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I had a couple of past life readings today that answered some questions of my past, and was great, but it also lead me down to thinking about my future. I went back to my newest blogger account that I started back in June and it was interesting because I blogged about the stir within. To go back to my roots and start with my basic teachings, more meditation and just connection. I was in dire need of change and change came. Wasn't really sure it was the change I was looking for but it was a journey that made me realize that it's time I take a seriously good look at my life and what it is I truly desire.

Change started in July came and our landlord gave us notice. He had some personal problems and he and his family had to move back into their old house which was the house we were living in. Money was extremely tight and we didn't have the money to move, but the universe always supplies. Out of nowhere my oldest got a check and gave us most of it to move. My husband started a 6 week intensive program and they were so good to him. It was literally a life changing event that he really needed. Then August came and it was time for him to cut down on his meds. The withdrawals were really bad. School started a week before he finished the program and we still needed a place to move. Within a week I lost my job and we had no prospects for a home, school just started and life was hell. I cast a spell and said a prayer and later that week they brought me back to my job. The next week we applied for a rental and got it. We moved yesterday and now we are in our new home. During the time I lost my job it was like a blank canvass. I had a couple of interviews but I had also decided to go back on Oranum and do readings. I was worried because I felt so disconnected and then out of nowhere, I started doing readings here and in the midst of the most stress, I was so connected. My job called me to come back and I took it because even though this is another change I need, I'm felt like I had to go back for now. But I realized that this isn't what I want to do. I want to do readings, I want to help people and I know I am destined for more.

When I had my readings today, I realized again that it's time to make a choice. I know I will never be able to control fate, but it is time to take the reigns of my destined path and actually do something with it. And that feeling came back. When I started doing those readings it woke up something deep within my soul and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I can really do this. The change I am seeking isn't just external but internal. This chapter in my life is finally coming to close and it's time to start transitioning into what I am destined to do. I'm bound by my comfort zone and my fear yet that stir is calling me to soar. To fly. I didn;t think I could do it before but when I lost my job I realized something, I realized that not even my job is secure. They can let me go whenever they want and for any reason. I was taken out of my comfort zone so I would realize that nothing is ever set in stone. Not even the most secure job is secure, so why not do what I want to do? If my last excuse was security, then that just got ripped away.

I had to take a good hard look at not only my career but who I am and the type of person I want to be. Who I'm destined to be. Now that we have moved, it's time for me to start really working towards this. I don't feel safe and secure anymore and I'm not supposed to because if I did, then I wouldn't be where I am at now. I asked for change and our world was turned up-side down but I have no doubt this will change our lives and I honestly feel fate is pushing me on to me destined path.

08/31/13 06:19:32AM @retrogirl:
HI Angel,
08/31/13 06:27:29AM @retrogirl:
Ok, let's try that again! Ning seems to be a little messed up today.Hi Angel,I believe the new energy from the 2012 transition will help you with your transition as well. In the past, you could do something even if you hated it, and be successful with it. Now, the energy you put into things is tantamount. If you do something just for the money, it'll backfire & slap you in the face, probably wind up in debt! But, if you do something out of love, it will expand & multiply in ways that just weren't possible before. It's really important to stay in the moment. Keeping your energy inspired, creative, and present will always lead you in the right direction. Planning for the future is no longer where it's at.
09/01/13 10:53:02AM @eliselebeau:

Ahahahaha, i was gonna say exactly what Star said! She saved me the effort of typing it lol.

Which ever direction it takes you, know that you are loved here. We are extremely blessed at have you, not only as a member but also as one who has showed over and over again that she cared about people and can really make a difference with her readings.

You ARE an angel :)

09/03/13 10:12:20AM @angel:

Thank you so much to each of you for all of your love and support. It's truly helped me during this transition.

Things are settling in nicely . We are still unpacking but everything is falling into place nicely. I have a 4 day weekend coming up and this will give us time to unpack.

I'm considering on apply to be a reader but I want to wait a few more weeks until everything is settled.

I also want to respond to each of you individually and will be able to do that in a couple of days when I am off, but I wanted to thank you again for all your loving words and support. (((((hugs))))