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By Bill Walker, 2014-04-17


Do you believe in Karma? If you dont you might want to at least consider it after reading my, very true, little story here.

A few weeks ago I had a couple of my neighbors stop by unexpectedly to pay a short visit. That evening I went to put a CD into my CD player while I cooked dinner. After searching high and low I ended up playing a different CD as the one I was looking for was no where to be found. I spent a couple of hours a day for the next couple of days looking for the CD while I cleaned up other things in my house, but still, no CD. I finally came to the conclusion that one of those two people who had visited me a few days earlier must have taken that CD. And one of those two individuals does have a reputation for taking things that do not belong to her and so I approached her and told her to return the missing CD as I was certain that she had taken it.You kind of should be getting an idea of where this is going by now.

About three weeks passed and just two nights ago my cat got sick in the middle of the night so I immediately jumped out of bed, while half asleep, to clean up her mess before it had a chance to set into the rug. However, first I had to find it. After a few minutes I realized that she had gotten sick under a chair right next to one of my dressers so I got down on hands and knees with paper towels a plenty and proceeded to crawl under the chair that was loaded down with a ton of other stuff sitting on it. It took only a second to realize that my cat had thrown up right on top of the missing CD that must have fallen off my dresser and in behind the chair. In one respect, this did make it pretty easy to clean up, but it also left me with a huge apology that I need to perform to the person I had accused of the crime.

Moral of this story: Sometimes you have to eat crow to take your Karmic medicine when it is handed out by your cat!

Bill Walker

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By Bill Walker, 2014-01-27

Over the holidays I noticed, even watched a few, a number of programs that discussed miracle cures and what were claimed to be Angelic interventions. My interest for this blog centers on those cases where the medical field states freely that either a cure or a spontaneous remission should not have been possible by any means known to man.

This obviously leads one to believe that only an intervention from God could have been the reason for an otherwise impossible cure.

And that got me to wondering that if God did step in and cure whatcouldn'tbe cured, could he have also leftthat cure to be discovered with in the DNA of that particular patient? I just cant help but to believe that if we took the blood sample of someone before this miraculous event and studied it along side a blood sample after the cure that we might be able to determine a difference between the two samples and perhaps be able to cure others with the same disease.

I mean it almost makes sense that if God was going to step in and save one person, who otherwise would not have survived, he would also leave behind at least a hint as to how to save everyone else with that affliction,doesn'tit?

I just have to think that its worth our time to take a closer look at what messages may have been left in the DNA of these individuals. Do you think its possible? Obviously, I do!

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Haunted Northern State Hospital

By Bill Walker, 2013-10-31

I worked on the grounds of Northern State Hospital in Sedro-Woolley, WA for over five years at two different jobs and with Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share some of my experiences, as well as a few others, during my employment their. As many of you have heard, or perhaps not, this old psych hospital built and opened in 1912 is purported to be quite haunted. I can certainly attest to the fact that there is at least some very strange energy that manifests itself on this sprawling 400 acre plus site.

My first job on these grounds was with Job Corp which is located, in part, in the four old dormitory buildings that housed almost all of the patients until the hospital was closed in 1979. And these buildings are still used for the same purpose for the kids attending Job Corp. And part of my job was to do bedroom checks, since I worked the night shift, making sure the students were all where they were supposed to be. The dorm I worked in had two floors, boys on the ground level, and girls on the second floor, and each floor is set up in a T formation with heavy magnetic steel fire doors separating the three different hallways that make up the T. All three of these double fire doors are set up to close together in the case of a fire as they are all on the same electrical circuit. I always knew when I was being escorted along my rounds by something, or someone that I could not see, as quite often when I would pass thru one of the three sets of fire doors they would suddenly close right behind me but the other two sets would remain open. Like I already said, thats impossible, they are all on the same circuit and it wasnt the same set of doors each time. It varied I guess depending on which set my invisible helper decided to release for my benefit.

If you ever watched the show Ghost Hunters on A&E they had a half hour segment about Northern State where in one camera shot you can actually see a shadow step out from behind a wall and into a hallway and then suddenly step back out of the camera shot. I have been down that hallway once on a tour and its blocked off so you cant go any further then where you see the shadow person emerge from and then disappear from. I guess permanently sealed doorways dont present much of a problem for him!

I also worked at the Evaluation & Treatment Center that used to be housed on the same grounds about a quarter of a mile down the hill from Job Corp. And much to the dismay of two of our nurses Shadow Man, as he is referred too, made a couple of visits to see us down there as well. The first one was when one of our night nurses was looking out our break room window, not really thinking about much of anything, when she said that the whole window became shadowed over just like someone was walking right past the window except, other then a shadow, there was nobody their. The second nurse to make his acquaintance about a year later had gone outside for a break during a heavy rainstorm. She had been standing under our front door eve when she very suddenly ran back inside exclaiming, Oh my god, Oh my god, I think I just saw shadow man.

After calming down she explained how she had just been kind of staring out at the rain when she suddenly noticed a complete full outline of a man running thru the rain. The thing was though, as she put it, I could see the rain falling right thru him, but it was just a shadow. I thought that was going to be the last night we ever saw her but she did continue to work their even after her encounter though she rarely went outside by herself after this at night.

I have many other stories that I heard from students and the like but Ill close with the two scariest stories of all. The first happened in the administration building that houses a different treatment center then where I worked.

One night two nurses went to get on the elevator that runs between the basement and the first and second floors. However, the basement is no longer used except for storage so the elevator is locked out from going down to that level. On this night though the ghosts had other plans and not only did the elevator go down to the basement it refused to go back up after the doors opened and then stayed open no matter what buttons they pushed. I was told that it took the fire department to come and unlock the stairway door and escort these two nurses back upstairs because they wouldnt leave the open elevator until they got their.

And finally, the old hospital building that is on the grounds has been used on a couple of occasions to film horror movies by Valentine Films. One movie called, Bloody Mary, didnt need any computer to add special effects. In one scene a woman is in a bathroom and is supposedly being attacked by Bloody Mary and as the camera pulls away so you can no longer see her, the bathroom lights start flickering on and off rapidly, creating a great effect along with her screams. However, like the magnetic doors, this bathroom is wired into the electrical system for that entire section of the hospital which means that there is no way the lights can do that. And if you tried to do this from the electrical panel you would blow out the entire system for that part of the building. Its in the film which you can still get on DVD online.

So if you ever find yourself on the grounds of Northern State remember, Its always Halloween their, so expect the unexpected.


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207_blogs.jpg?width=750THE AWAKENING

If I am a true empathic spirit, then a fair amount of that empathy goes towards all of you who share this little electronic space that we refer to as the Empath Community. It hurts me to read about all of the guilt being heaped on many of you by family, friends, as well as religious naysayers that have absolutely no room to talk. We were all blessed with an incredible range of spiritual experiences here on EC by the hand of a spectacular universe that believed that we had attained a level of understanding to be able to deal with a reality that many others are just not ready to accept or explore. You may be confused by the things that happen to you but you should also be very proud of the level you have achieved and dont let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

There is an awakening that is already taking place all around us and this awakening will continue to accelerate as humanity moves forward. And I truly believe that we are the chosen ones that will lead and teach about a new frontier of spiritual evolution to our own human race. The abilities that you have are not some grand mistake or misunderstanding of universal proportions. God meant for you to have these gifts because God knew that you were ready for them. And the realm that is just starting to open up to our race needs people who can face it with courage, empathy, and love, and I know for certain that every single one of you reading this has these qualities. It was no mistake that we found this site, and then each other, as we explore this fantastic new place that few if any humans have traveled before us. But over coming spiritual bigotry is not our only challenge.

As we walk this path many of you already know that it is not a piece of cake to be taken lightly. There are many of us who have already faced a dark energy, and if you havent yet, eventually you probably will. These dark energies are a part of our education as they exist in both our physical daily lives as well as our spiritual lives including our dreams. And our fear, or lack of fear, is either their greatest strength over us, or their eventual defeat. Quite simply we are the light that dark energy has revulsion for and fears and remember that you will never stand alone.

We should stand as one because we are the evolutionary future of our race. Be proud of what and who you are. You and I are the light and eventually the teachers blazing the path for all that will follow. It is our time!

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By Bill Walker, 2011-09-12


I had a dream a couple of years back, and in this dream I was driving in my car when I came upon a piece of land that was for sale. I felt instantly drawn to this land so I turned onto the dirt and gravel driveway that led up a gentle slopping hill. As I slowly ascended this hill I noticed a small patch of trees about midway up and off to my right. When I was almost to the top I stopped the car and got out to take a look around.

I had this strange and uncanny feeling that the land and I were one even though I had never seen this land before and I also found myself drawn to that small patch of trees just below me. After a few moments of gazing at that spot I decided to get my camera out of my car and take a picture of that patch of trees that seemed to hold me in some kind of hypnotic trance. After snapping my picture I decided to take another one but this time I wanted to walk down and into the tiny grove of trees, which I did, and then turn around and take a picture looking back up the hillside. It was at this point that I had a sudden realization that I was, and this is kind of hard to explain, about to take a picture from inside of the first picture which I had somehow entered. And right after I took the picture I was aware of a shift in everything around me, it was like, not only standing in a three dimensional picture, I was suddenly part of a four dimensional living scene.

By now youre probably wondering what this all has to do with guides and why I know that I am a guide when Im in spirit and not living in the physical realm. But first I have a question for anyone who has read this far. When we are living our lives here in the two and three dimensional world of what we call our physical reality, wouldnt it also make sense that we would experience life from the other side of the coin, or fence, or in my case in this dream, from both the upper part of the hill, as well as the lower part?

As beings of both the physical and spirit the only way we could possibly experience life in a four dimensional world would be if we were all also guides when were not on the three dimensional physical plane. To put this another way, to be a guide at the next level is where you get to see a more complete picture of what life, love, struggle, and sacrifice, is all about. And I am certainly not implying here that guides are seeing the whole picture. I would imagine that only God can see and comprehend all of that. And were not even close. But this is where we truly get to see how hard the decisions in life are because when were guides we can see what a living physical person can not. We are aware of both the good and the bad possibilities and situations that may lie ahead depending on a thousand different outcomes. And this also helps us when we reincarnate into the next life experience. I guess the best way to say it, is that it is like living in a constantly changing loop where you are always making adjustments while improving your own soul as well as all of those souls that travel with you.

I do remember, even if it is a bit foggy, being a guide with all of the frustration, and ultimately, acceptance, that comes with knowing, as well as learning, that you did the best you could to help those spirits that you love while they are here in the physical. I remember it every time that I feel my guides trying to give me advice as to how to handle a difficult situation or even as they whisper thoughts to me as I write this to try and make it understandable. The only difference now is that Im on the physical life side of the loop where I can only see the first picture and not much ofthe second one.

I can tell you right now that if you think your life is difficult here in the physical, being a guide is several times harder, and much more complex, then anything the physical can ever throw at you. And personally I like the challenge of being a guide far more than I like life on the earth plane. But I also really appreciated it when those that I was guiding showed me that they loved me by accepting my advice and help when I whispered my thoughts and suggestions into their souls.

Finally, for those of you that find it hard to deal with life as an empathic person, I want you to think very hard about what you just read. I would imagine that you brought some of that guiding energy with you into this lifetime. And its probably very confusing to be able to see at least part of that four dimensional picture while your living your life in a three dimensional world. But you wouldnt have brought it with you if you werent ready. Maybe youre the ones leading the way towards a great shift in consciousness by closing that loop I spoke of into eternal life?

I have faith in all of you. You can handle this, lead the way!

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A Letter From Mother Earth

By Bill Walker, 2011-08-23

Mother Earth128_blogs.jpg?width=750

Every once in a while I have a strange dream that makes me wonder just how far stretching and incredible our universe may actually be. In one instance I dreamt that a man walked up to me on a crowded sidewalk and handed me a letter while stating that it had been sent from a parallel universe and then just as I started to open it I woke up. Im still ticked off about that, I mean, just how often do you get a letter from another universe hand delivered? And then just a few nights ago I had a dream where our planet seemed to be having a conversation with me. I dont exactly remember much of the conversation but it did have something to do with how we as a race were treating her. I guess Ill just let the words flow and well see what happens.

Dear Mankind,

I really need for you all to start showing me some empathy because I am really very sick. And it should be no real secret as to who is the major cause of this illness. You were given freedom of choice by Father God and I honestly can not see where you have used your choices wisely. Lets just look at a few for instances. You fowl my very breath with the coal fired industry that belches its black soot for miles into my blue spirit and cloud filled skies. And you senselessly strip the lands of the lush blankets that nature has given you while leveling the hills and mountains for what you call profit. And then you slowly and painfully poison my veins and clog my arteries which provide the fresh water that flows in my creeks and rivers that all animals depend on daily to drink. But worst of all is the way you treat the very womb of your birth like it is your own personal cesspool to be dumped in and then forgotten.

There is a time of reckoning close at hand where karma like a raging tempest wind will take its revenge on all that show such disrespect. However, it is not too late to start listening to your hearts which is where my soul resides within you. If you change and learn how to be my partner I promise to once again share my abundant secrets and treasures with you and we will continue this journey to a place called heaven on earth. But if you do not..

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By Bill Walker, 2011-07-23

Life After Life

Part 2

The book, Life After Life, deals directly with mans greatest fear, or at the very least, his greatest unknown. This book may someday be looked upon as a steppingstone to further investigation into this most interesting subject. (Though the subject matter from this book had been written about prior to its publication in some journals they were considered of little scientific value. Dr. Moody gave the NDE, or near death experience, its first real legitimacy.) I honestly feel that the day will come when this book becomes a tool that will help many people deal with the fears and apprehension of either losing a loved one, or perhaps accepting their own mortality, resulting in a happier and more productive life experience.

I have two reasons for believing that this book can be a life changing piece of literature. One, this book helps to remove the mental block of an ultimate end: leaving us with the hope that there is a better place for which we should strive. And two, the book gives people some insight into themselves by helping to break through the wall of denial that always seems to shroud death making it possible to consider death with a more open and positive outlook.

This was the second time that I have read, Life After Life. And I was no less amazed this time around then I was the first time. Why does this book hold so much interest for me? Because I can closely relate many of my own experiences to the stories and experiences that are shared throughout the book. Many of my own are equally amazing though I admit to being a bit biased. And many of my experiences will have to wait for another day, but in my more youthful years these experiences caused me to do a fair amount of soul searching and research into the fields of both the paranormal and parapsychology. And even many years later I still hold a tremendous fascination in these fields.

However it was my mothers near death experience that draws me even closer to the subjects in this paper then anything that I have experienced personally. In the mid sixties she was in the hospital for a heart valve transplant operation. The operation itself went very well considering this was a very new procedure using a pigs heart valve that had only been done successfully a few times before this. In fact there had been only a few minor complications, much fewer then had been expected. But then ten days post-op, my mothers heart just stopped beating causing the hospital to call a full code blue to try and resuscitate her. The following is her story as best as I can remember it.

The next thing that I knew after hearing many buzzers and alarms go off, I was standing on the bank of a dark but peaceful river. Behind me was a wall of fire that I just knew was there, but I didnt turn around to look at it. It was right about then that I realized that I would never have to feel anymore pain ever again if I just took one step forward into that river. It was light on the other side, but I could feel that more than see it, and Im not really sure how to describe it in any other way. Then I started to think about my husband and my two boys and thats when I knew that I wasnt ready cross over yet. It was at that very instant that I found myself back in my hospital room with doctors and nurses frantically moving about.

Sixteen years later, my mother lay on her death bed. At one point, after she had coded three times already, I asked her if it hurt to much to stay? At this point she could no longer speak so she just shook her head, yes. Then I asked her if she had seen the river again? She only smiled. I told her the next time she saw it to go ahead and step in. And again, she smiled. About two hours later she crossed that river.

I know, without a doubt, that when I get to that river and cross it myself I will once again see my mother in perfect health with a smile on her face. And that is something that I find very reassuring.

Just recently my father told me something that I did not know about this whole episode apparently two psychiatrists documented my mothers experience before she was released from the hospital. I am going to try and see if I can get Georgetown University Hospital, which was the hospital she was at, to release that documentation to me. Im sure that there is a lot more in it than what I have stated here.

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By Bill Walker, 2011-07-21


An essay about the book, Life After Life, by Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D.


Bill Walker

Part 1

The book, Life after Life, strives to draw the attention and interest of the reader to the phenomenon of life after death and what, if anything may exist beyond physical death. Is there another plain of consciousness just beyond our veiled reality? Or, when we die, is it just lights out for all of eternity?

It does not matter what, religion, race, or social class you come from, we all share two common life elements. First, a biological birth, and second, an equally biological cease to all body functions, otherwise known as death. The book follows a wide range of beliefs, feelings, and practices. A few examples of these would be philosophy, psychology, theology, and medicine. But even when all of these beliefs and practices are combined the individual is left with little more then his or her own personal convictions when dealing with a subject as shrouded as death. This usually leaves the individual searching to find a social group or system of beliefs that he or she feels most comfortable with.

The author offers support, almost entirely through interviews, to the theory of life after life, but unfortunately very little factual evidence. (When this book was written the subject was so new that no one really had a clue of how to document this experience. Luckily, this is changing with many modern advances that have taken place since.) At several points throughout the book the author stresses that all of his information is second hand, and that there is little if any practical process for obtaining information on this subject, at this time. (Fortunately things have changed a great deal since then. This book was written in 1975.)

Dr Moodys most promising attempt of offering some basis to the theory of life after life comes near the end of the book. Here, he tries to expel some of the more common explanations for the near death phenomenon, by finding the weaknesses of these explanations. (Even decades later, these weaknesses are still debated throughout the medical establishment.) For example, one explanation states that the brain could be experiencing the effects of a lack of oxygen, thus causing the mind to create a hallucinated climax. However, in many of these cases there wasnt any physiological stress of the required type for this experience to take place. In other words, there was no lack of oxygen to the brain for the amount of time that it would take for this to occur. Another explanation given was that most of these patients were sick and hospitalized, and most likely on some sort of drug therapy program at the time of this experience. Once again, the hypothesis given was that this caused a hallucination or vivid dream. But, as before, when many of these patients charts were evaluated, many were not only, not taking any drugs known for hallucinogenic side effects, many werent on any drug therapy at all during their hospitalization. Dr. Moody then goes onto provide a very interesting, and in my opinion most convincing, set of parallels. One parallel of many from, The Bible, that may refer to life after death, and near death experiences is, Isaiah 26:19.

Thy dead shall live together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye shall dwell in dust for the earth shall cast out the dead.

In most of the cases studied those experiencing this phenomenon talked of first rising in the air while also hearing music that was comforting and yet almost foreign to them and being flooded with feelings of rejoice. And finally almost all of these people had feelings of no longer being of this earth.

What I personally find even more remarkable then the passages from, The Bible, were the similarities found in, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, a book that was written around the eighth century from beliefs that had been passed down from generation to generation of sages. This book describes a set of stages, including out of body travel by the soul, that are experienced after death. These stages have an almost uncanny similarity to the stages described to Dr. Moody from people who, almost certainly, had never read or even heard of such a book.

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