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Silent Moment (A very short poem)

By: Bill Walker
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Silent Moment

Oh little stray,
Eyes lifeless fur gray,
How could it come to pass that rolling fate would claim you as its prey?

A haunting scene as you lay listless against crushed rock and grass of green.
Forgotten so it seems,
by mans endless lust for power and speed.

One boundary too many you tried to cross,
not knowing that what lay ahead was a blacktop holocaust.

You came and went with little of your life spent.
Like many before,
And far too many more still to be sent.

Transcend these earthly bonds,
and journey to a safe place beyond the stars.

Farewell for now,
as my tears fall untethered.
Thank God this silent moment won't last forever!

Please have your pets spay or neutered.

Bill Walker
03/15/11 05:15:21PM @bill-walker:
Thank you Lucidamy! I'm not much of a poetry writer, but once in a while something comes out that even surprises me. And this actually came from a real experience. I guess I was truelly touched!