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An Open Letter to Any Who Care to Read (Pretty Short)

By: Bill Walker
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207_blogs.jpg?width=750THE AWAKENING

If I am a true empathic spirit, then a fair amount of that empathy goes towards all of you who share this little electronic space that we refer to as the Empath Community. It hurts me to read about all of the guilt being heaped on many of you by family, friends, as well as religious naysayers that have absolutely no room to talk. We were all blessed with an incredible range of spiritual experiences here on EC by the hand of a spectacular universe that believed that we had attained a level of understanding to be able to deal with a reality that many others are just not ready to accept or explore. You may be confused by the things that happen to you but you should also be very proud of the level you have achieved and dont let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

There is an awakening that is already taking place all around us and this awakening will continue to accelerate as humanity moves forward. And I truly believe that we are the chosen ones that will lead and teach about a new frontier of spiritual evolution to our own human race. The abilities that you have are not some grand mistake or misunderstanding of universal proportions. God meant for you to have these gifts because God knew that you were ready for them. And the realm that is just starting to open up to our race needs people who can face it with courage, empathy, and love, and I know for certain that every single one of you reading this has these qualities. It was no mistake that we found this site, and then each other, as we explore this fantastic new place that few if any humans have traveled before us. But over coming spiritual bigotry is not our only challenge.

As we walk this path many of you already know that it is not a piece of cake to be taken lightly. There are many of us who have already faced a dark energy, and if you havent yet, eventually you probably will. These dark energies are a part of our education as they exist in both our physical daily lives as well as our spiritual lives including our dreams. And our fear, or lack of fear, is either their greatest strength over us, or their eventual defeat. Quite simply we are the light that dark energy has revulsion for and fears and remember that you will never stand alone.

We should stand as one because we are the evolutionary future of our race. Be proud of what and who you are. You and I are the light and eventually the teachers blazing the path for all that will follow. It is our time!

Bill Walker
12/02/11 03:15:43PM @bill-walker:

Thanks you all, I'm glad to hear that you all found it inspiring!

Bill Walker
09/15/12 04:41:41PM @bill-walker:

Rise above the persecution Supernova.Many will try and challenge your beliefs do to a lack of understanding of what the reality of our universe really is. It's only fear of the unknown on their part, you're an advancing soul and you are ready to see and accept the truth. And I knew that about you, in particular, a year and a half ago when we first started having our little chats. And remember, for every truth that someone tries to destroy of yours, take another step higher. I'm glad you found this blog entry, and I hope others find it when ever the time is the most appropriate for them to experience it. And you're most welcome for the words, you took on a pretty difficult life experience in this go around and you are doing much better with it then I probably would have! Peace

Bill Walker
09/27/12 04:27:52PM @bill-walker:

Thank you Carrie! Ditto! :-)

12/10/13 07:28:49PM @tami:

And so this blog reappears when I need it. Interesting how this kind of thing keeps happening in my life. Thanks Bill for your words and insight. :)

Bill Walker
12/12/13 02:33:07PM @bill-walker:

You're welcome Tami!

12/13/13 09:30:37AM @dice:


Kristina Perez
04/05/15 03:00:24PM @kristina-perez:
The emptiness and loneliness is a little less felt now that I have found you all. I am still battling with the darkness but i have moved away from the source of negativity. I still struggle with my demons but since ive moved away, my '"separation", I feel im able to breathe now. My grandmother practices black magic. I know she has some kind of attachment on me. I remember rituals she would do on us as children but i never confronted or ever sought to ask her about it. When i confronted her about it she wouldnt stop blabbing nonsense. I ended her talk of nonsense when i said i know two of my uncles are dead for it and they are working on my father and i now. Im not perfect and ill probably see them in hell too. All i know is that the witchcraft ends with me. I have no kids but have nieces and a nephew who are mine or so i say. It was a full blown spiritual war after that day i told her i knew who was doing all this hurt and death and all for her selfish benefits. My nightmares on the nights that i feel more "sensative" are so horrible that i fear sleep. Because of my wrong doings in life the attacks are more powerful and it so hard to bring myself out if them. I know that my purpose in life is to help people come back to know our Creator and their true selves. Ive been through hell and i feel i am finding a way out. I am to return to hell and show others that there is a way out. Ive always known i was to be of service to others in any way i could. So im going to rehab soon to share my experience but also to help/show others the true Purpose and true Way. I just wish i could save my own blood from the darkness and from the disease of addiction. I wish all our hurts and silent pains would just cease. Its so draining. But Im thankful for another chance at life and this new strength in me that is not from me but from our Lord. Let me heal and put my pains aside to help and be of service to anyone God so chooses to be placed in my path. I go to battle once again with my demons but this time im letting God lead me to battle and i go in with the full armour of God. Our Creator is good and merciful. If i loose my battle which i sadly feel i will i hope i can reach out and get to them before i completely loose myself again. But I was given another chance when i was giving up. How can i refuse this gift that our Creator has bestowed upon me? Im filled with a new energy and strength that us ready for whatever lies ahead. Thanks for listening.

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