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By: Bill Walker
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I had a dream a couple of years back, and in this dream I was driving in my car when I came upon a piece of land that was for sale. I felt instantly drawn to this land so I turned onto the dirt and gravel driveway that led up a gentle slopping hill. As I slowly ascended this hill I noticed a small patch of trees about midway up and off to my right. When I was almost to the top I stopped the car and got out to take a look around.

I had this strange and uncanny feeling that the land and I were one even though I had never seen this land before and I also found myself drawn to that small patch of trees just below me. After a few moments of gazing at that spot I decided to get my camera out of my car and take a picture of that patch of trees that seemed to hold me in some kind of hypnotic trance. After snapping my picture I decided to take another one but this time I wanted to walk down and into the tiny grove of trees, which I did, and then turn around and take a picture looking back up the hillside. It was at this point that I had a sudden realization that I was, and this is kind of hard to explain, about to take a picture from inside of the first picture which I had somehow entered. And right after I took the picture I was aware of a shift in everything around me, it was like, not only standing in a three dimensional picture, I was suddenly part of a four dimensional living scene.

By now youre probably wondering what this all has to do with guides and why I know that I am a guide when Im in spirit and not living in the physical realm. But first I have a question for anyone who has read this far. When we are living our lives here in the two and three dimensional world of what we call our physical reality, wouldnt it also make sense that we would experience life from the other side of the coin, or fence, or in my case in this dream, from both the upper part of the hill, as well as the lower part?

As beings of both the physical and spirit the only way we could possibly experience life in a four dimensional world would be if we were all also guides when were not on the three dimensional physical plane. To put this another way, to be a guide at the next level is where you get to see a more complete picture of what life, love, struggle, and sacrifice, is all about. And I am certainly not implying here that guides are seeing the whole picture. I would imagine that only God can see and comprehend all of that. And were not even close. But this is where we truly get to see how hard the decisions in life are because when were guides we can see what a living physical person can not. We are aware of both the good and the bad possibilities and situations that may lie ahead depending on a thousand different outcomes. And this also helps us when we reincarnate into the next life experience. I guess the best way to say it, is that it is like living in a constantly changing loop where you are always making adjustments while improving your own soul as well as all of those souls that travel with you.

I do remember, even if it is a bit foggy, being a guide with all of the frustration, and ultimately, acceptance, that comes with knowing, as well as learning, that you did the best you could to help those spirits that you love while they are here in the physical. I remember it every time that I feel my guides trying to give me advice as to how to handle a difficult situation or even as they whisper thoughts to me as I write this to try and make it understandable. The only difference now is that Im on the physical life side of the loop where I can only see the first picture and not much ofthe second one.

I can tell you right now that if you think your life is difficult here in the physical, being a guide is several times harder, and much more complex, then anything the physical can ever throw at you. And personally I like the challenge of being a guide far more than I like life on the earth plane. But I also really appreciated it when those that I was guiding showed me that they loved me by accepting my advice and help when I whispered my thoughts and suggestions into their souls.

Finally, for those of you that find it hard to deal with life as an empathic person, I want you to think very hard about what you just read. I would imagine that you brought some of that guiding energy with you into this lifetime. And its probably very confusing to be able to see at least part of that four dimensional picture while your living your life in a three dimensional world. But you wouldnt have brought it with you if you werent ready. Maybe youre the ones leading the way towards a great shift in consciousness by closing that loop I spoke of into eternal life?

I have faith in all of you. You can handle this, lead the way!

Bill Walker
09/12/11 04:51:33PM @bill-walker:

Casandra, I do write fiction, so I can see where it probably does sound like it. I promise though that I did write this from the soul and not the story teller. I greatly appreciate your comments, and we all have a very long ways to go. :-)

PS. Keep working on your loop!

Bill Walker
09/12/11 05:46:54PM @bill-walker:
Sandy almost everything I write is to make people just think and consider what may be? And I'll bet you were a guide before. I can see it in the way you write as well as the content of your sharing spiritual nature. :-D
Bill Walker
09/17/11 04:27:26PM @bill-walker:
I wanted to add something here: How many times have you been reading, (Keep this thought in mind for future reading as well.) here in EC and saw someone refer to a most loved Grandparent or Great Uncle/Aunt and they state that they feel this past family member'spresence now as a guiding spirit? Now if that's true, and I know it is, why couldn't or shouldn't that be you someday?
Bill Walker
12/15/11 02:23:19PM @bill-walker:

Garry don't try and push this, it is happening at its own pace, a pace that is already appropriate for your growth and expansion into the high realms. We have an eternity to get this right so don't fret about the feelings of not being where you're supposed to be. And believe it, or not, you are as ordinary/normal as anyone else. I don't knowif you also read my blog, An open letter to EC members, but you might enjoy that one as wellas it also deals with the issues you are concerned about, and it's not nearly as long as this one. And finally, I'm glad that this helped, your story sounds a bit like mine in that I stopped pursuing my abilities when I got scared out of my mind by a few things, however eventually I came to understand and then not to fear these occurences and that's when I knew that I was ready to move on. Peace Garry! :-)