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By Bill Walker, 2011-07-14

I have read many views about spirit and how we are somehow seperate from the one source (God). I have a hard time with this way of viewingour existence. We are notindividual spirits seperated from the one spirit, we are the spirit that floats inside of God. I look at our existence like we are the neurons that flow freely around and inside the mind of this great creator. We are Gods thoughts and not the thoughts of God that float freely outside in an unrelated universe. And yes, as we grow, and learn, and experience, so does this ultimate creator. We are all one, on different paths, within the same mind, or thought,space.

We are always allowed to make the same mistake over, and over, again, and again,until we find the answer that best suits are needs before we move on to the next challenge. We are only held accountable when we try toalter someone elses path in a way, or manner, that is not conduciveto the path that they are on. In other words, when we try to change, or control, their freedom of will. And even then, we are always forgiven, because the pathways that we travel on are such that we will eventually see, or find,truth. In the end, spirit truth can not be escaped, no matter how hard one might try to ignore it.

Everything, at least as far as I'm concerned, light and dark as well, is present inside this great expansethat we know by many names, but which all make up one great and magnificent spirit. And we are that spirit, it is our vessel to create within for-ever-more!

And we should never fear this creation that we are helping to expand.

Love, light, and peace.

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Changing our world

By Bill Walker, 2011-05-14

I'm not sure if I am an empath in the true sense, or meaning, of the word. But I do know that I ama total empath when it comes to whales and dolphins. If anyone needed a place to start to change mans perceptions about the world that we share and live in then I would suggest watching, Whale Wars, which starts on Friday, June 3rd, on Animal Planet. It's a difficult show to watch, but thegrace and love of the people who are out putting their lives on the line to save these magnificient creatures is also uplifting in its own rite.

If the show is to difficult for you to watch then please consider supporting, TheSeaShepherd Organizationin,in any way that seems fitting to you even if that's just going and reading their webpage. Thank you and blessings to every single one of you on this site. You are all incredible beyond your wildest dreams, just wait and see!

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The Shadow Dude/Dudet

When I was younger I never particularly liked being alone especially at night. It wasnt just that I was scared of the dark, it had more to do with the fact that I always felt like I was being watched by something that I could never quite explain. It was just always their, and I could never figure out where, their, exactly was. I still feel annoyingly watched now and again, but not as strongly as when I was a kid.

One night my parents went out leaving me home alone and I knew that they wouldnt be back until late. After going thru my usual house check to satisfy my own inner security and realizing that there wasnt anyone other then me in the house. I felt safe in going to bed. And as I recall, it didnt take long to fall asleep.

Im not sure how long I was asleep, but my eyes shot open with an instant recognition that something around me had changed. It only took a moment to determine that this disturbance was very close, in fact, it was in my room. I could hardly see as my room was mostly dark, but I knew without a doubt that something very dark and strong in spirit was now standing in the far corner of my room. I was instantly more then just a little frightened.

I was at, and out, my bedroom door in a flash. I was now in a hallway that led out to the front room. I fell backwards trying to get away from what I couldnt see but I knew it was following me. I literally crab walked backwards down the hall not wanting to turn my back on this entity. There was a light on in the front room and I felt somewhat safer as I moved into it, finally standing up but still facing the hallway as I got to the middle of the room.

And then one of the most terrifying experiences of my life took place, something that made me want to never have another paranormal event as long as I lived. A shadow started to block out the light behind the lamp that lit up the front room. And this shadow continued to fill in the entire wall area that I was staring at in front of me until the entire room started to go dark on all sides while the light was still very much on. It, whatever it was, scared the hell out of me.

I spent the rest of the night outside, only running in when a car would start to come down our street, and if it turned out to not be my parents, I would be right back outside. Finally, of course, they did come home and I made it to my bedroom before they got in not wanting to admit that I was terrified.

At first, I was still really scared, but my room felt much lighter and in a few moments I knew that whatever it was, it was gone. And I have never felt this entity again. And if I ever do feel it, I know Ill remember where I felt it before.

When I woke up the next morning I had a strange feeling that whatever it was it had not meant to scare me. It was more like just checking up on me, but I dont have a clue what or where this energy came from.

And, believe it or not because you would think otherwise, the dark has never bothered me nearly as much as it did before this experience. I guess I realized that sometimes it doesnt matter whether its light or dark there really is nowhere to hide.

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Ashley's Dream (A Lyrical Poem)

By Bill Walker, 2011-04-11
Spirits of their chosen realm
Swirl above and do foretell
A place where light and dark create a blended spell
Then a guiding angel came breaking through

Pointing without words
Her guidance I somehow knew
When alas I came upon a shimmering gate
Its significance beheld all that was ever true

Fury or the faith
Love is everything that is at stake
Fury or the faith
All of our souls teeter on the brink

Fury or the faith
Fury or the faith
Fury or the faith

Many are those who have chosen before
Who now andforever walk no more
But for you and I it's not to late
Choose wisely for this is an eternal fate

Fury or the faith
Seperated by a golden gate
Fury or the faith
A decisison we all must one day make

Fury or the faith
Fury or the faith
Fury or the faith

So when spirits of their chosen realm come to call
And dreams of light and dark within both you shall fall
Search long and hard for what you hold true
For it is your free will that they truly would like to take

Fury or the faith
It's up to you!
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Empaths and Depression!

By Bill Walker, 2011-04-09
I have read many discussions where depression is discussed with regards to being empathic and absorbing the feelings of others in and around that persons life. Depression, like many things, can be caused by a multitude of both mental and physical stimuli.

As many people already know, alcohol is one of the worst ways of trying to deal with depression. When you first drink alcohol it acts like a stimulant, but soon becomes a depressant (within an hour or so)as it mixes with your own unique body chemistry. However this isn't the only depressant causing drug that many of us use from time to time.Would you believe that the pain killers known as nsaids, ibuprofen,celebrex, naproxen, can also cause depression? I know this one by experience. If I take any of these any more then twice a week I become very depressed.

Even allergies can cause a chemical reaction within the body that can cause adepressive reaction especially in the food allergy category. This means that it could be the simplest of things in your diet that could be causing depressive feelings.

As empaths you deserve to take the timeto explore all of the possible causes of depression before settling on a self diagnosis of shared negative energy with others around you. And I am certainly not saying that that isn't what is causing your depression, but it should be the last option left after checking everything else off the list first.

And finally, for those of you who have just had a baby, postpartum depression as a root cause for depression is a huge factor that should be discussed with your doctor as this can be an extremely dangerous form of depression for both you, and your ability to cope,and your baby!

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Mystical Being or the Angel of Death?

By Bill Walker, 2011-03-26

About a year ago my Grandparents came to me in a dream. In the dream, I answered the door and they both were standing there holding suitcases and told me that they had come to stay for awhile. These two Grandparents had passed when I was very young. Several weeks later my Aunt, their daughter, passed away unexpectedly. I know this is a common experience for many people as well as, an unexpected one, for many who do not believe in a psychic universe.

About four months after this, I had a second encounter/dream that was quite different but which had almost the exact same outcome. In this dream, I felt an energy moving down a hall towards a door that I did not want it to open passing another door that I knew it wouldn't try to open because that room was empty. I could not see this entity, but I surely knew that it was their. It was very overwelming in it's essence to say the very least. I also knew that someone was in that room that I wanted to shield from this entity. I wasn't sure what to do so I yelled at it with all my might, except my yell felt more like a stream of pure energy as it came out of me. I knew that this entity was so incredibly, energy enriched, that I doubted it would even notice my energy stream.

Almost immediately, after my stream made contact with this energy,it was amplified a thousand times andreturned in my direction knocking me spiritually off balance. I was certainly no match for its energy. I did, however, succed in getting its attention. In an instant it was all around me literally pushingin on me from every direction until I felt like I was in a cocoon without any means of escape.

In just a moment, I heard, or perhaps felt, it communicate the following to me, "You are not the one!"

This entity quickly moved off and away from me. I tried to follow ittosee if I could learn anything more about it, but it was far to quick. And then I woke up.

Three weeks after this strange encounter/dream my Uncle passed away. The same Uncle that had been married to my Aunt who had passed a few monthsearlier. Was this the reason that I knew that the entity wouldn't even try to enter the empty room that it passed by, because it had already been in that room before?

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Silent Moment (A very short poem)

By Bill Walker, 2011-03-15

Silent Moment

Oh little stray,
Eyes lifeless fur gray,
How could it come to pass that rolling fate would claim you as its prey?

A haunting scene as you lay listless against crushed rock and grass of green.
Forgotten so it seems,
by mans endless lust for power and speed.

One boundary too many you tried to cross,
not knowing that what lay ahead was a blacktop holocaust.

You came and went with little of your life spent.
Like many before,
And far too many more still to be sent.

Transcend these earthly bonds,
and journey to a safe place beyond the stars.

Farewell for now,
as my tears fall untethered.
Thank God this silent moment won't last forever!

Please have your pets spay or neutered.

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Astral Projection

By Bill Walker, 2011-03-05

My very first experiences in the field of theparanormal started when I was around four and living in Rockville, MD. This is kind of hard to describe but I would find myself becoming subconsciously consciouse and walking down the hallway where I lived coming to a stop at the top of a flght of stairs. The first few times this happened I would either slip, or perhaps bepsychically pushed, and I would fall down the stairs. However, it was alwaysa gentle floatingdescent from top to bottom. This continued to happen on a very frequent basis until I got so used to it that I would just jump out when I reached the top of the stairs before being helped along. It was such a magnificient earthly releasethat I looked forward to it happening. And I was always sure that it was not just a dream, because if say there was something at the bottom of the stairs like a shoe or something else, I would see it as I floated down, and it would still be there in the morning when I got up.

I continue to astral project to this day. I can do it from a meditative state, but find it very difficult to maintain once I'm out. I guess I get nervous, or scared, and instantly flash back into my body. Usually, I find that I am out of bodyfrom a sleeping state, like when I was four. On these occasions I am much freer to roam but have little choice about where I'm going. I guess my subconscious has its own agenda.

If I had one wish, I wish that as a child,I would have had someone to mentor me. I feel like I lost so much of that psychicpart of me because either no one believed me or more often just snickered at my stories as if they were nothing more than make believe. I still have many experiences, but believe that I would have developed a certain amount of control if I had had a relative, or a Chip Coffey, to put these happenings into proper contex. Although I do believe that I have a spirit guide that helps in this area. I wonder sometimes if perhaps this giude is the one that pushed me on those very first astral flights? If so, I appreciate the help.

Finally, I recently found out that both of my grandfathers were Freemasons, sadly both passed away long before I could have confided this story,and otherexperiences that willfollow, and see what or how they would have reacted.

So now, it's up to you!

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