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Astral Projection

By: Bill Walker
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My very first experiences in the field of theparanormal started when I was around four and living in Rockville, MD. This is kind of hard to describe but I would find myself becoming subconsciously consciouse and walking down the hallway where I lived coming to a stop at the top of a flght of stairs. The first few times this happened I would either slip, or perhaps bepsychically pushed, and I would fall down the stairs. However, it was alwaysa gentle floatingdescent from top to bottom. This continued to happen on a very frequent basis until I got so used to it that I would just jump out when I reached the top of the stairs before being helped along. It was such a magnificient earthly releasethat I looked forward to it happening. And I was always sure that it was not just a dream, because if say there was something at the bottom of the stairs like a shoe or something else, I would see it as I floated down, and it would still be there in the morning when I got up.

I continue to astral project to this day. I can do it from a meditative state, but find it very difficult to maintain once I'm out. I guess I get nervous, or scared, and instantly flash back into my body. Usually, I find that I am out of bodyfrom a sleeping state, like when I was four. On these occasions I am much freer to roam but have little choice about where I'm going. I guess my subconscious has its own agenda.

If I had one wish, I wish that as a child,I would have had someone to mentor me. I feel like I lost so much of that psychicpart of me because either no one believed me or more often just snickered at my stories as if they were nothing more than make believe. I still have many experiences, but believe that I would have developed a certain amount of control if I had had a relative, or a Chip Coffey, to put these happenings into proper contex. Although I do believe that I have a spirit guide that helps in this area. I wonder sometimes if perhaps this giude is the one that pushed me on those very first astral flights? If so, I appreciate the help.

Finally, I recently found out that both of my grandfathers were Freemasons, sadly both passed away long before I could have confided this story,and otherexperiences that willfollow, and see what or how they would have reacted.

So now, it's up to you!