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Empaths and Depression!

By: Bill Walker
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I have read many discussions where depression is discussed with regards to being empathic and absorbing the feelings of others in and around that persons life. Depression, like many things, can be caused by a multitude of both mental and physical stimuli.

As many people already know, alcohol is one of the worst ways of trying to deal with depression. When you first drink alcohol it acts like a stimulant, but soon becomes a depressant (within an hour or so)as it mixes with your own unique body chemistry. However this isn't the only depressant causing drug that many of us use from time to time.Would you believe that the pain killers known as nsaids, ibuprofen,celebrex, naproxen, can also cause depression? I know this one by experience. If I take any of these any more then twice a week I become very depressed.

Even allergies can cause a chemical reaction within the body that can cause adepressive reaction especially in the food allergy category. This means that it could be the simplest of things in your diet that could be causing depressive feelings.

As empaths you deserve to take the timeto explore all of the possible causes of depression before settling on a self diagnosis of shared negative energy with others around you. And I am certainly not saying that that isn't what is causing your depression, but it should be the last option left after checking everything else off the list first.

And finally, for those of you who have just had a baby, postpartum depression as a root cause for depression is a huge factor that should be discussed with your doctor as this can be an extremely dangerous form of depression for both you, and your ability to cope,and your baby!

Bill Walker
04/09/11 01:11:33PM @bill-walker:
I first posted this as a discussion and I am just not ready to give up on it, and let it fade into electronic history. Who knows, maybe someone a few years from nowwill come upon this as a blog, and it will send them in search of answers rather then hurting themselves for all the wrong reasons.
Bill Walker
04/09/11 04:42:51PM @bill-walker:
I really appreciate the comments coming in. I really just want people to explore all the options/causes before they decide this is an empath caused problem and feel that they have no other recourse but to end their life. And this fear comes from reading several posts that come pretty close to this assumption. Love ya all!