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05/07/15 08:09:37AM @moderator-2:

Welcome to the EC!

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05/07/15 09:36:00AM @bing:

Hi Angela

Welcome to the EC. It is very nice to meet you.You are now among thousands of our kindand are no longer alone.Who you are is an empath and this is our oasis in this world.Here you can talk very openly about all that is on your mind knowing that you will always be treated with respect, kindness, compassion and, most importantly, LOVE. We are you; we are one.I also have a group here called Health Care providers that may interest you. You will find that almost all of us have had that "too sensitive" label put on us as we vibrate at a higher frequency than most "normal" people. Most of us find the company of animals, other empaths, and the spiritual realm preferable to the rest of the world. They don't get us because they don't FEEL the oneness of all.

I am including some links from the Library of Inspiration for you to enjoy. Just click on the titles and you will go right to the topics.

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Thriving as an Empath.

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11:11 / Lightworker

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Dolores Cannon

The following link is all about helping animals & others on a daily basis and costs you nothing other than 30 seconds each day. You can register for daily email reminders on the upper right hand side of the home page.

Change the World in 30 Seconds

Once again welcome to the EC. Welcome HOME.

Throw some love into the wind


05/07/15 09:37:54AM @bing:
Hi Angela It is a lot like you described, seeing color in a B & W world. Here you will see that there are many shades to this gift. Welcome to the EC. Welcome HOME.Throw some love into the wind.
05/07/15 01:35:53PM @angela2:
Thank you BingI do LOVE animals We have two cats now but my house has always been a safe house for the neighborhood strays It's always felt like they knew where to come when they needed a place to get food or a warm place to sleep. My daughter is actually the true animal empath I guess you could say. Since she was born they always felt safe around her and still do, the meanest dog on the block will let her pet him and other then his owner she's the only one I have ever seen touch him.....I am good with animals but I can't even wrap a calm ribbon around this dog He is a blank to meI have been able to get a pretty good handle on most people and pets (wild animals have uncontrolled ribbons and tend to not allow any manipulation and honestly I wouldn't want to mess with the natural flow of a wild animal, I believe my ribbons are the lights of chakras and if they are naturally flowing from what is needed and learned as instincts I wouldn't dare change that)Anyways I have ran across a few that are blank to me (not shielded that I believe I have shielded my daughter and it appears as a whitish transparent cloud like aura almost sorry hard to describe what something looks like into words) blank people are people I feel sickly around really nauseatedI have also started to notice there are many people walking around with branch like tubes from them (transparent some are clear some grey and some very dark and cloudy) the thick cloudy ones also make me feel sickI started to get a sense that these branches are ties or links maybe cords to people shared energy maybePossibly the grey ones could be to deceased loved onesI was starting to think maybe this is why people can't leave after they die We the living won't let them we have energy cords attaching ourselves to them and until we cut them and free them we hold their energyAny ways I am soooo rambling I know this is just the first time (you are the first real contact I have had that I could talk and not feel like I should be put into a rubber room)I have drawings I drew of these images I don't know how to post itI appreciate all your help and I know I am overloading thisThis is a little scary to meI feel like I have this HUGE purpose and I have to share or do somethingLike it's my reason for being born and I don't know how or where to begin I am a small town mom and no one around here is like this or would understandBut everything in side of me is telling me that it's my God given duty to share even if I don't understand it It's not about understanding it's about acceptingAnd I don't even know what that meansAnyways Thank you againSorry this is soooo much
05/11/15 09:09:56PM @dice:

Welcome Angela,

I am the stray magnet too. They find me as if I have a Welcome sign on the house. :)

Bill Walker
05/16/15 12:33:32PM @bill-walker:

Angela I suspect that we are all empathic to a certain extent, but I believe that many people subconsciously turn it off because they have a hard enough time dealing with their own lives to be also burdened with empathy. The more mature and experienced they become the more their empathic abilities will awaken. I believe from what you said above that you are truly an empath on an empathic journey.

Welcome to EC, enjoy your journey it will enlighten you I'm certain.

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