2012 - The age of peace??

By: Arrivu
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I was reading a lot about Dec 2012 where the 2012 would be the age of peace and love. I have been thinking whether to share my thoughts about 2012 and finally decided to share it out.

I have learned and experienced many thing this year compared to any other year. I'm pretty sure it's the same for everyone else.

I just had this thoughts/feelings, about reaching the the age of peace and would like to share it out.

I hope I don't make anyone feel uncomfortable. If you do, please forgive me. You could disagree with me and I would love to hear your opinions.

The year 2012 definitely would have felt as one of the most difficult time especially for empaths (or all psychic in general), as they could feel disarrayed with unknown overflowing of emotion and energies. They also could feel their sensitivities increased a lot and couldn't control their abilities. Many of us are confused. Many of us could have been told that all this thing would lead to the promised time where a world of total peace would be achieved, most likely this December.

The age of peace is definitely very near, but it won't just come like miracle. Miracles do happen. We are one of the miracles to this world. For 'Order' to be achieved, this 'Chaotic' (there are still loves around) world need to feel a greater 'Chaos'. During this chaotic time, order will be instilled to create the 'Age of Peace and Love'. What is this greater chaos could be? I have no idea and do not wish to speculate. (Don't worry, it's not the end of the world.)

But, don't be afraid as God would never leave us without a solution to this. We are part of the solution. We need to do our part, realize our roles and help this world to escape the current chaos and the bigger chaos which would (or could) fall upon us. We need to prepare and be focused. The world needs us more than ever. We need to be the positive energy to thwart this chaotic time. Whoever you are, realize yourself, awaken yourself and let us all show love and spread the positive energy which have been locked within you. Unlock yourself.