forward to getting to know other empaths as well! It has been a long sometimes hard journey back to myself and I look forward to finding out new ways of helping myself along with others be who they are meant to be Have a great day!
04/07/16 03:58:51PM @julia-paris:

Thank you ! You 're such a gentle soul ! I 'm glad to speak with you. Being able to speak with people dealing with the same gift is truly wonderful put a balm on my heart. I hope for you the best ! And I love angels. Particulary Archangel Mickael...

Peace, Love, Abundance.

04/09/16 06:33:13PM @intuitive79:
Thank you for the links! I feel like I finally might be understood as I have felt, "different" all my life. "On Being An Empath" really hits home with me. And I look forward to learning more! Thank you so much for accepting me.
04/11/16 02:37:56PM @moonchild:

thank you so much for all of the information!!

04/12/16 11:24:41AM @brendareid71:
Red Ribbon
04/13/16 05:29:15AM @trena:

Thank you Bing for the heartfelt welcome and red ribbon. I will certainly be sure to check out all of the links that you have shared with me. I am looking forward to meeting many kindred souls here. As I learn my way around the website, I am sure that we will have many communications. Blessing on you! Trena

04/13/16 08:19:36AM @yvonne-canary:

Thank you very much.

04/13/16 05:29:52PM @keltybug:

Thank you so much for the heartfelt welcome. I need to regroup. I appreciate the links and will go to them now. I love the way this site 'feels'. I know I can shaare here and not be made to feel anything but heard... an awesome blessed relief... hope to see you all again soon.

04/14/16 03:42:03AM @alicebee:
Bing, Thank you so much for the welcome message and resources. I feel like I am on a bit of a roller coaster now I have made the incredible and 'everything makes sense' discovery that I may be an empath. I realise I must tread carefully about who I talk to about this, so this forum is a blessing.Now I know why I love being with my dog so much...woof woof.I am finding Elise's EFT work amazing - never done it before and after a few days, feel so much freer than I have most of my life. Thank you Elise.Oasis is a lovely description which I will keep in mind when I meditate.With love
04/17/16 10:45:10AM @moonchild:
Thank you so much for the welcome and all of the information. I am so happy to have found this community! And I look forward to being a part of it :)
04/18/16 05:45:13AM @rainbowgirl777:

thank you Bing for the gift!!:):):) your pics are pretty incredible!

Something About Mary
04/27/16 11:40:51AM @something-about-mary:
Thank you! I feel like I woke up at the perfect time. I'm exploding with a grateful heart!
04/29/16 12:58:38PM @keltybug:
thank you Bing
05/02/16 10:08:47AM @layla223:
Thank you! You made my day :)
05/09/16 03:58:14PM @clover:


05/11/16 08:00:28PM @cindy:
Thank you for the welcome! I have been so torn on the inner debate of being an Empath and being a Christian! I look forward to reading more stories and hearing more from others! I have always thought that this must be a God given gift not a saten driven curse, satan cannot bring peace and oneness with nature like this!
05/12/16 12:45:37AM @nicolem7:

Thank you, glad to be here!

05/13/16 08:42:34PM @raven3:
Thank you for the gift :)
Billy Jo
05/17/16 01:27:46AM @billy-jo:

thankyou :-)

Tara McDermott
05/24/16 02:15:41AM @tara-mcdermott:
Thankyou for your gift.Does a red ribbon mean anything online?It's a nice gesture, thanks for making me feel welcome.
Something About Mary
05/24/16 10:34:45AM @something-about-mary:
Thank you so much for all the links you've sent me. I'm finding comfort in the readings. I'm full of so many questions since I'm finally allowing myself to open myself up to this calling. I need some guidance in moving forward. Suggestions after listening to the situation I'm in. It's important I make steps that are statements, so each step I take seriously. So each step will be made after making sure I'm making this step with a pure heart, light, faith in my purpose and knowing I Am In My Truth & Walking In My Purpose While Here
05/25/16 08:48:50AM @annalee23luv:
Red Ribbon
05/25/16 08:50:39AM @annalee23luv:
Thank you for the gift Bing.
05/28/16 04:29:30AM @remy:
Thank you for the gift, Bing. I appreciate it.
Steve H
05/28/16 05:43:27PM @steve-h:
Thanks, I will
05/28/16 06:39:06PM @zoe:

Hi bing,

Thank you so much!

I was trying to make my first post last night and couldn't figure out how to post it. It just said "preview" and no post button. Where can I post?


06/05/16 10:01:52AM @ember:

Hi Bing,

Thank you for the gift! It was thoughtful.

It's nice to see another Canadian, as well.

06/05/16 10:56:53AM @clairmere:
Red Ribbon
06/05/16 01:10:20PM @ambre:

Thank you Bing

06/06/16 09:20:44AM @tundra2:

Thank you for the gift Bing. I am so glad I found this site, it has been very helpful.

06/09/16 01:24:07PM @rosie:

Thank you very much!

06/09/16 10:16:45PM @yvonne-canary:

thank you everybody its good to be among like people, I am trying very hard to adjust to being among the deceptive people whom I no longer get a long with.

Great to be here


06/10/16 09:04:05AM @yvonne-canary:

Thank you all so much I was starting to feel like a social misfit so I know that I must find some like people to converse among. Now I am tying to figure out how to move and keep myself quiet until I am more grounded and strong in my abilities.

Nice to meet all of you any suggestions are greatly welcomed!

06/13/16 03:31:14PM @demipanda:
Thank you for your welcome! Love and light, Miracle
06/14/16 05:23:39AM @danielle:
Thank you so much Bing, looking forward to learning and receiving all the love and support of my fellow Empaths.
Chrisette Lightley
06/14/16 11:07:44AM @chrisette-lightley:

Thank you for the welcome and the useful links.

Chrisette Lightley
06/14/16 11:09:16AM @chrisette-lightley:

Thank you for the welcome and the useful links.

06/14/16 01:58:34PM @xerzel:
thanks for your gift! x3
06/23/16 05:58:03PM @chlatepenutbutr:

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and links. I appreciate the support I have already received and look forward to meeting all the wonderful people like you. :D

06/26/16 01:23:07PM @lele:

Thank you so much, Bing! I will check out your links.

Nice to meet you.

06/29/16 09:12:43AM @nyla:

Bing~Thank you for the red ribbon and the page of links. They were so interesting! And I have to agree with the Queen: Your Christmas song was great :)

Bailey Mingo
07/08/16 05:43:18PM @bailey-mingo:
Thank you for the gift Bing! This term light work is new to me looks like I have so muh learning ahead of me!
07/13/16 03:29:16PM @patrickdc:

Bing, thank you for the ribbon. I just awakened as an Empath a year and a half ago and have been busy reading and learning more about me.

Peace and thanks again!


Linda Laz2
07/15/16 07:20:21AM @linda-laz2:

Thank you, Bing, for the welcome and the links. I look forward to perusing them! Love the hippie references--yep, that's me!

07/15/16 07:20:27AM @dax:
Thank you so much Bing. I was having a hard morning. I am just coming into my gifts and I'm overwhelmed. Thank you. How are u
07/16/16 04:44:39PM @shannonblock:
Thank you
07/24/16 01:19:19PM @eleveneleven:
Hi Bing, thank you so much for your welcome and kind words. Funny that I didn't know 11:11 was significant to Empaths until I read one of your posts! I'm definitely home.
Janet farmer
08/22/16 06:04:14PM @janet-farmer:
Thank you Bing for the ribbon. I'm an empath that has lost my way. I need help.
08/27/16 06:37:52AM @dadarby:
Red Ribbon
08/30/16 05:49:19PM @abra:
Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Ribbon & Links. I am going to check them out. Blessings to you my friend
08/31/16 01:04:36PM @amelia:

Bing, Thank you so much for the warm welcome and all of the resources below. And of course, for the ribbon. That is really nice of you. :)

Donna Butler
09/01/16 10:36:28AM @donna-butler:
Thank you.
Shelly Green
09/03/16 03:24:33AM @shelly-green:
Thank you for message and making me feel welcome :)
09/09/16 08:21:21AM @bing:

Hi Charlotte

I don't know if I ever replied to your question last year as I just saw it here on our new site. I apologize if I did not get back to you.   As empaths and Lightworkers we are here at this time of The Awakening to help elevate the levels of Light, Life and Love in this world.  A lady that I know who is in contact with the angel Ariel has told me that from the spiritual realm's perspective Lightworkers glow with a high intensity of Light energy and that "Normal" people are attracted to our Light energy like moths to a flame.  They will walk up and tell you their life stories as if they have known you their whole lives.  They also, unknowingly, can leave you feeling drained as they are, unknowingly, draining you of your energy.  I would like to suggest a few books for you to have a look at.  You can look them up on Amazon before purchasing them.  You may also be able to find PDF versions online for free or find them at a library.  If you go to The Library of Light and look up the Dolores Cannon topic you will find some links to PDF free versions of some of Dolores Cannon's books.

"The Great Shift" by Lee Carroll, Tom Kenyon, and Patricia Cori

"The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth" by Dolores Cannon

"The Journey Home" "The Twelve Layers of DNA" and "The Recalibration of Humanity"  by Lee Carroll

" Spirit Matters" by Jim Self and Roxane Burnet  This book will help you with shielding and learning how to control what you allow into your reality and how you can help "send" Light energy into this world. 

Once again I am sorry if I did not get back to you, but if you wish to contact me I will get back to you in a more timely fashion.  ;-)

Throw some love into the wind.


09/13/16 08:05:10AM @eliselebeau:

Here is the new home of the Library of Light.

The Ning url are all broken but I will fix this particular one because I know you posted so many links to it internally.  I am locked out of the Ning web site right now but as soon as I can get, I'll hook up the two :)

09/13/16 10:10:09AM @eliselebeau:

I have fixed all the links that you post on new member profiles.  They will still work.

But please update your links to point to the new locations of the Library of Light :)

in love,


09/13/16 10:27:42AM @bing:

Hi Elise

Thanks for that. I'll have to get busy as well LOL

Throw some love into the wind.


10/04/16 02:05:27PM @geno661:

Hey Bing!

Its me Geno, I had to create a new profile and I'm back in the business of welcoming new members.

Hope all is well with you!

10/05/16 04:30:29AM @bing:

Hi Geno

It is nice to have you back with us.  I am just settling in to our new home and getting ready to post some new topics in The Library of Light.  It feels good to be assured that we are still going to have our community on line.  It is always nice to feel your energy.

Throw some love into the wind.


10/18/16 10:47:04PM @sandra-fernandez:


01/24/17 03:32:52PM @eliselebeau:

Yay, you're posting in the Library of Light again :)

02/12/17 01:03:43PM @angellight-worker:

Bing Thank You so much for passing the word, so I could rejoin EC.

I am excited to be back.

02/24/17 01:31:46PM @angellight-worker:

I'd like to comment on your Negativity article on "Blog" I do not know how to hit a reply there, sorry. But I just wanted to say-I will copy that and put it on my desk. I am doing much better with myself and getting so upset because I think a lot of people, family hate me, ignore me.. But just sometimes it sneaks back in my mind,, I try not to let it depress me, All the same, I can get rid ofit faster, Thank You Bing,, 

      OH? How do I add pitchers to my writings? Plus reply to others? Thanks Again

03/08/17 10:52:12AM @boylans:

Hello Bing,

I just wanted to say hello and if maybe you have anything else about narcissist that could help me in dealing and coping with these kind of people, please?  Or if anyone else has input for me.  Any is appreciate.

Thanks so  much from ,