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By: Armando
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1st blog nerves -lol-! It was June 19th when I stumbled upon and joined the EC. Since then, my life hasn't been the same! With the vast amounts of information on this site alone I was able to fit in SO many pieces of my "life puzzle". I learned that I wasn't alone and that it was ok to be feeling the things I was feeling. I learned how to be comfortable in MY SELF and in turn, I realized that I'm not as bad or broken as I thought! And somewhere along the way I even learned to love myself. "Be patient, be kind, and be gentle" are the words I learned helped heal Me. These are the collective words of many summed up into 3! I owe a dept of gratitude to those of you who have, in some way or another, contributed to these words and their true meaning. The countless hours and days spent reading YOUR words and reliving YOUR life experiences have healed me in ways some of you will never know. It's because of the People here that I stand before you with great pride as a Reiki Practicioner on my way to the ART/Master/Teacher program in 6 months. THAT'S RIGHT.... C-E-R-T-I-F-I-E-D! I'm going to give back and start my own practice (soon I hope). I do want to say to the many friends I've made here, "from the bottom of my heart, thank you and bless you all! It was because of you I was able to find my strength again and believe in myself. I'm out of the box and it feels GREAT!!". A special thank you to my Guardian Angel, Christine.. You're timing is impeccable and your advice..... Your advice was "WOW". What I needed to hear when I needed to hear it! You made me believe when I didn't believe in myself. You're nurturing compassion is something I've never felt before and I want you to know, it DOES make a difference. Not just in me, in others too! You are so precious to me my Friend and I hope to one day give back to you all that you've given to me... With that said, I love you ALL as one Spirit loves another Spirit.... Completely Open..............

I bow to you all

09/24/10 10:17:20PM @angel:
09/25/10 07:31:49AM @armando:
-warm smile- Thank you so much Ladies!@ Christine... You're right, lots of joy and, well "passion", is there any other way to be?! Hope everything's ok, txt/call me if you need to vent/talk?
09/27/10 04:19:39PM @armando:
Thanks Sandy B! I'm SUPER excited (my family was a lot more receptive then I gave them credit for). You're part of those "collective many" that have helped, whether ya realized it or not ;-) So thank you -hugs-