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Eva's Story (Spirit Crossing)

By: Angel
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Sometimes life takes us in directions that we would normally have gone ourselves. Sometimes it's fate, sometimes it's just the laws of nature, and sometimes it's unexplainable. The veil between the dead and the living are thinning as we near closer to Samhain. I know this is why the female has come to me. I can hear them more clearly right now, though they don't feel lost, simply needing to be heard, the exsistance recognized. When noone speaks to you or ignores you, slowly you begin to disappear, the soul just fades away.

I have been asking for signs for my natural life, the earthly realm, yet most of the signs point back to the spiritual and what I am called to do. Below are the cards I am pulling for today. I have no particular question or direction to go, I know my souls calls out what it is I desire to know and know I will be answered accordingly.

Hmm, I see a small room and a piano as I listen to my music. I'm not channeling my own memories but that of someone else. It feels peaceful, calm, like a release of the soul. She used to play piano. I can see her, young, content, sadness mixed with happiness. She walks the veil that separates the two. So easily to fall to one side or the other. But at the moment, the veil almost disappears and all are one. I am drawn to what it is that made her lost and I hear "isolation".

"It's not a full life, it's a fulfilling one that matters. You can fill it up with the riches, the finest things in the world, you can be surrounded by a million people and still be all alone. In my world I am free, but the cost is high. You desire what I desired and it brought me here, the path I walk now. I walked in my world and as the sun went down it got dark. The darker it got, the further I walked. The further I walked, the more lost I became. Soon my sanctuary became my hell and the darkness consumed me. Nothing bad happened, some call it a flaw in the soul. I wanted for nothing on that physical realm, yet I had nothing. My soul longed to be free and by seeking that freedom I became chained, bound by a reality that others could not see. I walked willingly, happily, but then the darkness came. I didn't understand where it came from. Out of nowhere it came. I searched for the moon, but can find no light. I searched for the day but dawn never arrived. Now I weep every day. I desired to be alone and found loneliness. I was loved and I loved back, with all my heart, yet darkness still came. I don't understand this, and I know you seek the same answers as I. You walk the veil between realities, as did I, how did this happen? How does a soul filled with so much light become so lost? " the spirit asks.

I don't know, is all I can say. All I can say is the somewhere along the way the dreams died and the world that was created disappeared. Close your eyes and listen. Can you hear the music? You did not see the music, your heard it and felt it. You became one with it. It wasn't something that came from this world, it is something that came from within. It wasn't the reality that you created in your world that made you become lost, it was when the music changed is when your reality changed. Think back to when the music changed, for the music is a reflection of your soul.

I can see her closing her eyes. "

It became slower, sadder. I lost my mother and then my husband. Soon my children began to leave, moved away and I was all alone. All I had left was my music. A got arthritis and I wasn't able to play. My heart was so heavy, it hurt to play because it reminded me of the happy times. I would Christmas songs during the holidays and everyone would gather around the piano and we would sing together. This was the happiest times of my life. But when everyone left, my soul began to die and all I had left was my music, but it wasn't the same. I tried to play but it wouldn't come out the same. I just wanted to die. Then one day, something changed. Charlie came to visit me in my sleep. He said I was my most beautiful when I played for him. I radiated, I glowed which made me want to play more. I woke up with a new outlook, like my soul was revived. So I got up, sat up straight on my bench, ready to play . I held my fingers up and curled them and they began to hurt. But nothing was going to stop me, so through the pain, i played, and it sounded like a child banging on the keys for the first time. For a child, it is music to a mothers ears, for a someone who has played all their life, it was loud, annoying, clatter. And I sat there, and my heart sank. I couldn't do it. Charlie wanted so bad for me to play and I could still feel him there waiting, and then this happened. Charlie left that day and never came back and I know it's my fault. I spent the rest of my time just sitting in my chair. Things began to get dark. I went to sleep one night and I have been here since. All he asked for was one song. Just one song and I couldn't do it and he left and I haven't felt him since. And it's all because I failed him."

Close your eyes, I say. Can you hear the music?

No. It's no use, the music is gone.

I close my eyes and hear the music the song is playing. I allow the music to fill me. Listen closely I tell her. Can you hear it now?

I can hear it, it's almost hypnotizing. Where is it coming from?

"Follow it" I tell her.

"Things are getting lighter. This is the place I last saw. The sun rising from behind the mountain. The meadow. The music is getting louder. Is that Charlie? That man ahead, is that my Charlie?"

I can see them running towards each other. They embrace and disappear.

wow! I remembering for a short moment, which I do alot is a feeling of this being unreal. But I pulled an Angel Card and got the Victory card. I also feel a sense of lightness. I can also feel "heaven", I can feel that light energy, I feel stregnth, power, love. It's a pretty amazing feeling. So why do souls get lost? I think it's because for whatever they are going through, they won't allow their souls to be free enough to let go. When desire becomes stronger then our current emotion, that is when things begin to change.

This wasn't what I expected for a blog, but then again, it usually never is. This is my world, the world of a Medium.

Nocturne's Angel
10/21/13 01:51:20PM @nocturnes-angel:

Thank You for posting this Angel :)

Thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do, not everyone who has the Ability/Gift, actually cares enough about each Spirit to make sure that the Spirit is Crossed Over or Cared For(You Do); You are a Truly Special Person.

You have me crying (good tears).

Love You Very Much, (Heart Huggs)