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I am new to this site as of a few hours. I have been Empathic my entire life and have told NO ONE!! I have been self medicating with alcohol for the last 2 yrs so I dont have to deal with this. I have chronic pain issues,severe depression, anxiety among other things. You already know them all. I am 50 and tired of denying all this. My grandmother, great grandmother, and my eldest son are Empathic. I dont want his to suffer as I have. Its so interesting to read all the questions and comments. I feel like I am reading the story of my life. I have beent he caretaker/counselor of the world my entire life! I have a sister who is a very unhappy person. She had an affair 15 yrs ago and I begged her not to tell me. As the worlds counselor she told me. I couldnt hold this secret/emotion. i confided in someone who I thought I could trust. The entire world found out. I cant get past what I did. It has severely effected my life for 15 years. I now realize it is all her negative energy that I continue to harbor. She has emotionally hurt me multiple times in my life. I can apologize a million times but why can she not. Why do I not expect that from her? How do I get past this. Way to much for me to handle. It is in my mind constantly. How could I have hurt someone so bad. Am I crazy or what. Therapists tell me just leave it in the past why can I not? Ok I will stop now. I welcome any advice!!

05/22/15 08:32:18AM @briarrose:

Just like some people are naturally positive/light (empaths), others are naturally negative. These people whether intentionally or unintentionally hurt us and drain us with their negative emotions and energy. It is not their nature to forgive, just like it is their nature to take and never give in return. Energy can only flow one way, positive to negative. It can never flow the other way. A negative person can never give back to you what you give to them. Nor do they want to. They feed off your light, that is why they are attracted to us. I am not sure what all happened with this person but stop blaming yourself for it. You apologized. If she can't get passed whatever it was then that is on her. Not you. You don't need to keep someone that negative in your life. Someone who hurts you and makes you feel guilty all the time. That will only continue to hurt you and drain you. Enough is enough.

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