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560_blogs.jpg?width=750Ive read countless books concerning the paranormal, and in this case psychic mediums, and I dont think any book has grabbed my attention so completely as Laura Lynne Jacksons, The Light Between Us! Her style of writing grabs you and takes you right between the lines in a way that makes you feel as if you are having the psychic experience right along with her. In fact, and in a strange sort of way, it seems to awaken your own psychic abilities making her journey all that much more personal to you as well. The only other way that I can explain it, is if youve ever had any psychic experiences that are even remotely close to the ones she experienced in her life, they suddenly become alive and more relevant from your own past memories bringing new light and understanding to you, as your reading her words.

In my case, I had many psychic experiences as a child but as I got older these brushes with another dimension became fewer and much farther apart to the point where now they are just a rare flash of knowing from out of the universal core. However I did learn something that I had never considered until I read one line that Laura wrote: The best way to turn your psychic abilities on is to first learn how to turn your own ego off!

I strongly recommend reading this book if you have even a fleeting interest in the field of the paranormal. And remember; leave your ego at the front cover!

By Bill Walker

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By Bill Walker, 2015-11-30

A soul is just a spark of Gods love and compassion but it is also a brand new universe that is currently under construction!

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Empathic Killer Whales

By Bill Walker, 2015-03-21

I have just released my very first novel, VISUS,which you can purchase by going to the Books by Empaths link, above this page. The cost is a mere $0.99 cents for an eBook copy. The story revolves around one whale in particular as he learns to accept and deal with hisawakening empathicabilities as he follows the silent calling of nature tothe ocean that holds all oceans.

If you get my book and read it please write a short review and post it on my Amazon book page as that really helps to push the book towards other readers who like similar kinds of stories. Thanks to everyone here on this site for all the years of help and understanding that you have provided to me. I love you all!

Bill Walker

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By Bill Walker, 2015-01-05

492_blogs.jpg?width=750 As we consider the universe, the multi verse, and things such as string theory, dark matter, and a big bang one starts to consider just how complex eternity really is when trying to understand it all as a whole. But I ask, are we really just deceiving ourselves when considering this enormity when really everything we know, think, and feel are actually just two different platforms working together simultaneously to create everything that exists? In short, are we humans trying to complicate something that really isnt all that complicated in the first place?

The way I see the universe is first being made up of a consciousness element that many consider to be the God element. This consciousness platform is where all creative knowledge is created but without the second platform, the energy element, there would be no blackboard on which to bring form to conscious thought where it can take the shape that we call reality. And if you believe this then you can start to see that every time you think in a contemplative and creative way, which is always what youre doing, you are adding your creative energy to an ever changing and evolving universe where there truly is no end and no beginning. And what of time, you may ask? Time is an illusion created by the layering of creations/consciousness thoughts, feelings, and emotions, or otherwise referred to as the Hall of Records or Akashic Record.

Even the Bibles Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost fit in with my explanation of everything. The Father God represents consciousness at its purest. The Son represents the creation in the physical of God himself, Jesus, into the physical or energy universe that we humans perceive throughout our lives. And The Holy Ghost represents all thought and emotion as it layers a never ending spiritual creative pathway back to the ultimate creator God. It is a triad that represents the circle of what we call life.

And finally, is there a real heaven? Of course there is, Heaven is the seat of all consciousness but you will never be able to prove that Heaven exists on the physical energy level. You simply cannot prove something that doesnt exist in that field. The only way to prove Heavens existence is through Faith. And to do that you only need to accept the reality of your own soul which will always be your connection back to consciousness state of God!

Bill Walker

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The Spiritual Side of Multiple Sclerosis

By Bill Walker, 2014-10-21

This is for everyone, and not just those individuals with a disease or disorder!

When I think about myself as an individual in this lifetime experience that I am currently having, I always have to separate my being into two unique pieces, which quite simply is a body and a soul. And strangely enough this is of great comfort to me when I start to think about my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. I understand that MS is a physical (body) ailment that has little to do with the soul part of my incarnation beyond being a lesson on learning compassion and love. Im sure that sounds like something that should be significant to my spiritual growth overall, which it is, but I take great comfort in knowing that on the day I cease to exist in the physical plane is also the day that MS ceases to be a part of my continued existence, simply stated if I learn my lessons well enough, I can move beyond Multiple Sclerosis and never have deal with it again as far as Im concerned.

Have you ever heard someone with MS or Parkinsons or Cancer or any devastating disease say that it was the best thing that ever happened to them before? I can assure you that you didnt hear it from me but I have come to understand what it is they are referring to when they make such a statement. After you can move yourself beyond the, why me phase, you start to see the world in a completely different manner. Its like coming out of a deep all encompassing fog where you can see the world with eyes that no longer tune out a deeper compassion for the human experience, in short, you learn to love on a much more profound level then you ever thought you could. It makes almost everything that most people worry about in life seem incredibly insignificant from that point on. And if it took my getting Multiple Sclerosis to learn that, then I have to consider the possibility, that though Im not really happy thats what it took, but perhaps it was worth the experience to achieve that overwhelming spiritual growth that is occurring with in.

And then it all starts to hit you just how petty most of what our race seems to think is important in this world. Its not about amassing great wealth, or having the biggest house, or the power to influence other peoples lives just because you can. Its ultimately about compassion, truth, and the willingness to help everyone else around you to find peace in their own existence.

And most of all, its about finding your own personal faith in who and what you are, and sharing that with everyone else!

Im dedicating this blog entry to a person that I didnt know all that well, but I wish I had. When I met her she was in the advance stages of Progressive MS and little did I know at the time that this would be almost prophetic since it was twenty years before my own MS diagnosis. She was one of the kindest and gentlest spirits that I have ever met never once complaining about the hardships of her own life which were extensive by any normal standards that most of us experience. However, she left behind a spirit of compassion that will be shared and passed on by each of her four sons, John, Steve, Bill, and Dave. She brought light of God into this world and it is only right that this light be shared by all!

Camille Marie Kelly

Born: 11/27/1932

Passed: 1/10/1995

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NDE's & Consciousness

By Bill Walker, 2014-10-09

This is just a piece from Coast to Coast that I thought was worth reprinting here!

NDEs & Consciousness:

In the latter half, neurosurgeon for the last 25 years, including 15 years teaching at Harvard Medical School, Eben Alexander , M.D., discussed his transcendental Near-Death Experience (NDE), and shared his work reconciling his experience with various religious traditions and current scientific research. "As the brain shuts down at the time of bodily death, our conscious awareness actually expands and is far greater that it [normally] is," he said, adding that a new scientific view that's taking hold is that the brain is not the creator of consciousness but a reducing valve or filter that limits the perception of a pre-existing consciousness that supports the entire universe.

Heaven is not a place in the physical universe-- up in the clouds or in the sky-- "it's right where we's much more real than this world is-- an intense ultra-reality that so many near-death experiencers report," he offered. Referencing Plato, Alexander noted that "all of our knowledge and uncovering and learning is just a remembering of what our souls know at some deep level," yet all of the consciousness in the universe is involved in a process of evolution and learning. It's been reported that between 15 and 25% of people who have been briefly clinically dead or near death, return with NDE-type memories, though Alexander believes the figure is actually much higher for people having profound experiences in these situations-- they may have just kept quiet about them, especially in the past.

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The link below will take you to one of my other blog sites where you can find my tribute to a great American comedian! Plus a bit of my story and depression. If you have thoughts, please feel free to leave them. Questions are also greatly appreciated! Love the World and it will love you back.

MS Depression and a Tribute to Robin William's

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A True Ghost Story: And I'm the Ghost

By Bill Walker, 2014-05-29

I published this article in Fate Magazine in November 1996. Im writing the article just as it appeared back then. And I swear its all true!

I dont know exactly how long I had been asleep that winter night, but I suddenly became aware of my own racing heart as well as a release of heavy perspiration. I tried desperately to grasp at some kind of conscious reality, but this dark void had taken my sleep and I could not escape. The only real feeling my mind could absorb was that a part of me was, for some reason, terrified. But I wasnt at all sure of the source of my terror.

Then, just as suddenly as this had begun, it ended. I became aware of an incredible lightness to my body. I traveled toward my closed bedroom door. As I reached instinctively for the doorknob, I had the strangest sensation of passing right through the door. A great sense of urgency overcame me, preventing me from even trying to reason what was taking place.

I was now heading down the hallway past the bathroom toward my combination front room, dining room, and kitchen. As I moved forward, I noticed the smoke detector with its little red light ahead of me. What was unusual about this was my ability to see it without having to look up. That was when it first occurred to me that I might be having an out of body experience.

As I entered the front room the reason for my intense fear became strikingly apparent. Looking down I saw two older teenage males moving towards me. What happened next is very difficult to put into words. I had this feeling that someone, or something, from outside of me wanted me to will myself visible to these two intruders. I must have done this because their faces took on the appearance of both disbelief and horror. Only a moment passed before they bolted for the door to my apartment-with me in hot pursuit.

I saw them go out the door just before I had the sensation, once again, of passing right through it. I caught my last glimpse of them leaving the building. Then there was an intense flash, like a camera bulb going off in an otherwise dark room. Again, all that I was aware of for several moments-I really have no idea how long-was my heart beating faster then I could ever remember it beating before, and that my body was soaked in sweat.

After what seemed to be an incredibly long amount of time, I was able to calm my heartbeat and open my eyes. When I finally felt that I was in control, I checked the clock at my bedside. It was four A.M. I had gone to bed at about midnight.

At this point I was feeling very disoriented, to say the least, I decided to get up, which was not an easy chore, and check my apartment.

I might have been able to convince myself that I had had some kind of dream-except for one thing. When I got to the front door of my apartment, it was standing open several inches, caught on a fold in the carpet. That couldnt have happened unless someone was in an awfully big hurry to leave through a door that I know was closed when I went to bed.

Bill Walker

If you feel like reading one more very short blog entry on another site, Ive provided the link below. Its not a ghost story but I do have a gripe with facebook that I need to get off my chest.

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