how i found out I'm ampath and why

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I hope by posting hear it will stop me from posting on everyone's posts that's my issue.Like most I am unique from everyone I know till now.So in one month I had a lot of stuff pile up on me at once that maybe would not bother other people. #1 my marriage is not what I wish it was, things are a little shaky #2 my kid is pregnant and she is leaving her husband after 1 year. I love him and he is a good guy. #3 I find out my highschool sweet heart is dying #4 my father in law dies #5 a good friend looses her twin 17 yo son.If you have seen most of my posts this will be put to it all together in one spot, not in order cause of my ADD but hear goes. As a child I felt the world was against me. I got in trouble a lot mostly due to tatel tails lol but non the less I felt everyone was against me. I didn't like school and had few friends. I cried a lot when I was happy sad or over whelmed. Kind of odd so to mask that I developed a cocky aditude to mask it. I was an emotional person. I never got teassed about it or scolded by my folks but I noticed I was always crying when no one else was. So I just figured I'm just a sissy. I go through life like this till all this stuff builds up. Now I'm crying every day for a month. And I know why but don't understand why. My kids divorce is bad but there is nothing I can do father in law , people die again nothing I can do . All these things I can't change or help but still its eating me up. So I decided I need to go home to Maine and sort some things out so I did. I had a visit with my ex first time in 20+ years. I got information that I needed that showed me I couldn't help her out of a bad place in her life. Then I saw the friend that lost her son. She just happens to be an empath. We had a warm love n light hug and talked about her sons death and her past, my past and what I was going through. We parted and I stayed with my Gramps. He told me that at 90 he has an anyourriziam in his heart that if he falls down he will die. With him though I under stand with out Gram he is lonely and has lived a wonderful life and we all must go at some time, so I'm kind of ok with his situation. As I left Maine I cried all the way out of the state. Why home sick ? No I left Maine 20 years ago and really didn't look back yes I love it up there but I'm kind of a gypsy I drive a truck for a living cause 9 to 5 has not worked for me in the past. I get board with the same thing day after day I was a sailor and the sea is my life. So now I sail the concrete sea delivering goods across the land. Now a month later my friend sends me a message that says she is feeling that I have some quite specific things bothering me and she knocked it out of the park and said she was a bit of an empath. So I went back And reviewed all of our conversation and could not find anything that any one could pick up on that would lead them to say that so I gts empath. As I read I said to self that's me me again holy mother of Jesus then took a test bango I resonate with all of it. The not liking beef or chicken I thought was cause I was raised on deer meat and partridges the being one with nature I thought again was being from Maine but the being emotional I had no tied in. I think that's why I had such a connection with the woman who lost her son cause we are both empaths . I called on my sister and because I don't just believe every thing I read she said it's not crap that she also is a empath and that she felt like an odd ball all her life. She is the one sibling that I am the closest to out of the four of us so in not so short that is my story.I hope you all can look past my miss spellings and bad punctuation I didn't do that well in school with a the other people in class distracting me for 12 years of my life.I think if I didn't grow up in such a loving environment I would have horned in on this much earlier and been more of an intravert with no sense of humor or as cocky. Thanks for checking this out if you made it this far. And pass around the love and light.
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