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My Awakening Came With A Spiritial Horse

By Angel.Light-Worker, 2017-02-14
My Awakening Came With A Spiritial Horse


    HI- New here- Or shall I say rejoined!

             I finally  had my awakening about a year ago. I have learned so much about who I really am, What I really can see, the places that I have been, and so much I really have learned.

        But best of all is my Horse- The end of what was my life , I didn't know that I would have ended up my Dr telling me I needed help with all my past issues.  But I never believed in shrinks.. My Dr. also knew I loved animal's -The happiest I am is in the woods, and I had been at a stable renting horses. So? I called my friend who rented horses and boarded them.

       When I got there I rode in the woods of 600 acres on a horse I always rented. When I returned to the stable, they were unloading this beautiful but very thin, sad, depressed horse. She was lead to the pasture. She had been in the Flood that happened in this state, and was left in a bard for 3 months,, he muscle tone was gone she could hardly walk, But the owner wanted to board her there. As I untacked the horse I had rented, I asked about the thin horse.. The girl told me she was going to leave her there, and see if she could find someone to buy her or lease her. Days went by, I found that going to the stable was my place of confort. I also had decided I would buy a horse of my own and board it there,,

           Then one day. I went into the pasture, The thin paint was where I was walking, she turned and look at me. I looked at her, and I felt this deep, emotional caring bond. I walked up to her, she stood there facing me- I looked deep into her eyes. There was a connection.. I had goose bumps all over me,, I shivered, and I put my hand out and she touched my had with her velvet nose.. There we were, Like in a trance- staring at each other, She pushed her head on my chest,, I stroked both sides of her head, neck and I cried,, I could feel her pain, he past trauma .  I felt a warm like sunlight around us..  I stood there for it seemed forever. I talked to her, I felt her heart beats, I turned around to walk back and talk to the lady that owned the stables.. She walked beside me. All the way back to the barn.

          I made arrangements to talk to the owner- She then sold her to me. That was a year ago in April. And from her I have learned so much. She understands me, I know, I know her every thought. But Hopefully you will see the pitcher I downloaded . Its taken in the woods where we ride. Its a spiritual cemetery , there a family of people buried there from the Revolutionary War.. Its fenced there, I get chills there, Its sad, but 2 weeks ago I rode her there, and a friend took this pitcher.. I was stunned when Saw how it came out- yet? I have other photos of angels around me at a place of Indian spiritual Grounds under a natural  spring water fall... Walking my dog..  I hope I get feed back if the pitcher of myself and Dolly turn out in the blog-- Thank You for reading...... "Stand In The Light"

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