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THE LIGHT BETWEEN US by Laura Lynne Jackson (Book Review about a Medium)

By: Bill Walker
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560_blogs.jpg?width=750Ive read countless books concerning the paranormal, and in this case psychic mediums, and I dont think any book has grabbed my attention so completely as Laura Lynne Jacksons, The Light Between Us! Her style of writing grabs you and takes you right between the lines in a way that makes you feel as if you are having the psychic experience right along with her. In fact, and in a strange sort of way, it seems to awaken your own psychic abilities making her journey all that much more personal to you as well. The only other way that I can explain it, is if youve ever had any psychic experiences that are even remotely close to the ones she experienced in her life, they suddenly become alive and more relevant from your own past memories bringing new light and understanding to you, as your reading her words.

In my case, I had many psychic experiences as a child but as I got older these brushes with another dimension became fewer and much farther apart to the point where now they are just a rare flash of knowing from out of the universal core. However I did learn something that I had never considered until I read one line that Laura wrote: The best way to turn your psychic abilities on is to first learn how to turn your own ego off!

I strongly recommend reading this book if you have even a fleeting interest in the field of the paranormal. And remember; leave your ego at the front cover!

By Bill Walker