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The Uninvited Shadow Dude/Dudet that came to visit!

By: Bill Walker
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The Shadow Dude/Dudet

When I was younger I never particularly liked being alone especially at night. It wasnt just that I was scared of the dark, it had more to do with the fact that I always felt like I was being watched by something that I could never quite explain. It was just always their, and I could never figure out where, their, exactly was. I still feel annoyingly watched now and again, but not as strongly as when I was a kid.

One night my parents went out leaving me home alone and I knew that they wouldnt be back until late. After going thru my usual house check to satisfy my own inner security and realizing that there wasnt anyone other then me in the house. I felt safe in going to bed. And as I recall, it didnt take long to fall asleep.

Im not sure how long I was asleep, but my eyes shot open with an instant recognition that something around me had changed. It only took a moment to determine that this disturbance was very close, in fact, it was in my room. I could hardly see as my room was mostly dark, but I knew without a doubt that something very dark and strong in spirit was now standing in the far corner of my room. I was instantly more then just a little frightened.

I was at, and out, my bedroom door in a flash. I was now in a hallway that led out to the front room. I fell backwards trying to get away from what I couldnt see but I knew it was following me. I literally crab walked backwards down the hall not wanting to turn my back on this entity. There was a light on in the front room and I felt somewhat safer as I moved into it, finally standing up but still facing the hallway as I got to the middle of the room.

And then one of the most terrifying experiences of my life took place, something that made me want to never have another paranormal event as long as I lived. A shadow started to block out the light behind the lamp that lit up the front room. And this shadow continued to fill in the entire wall area that I was staring at in front of me until the entire room started to go dark on all sides while the light was still very much on. It, whatever it was, scared the hell out of me.

I spent the rest of the night outside, only running in when a car would start to come down our street, and if it turned out to not be my parents, I would be right back outside. Finally, of course, they did come home and I made it to my bedroom before they got in not wanting to admit that I was terrified.

At first, I was still really scared, but my room felt much lighter and in a few moments I knew that whatever it was, it was gone. And I have never felt this entity again. And if I ever do feel it, I know Ill remember where I felt it before.

When I woke up the next morning I had a strange feeling that whatever it was it had not meant to scare me. It was more like just checking up on me, but I dont have a clue what or where this energy came from.

And, believe it or not because you would think otherwise, the dark has never bothered me nearly as much as it did before this experience. I guess I realized that sometimes it doesnt matter whether its light or dark there really is nowhere to hide.