The Unknown - Chapter 1

By: Arrivu
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[I'm going to start a series where I would be sharing my experiences with the unknown. The unknown could be paranormal, supernatural or weird stuff which can't be explained. I'll share them in non-chronological order. I'll try to give the date or year of when it happened.]

Date: 3rd December 2012; Time: Approximately 2am (after midnight)

Me and my wife stopped at the petrol station (gas station) to fill up petrol. As usual, I was trying to pay using my credit card at the kiosk while holding royalty card on the other hand. Strangely the kiosk gave strange response and I cancelled the transaction. I thought it could be due to my credit card chip couldn't be read properly. So, I took out a different credit card from my wallet to try again. I was holding it together with the royalty card. Suddenly, I felt as thou someone pushed my elbow and both the credit card and royalty card fell on the ground. I quickly bend down to get them, but strangely, I only found one card. The other card just vanished. I'm pretty sure both the cards fell at the same place. Furthermore, the petrol station is brightly lit. So, I saw exactly where they fell.

I was puzzled and tried to look around just in case I was wrong. The card just went missing, as thou it vanished into the thin air. I looked at all possible corner. There were no gaps or holes, so it's not possible it can just go missing. After some 10mins search, I just gave up and drove away from the station. My wife was sitting inside the car and she wondered what I was searching around and I told her what just happened.

Thank God, the card which went missing was the royalty card and not my credit card. Imagine if it was the credit card. Someone could have used it immediately online. The royalty card have accumulated quite some points, not sure I can get replacement for it or not.

What could have happened? The most probable explanation is it was nabbed by some sort of ghost/spirit/demon which works under human to steal other people's belongings. I have heard before stories, where certain thing goes missing and it was hidden by some supernatural forces.
In my country, Malaysia, it is a popular belief that this ghost/spirit/demon are known as 'toyol', (Wiki:Toyol). Whether it is a toyol or not, there definitely some sort of spirits/demon involved in it and it's most likely tasked to steal credit cards. I think I should warn my friends about this, perhaps post this story in Facebook.

Other less probable explanations I can think of are the card entered into a small dimensional rift and it was moved using apportation skill. What do you all think? Have any of you had similar experience?