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Changing our world

By: Bill Walker
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I'm not sure if I am an empath in the true sense, or meaning, of the word. But I do know that I ama total empath when it comes to whales and dolphins. If anyone needed a place to start to change mans perceptions about the world that we share and live in then I would suggest watching, Whale Wars, which starts on Friday, June 3rd, on Animal Planet. It's a difficult show to watch, but thegrace and love of the people who are out putting their lives on the line to save these magnificient creatures is also uplifting in its own rite.

If the show is to difficult for you to watch then please consider supporting, TheSeaShepherd Organizationin,in any way that seems fitting to you even if that's just going and reading their webpage. Thank you and blessings to every single one of you on this site. You are all incredible beyond your wildest dreams, just wait and see!