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NDE's & Consciousness

By: Bill Walker
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This is just a piece from Coast to Coast that I thought was worth reprinting here!

NDEs & Consciousness:

In the latter half, neurosurgeon for the last 25 years, including 15 years teaching at Harvard Medical School, Eben Alexander , M.D., discussed his transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE), and shared his work reconciling his experience with various religious traditions and current scientific research. "As the brain shuts down at the time of bodily death, our conscious awareness actually expands and is far greater that it [normally] is," he said, adding that a new scientific view that's taking hold is that the brain is not the creator of consciousness but a reducing valve or filter that limits the perception of a pre-existing consciousness that supports the entire universe.

Heaven is not a place in the physical universe-- up in the clouds or in the sky-- "it's right where we's much more real than this world is-- an intense ultra-reality that so many near-death experiencers report," he offered. Referencing Plato, Alexander noted that "all of our knowledge and uncovering and learning is just a remembering of what our souls know at some deep level," yet all of the consciousness in the universe is involved in a process of evolution and learning. It's been reported that between 15 and 25% of people who have been briefly clinically dead or near death, return with NDE-type memories, though Alexander believes the figure is actually much higher for people having profound experiences in these situations-- they may have just kept quiet about them, especially in the past.

10/09/14 10:09:36PM @inlanddan:

Hi Bill, I have noticed that very many people on here have had some kind of trauma or major health issues on here. I kind of feel that may contribute to some of our awakenings. It is like accessing the other 90+% part of the unused brain. I think somehow we can do this as we grow spiritually.

Dan : )

Bill Walker
10/10/14 12:31:06PM @bill-walker:

Thanks Dan, Yes, I agree!

Bill Walker
10/18/14 01:54:04PM @bill-walker:

I have also had a few experiences that are counter to what you wrote here Nyarlthotep and my faith tells me that you are mistaken, but everyone has a right to their own opinion. Have a great weekend!

10/18/14 09:53:15PM @inlanddan:

Hi Bill, as have I also.