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A Letter From Mother Earth

By: Bill Walker
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Every once in a while I have a strange dream that makes me wonder just how far stretching and incredible our universe may actually be. In one instance I dreamt that a man walked up to me on a crowded sidewalk and handed me a letter while stating that it had been sent from a parallel universe and then just as I started to open it I woke up. Im still ticked off about that, I mean, just how often do you get a letter from another universe hand delivered? And then just a few nights ago I had a dream where our planet seemed to be having a conversation with me. I dont exactly remember much of the conversation but it did have something to do with how we as a race were treating her. I guess Ill just let the words flow and well see what happens.

Dear Mankind,

I really need for you all to start showing me some empathy because I am really very sick. And it should be no real secret as to who is the major cause of this illness. You were given freedom of choice by Father God and I honestly can not see where you have used your choices wisely. Lets just look at a few for instances. You fowl my very breath with the coal fired industry that belches its black soot for miles into my blue spirit and cloud filled skies. And you senselessly strip the lands of the lush blankets that nature has given you while leveling the hills and mountains for what you call profit. And then you slowly and painfully poison my veins and clog my arteries which provide the fresh water that flows in my creeks and rivers that all animals depend on daily to drink. But worst of all is the way you treat the very womb of your birth like it is your own personal cesspool to be dumped in and then forgotten.

There is a time of reckoning close at hand where karma like a raging tempest wind will take its revenge on all that show such disrespect. However, it is not too late to start listening to your hearts which is where my soul resides within you. If you change and learn how to be my partner I promise to once again share my abundant secrets and treasures with you and we will continue this journey to a place called heaven on earth. But if you do not..

Bill Walker
08/26/11 04:01:31PM @bill-walker:
Allie or anyone who wants to copy and paste this letter in a different forum is welcome to pass it on, in fact, I would be honored. Thanks for the comments, maybe we can make a difference.