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By: Bill Walker
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I have read many views about spirit and how we are somehow seperate from the one source (God). I have a hard time with this way of viewingour existence. We are notindividual spirits seperated from the one spirit, we are the spirit that floats inside of God. I look at our existence like we are the neurons that flow freely around and inside the mind of this great creator. We are Gods thoughts and not the thoughts of God that float freely outside in an unrelated universe. And yes, as we grow, and learn, and experience, so does this ultimate creator. We are all one, on different paths, within the same mind, or thought,space.

We are always allowed to make the same mistake over, and over, again, and again,until we find the answer that best suits are needs before we move on to the next challenge. We are only held accountable when we try toalter someone elses path in a way, or manner, that is not conduciveto the path that they are on. In other words, when we try to change, or control, their freedom of will. And even then, we are always forgiven, because the pathways that we travel on are such that we will eventually see, or find,truth. In the end, spirit truth can not be escaped, no matter how hard one might try to ignore it.

Everything, at least as far as I'm concerned, light and dark as well, is present inside this great expansethat we know by many names, but which all make up one great and magnificent spirit. And we are that spirit, it is our vessel to create within for-ever-more!

And we should never fear this creation that we are helping to expand.

Love, light, and peace.

Bill Walker
07/14/11 06:56:46PM @bill-walker:
We are all still learning, so don't struggle to hard Yvonne! (;-D