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A True Ghost Story: And I'm the Ghost

By: Bill Walker
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I published this article in Fate Magazine in November 1996. Im writing the article just as it appeared back then. And I swear its all true!

I dont know exactly how long I had been asleep that winter night, but I suddenly became aware of my own racing heart as well as a release of heavy perspiration. I tried desperately to grasp at some kind of conscious reality, but this dark void had taken my sleep and I could not escape. The only real feeling my mind could absorb was that a part of me was, for some reason, terrified. But I wasnt at all sure of the source of my terror.

Then, just as suddenly as this had begun, it ended. I became aware of an incredible lightness to my body. I traveled toward my closed bedroom door. As I reached instinctively for the doorknob, I had the strangest sensation of passing right through the door. A great sense of urgency overcame me, preventing me from even trying to reason what was taking place.

I was now heading down the hallway past the bathroom toward my combination front room, dining room, and kitchen. As I moved forward, I noticed the smoke detector with its little red light ahead of me. What was unusual about this was my ability to see it without having to look up. That was when it first occurred to me that I might be having an out of body experience.

As I entered the front room the reason for my intense fear became strikingly apparent. Looking down I saw two older teenage males moving towards me. What happened next is very difficult to put into words. I had this feeling that someone, or something, from outside of me wanted me to will myself visible to these two intruders. I must have done this because their faces took on the appearance of both disbelief and horror. Only a moment passed before they bolted for the door to my apartment-with me in hot pursuit.

I saw them go out the door just before I had the sensation, once again, of passing right through it. I caught my last glimpse of them leaving the building. Then there was an intense flash, like a camera bulb going off in an otherwise dark room. Again, all that I was aware of for several moments-I really have no idea how long-was my heart beating faster then I could ever remember it beating before, and that my body was soaked in sweat.

After what seemed to be an incredibly long amount of time, I was able to calm my heartbeat and open my eyes. When I finally felt that I was in control, I checked the clock at my bedside. It was four A.M. I had gone to bed at about midnight.

At this point I was feeling very disoriented, to say the least, I decided to get up, which was not an easy chore, and check my apartment.

I might have been able to convince myself that I had had some kind of dream-except for one thing. When I got to the front door of my apartment, it was standing open several inches, caught on a fold in the carpet. That couldnt have happened unless someone was in an awfully big hurry to leave through a door that I know was closed when I went to bed.

Bill Walker

If you feel like reading one more very short blog entry on another site, Ive provided the link below. Its not a ghost story but I do have a gripe with facebook that I need to get off my chest.

Bill Walker
05/30/14 01:15:00PM @bill-walker:

Thank you DoorMA49. I've had quite a number of strange, wonderful, scary, different, kinds of experiences in my life like this one. That's kind of what attracted me to this site. Skeptics can make up as many excuses about this kind of thing as they like in their own deception of what the world of spirit is really all about, but I know it's all very, very, real!