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Spirit Crossing 2/13/2012

By: Angel
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  • Tonight I was asked to cross over spirits. I often do it once or twice a month and in my meditation this morning was asked to make it tonight. We have a pretty fool-proof and awsome system going on.

    Looking hindsight, at the first spirit I encountered as a 5 year old, I was already trying to cross over spirits. I remember looking at him and then looking towards heaven, encouraging him to go. That's when he showed me his version of what heaven would be like and all hell broke loose, literally. But that's another story. But I was thinking about that the other night. This is one of my purposes and all of the lessons I have learned from the past has brought me to this point now. My method is very different then most because I did learn from an early age on how dangerous the spirit realm can actually be. After years of panic attacks and physical attacks, I learned some of the most common sense things, and it all boils down to energy. In order to call upon the light, I had to know the light, I had to merge with this light, become one with it. I had to learn what it truly means to be of the light. Even if I am not always that connected, at that very moment, it's essential.

    Through trial and error and watching others do the same thing, I realized that confrontation, with good intentions or not are pure energy. Often when we confront the dark, our fears often turn into anger, domination, a pissing contest if you will. Many people use the authority of the Divine, but love is the key. In order for me to learn to love, I had to first learn to accept what I fear and to shed light upon it, not fight it or supress it. This is often done with the spiritual realm and the veils between light and dark become clouded, confusing and dangerous. Often it is our emotions that are fed upon. When we give this energy to the darker entity, the feed off of it like candy. But when we are so engulfed in the light and our focus is soley on love and help for that person, we shine that light into the dark and the shadows move away. No confrontation, no harrassment and the goal is achieved.

    The method that was actually shown to me by the Divine is actually a very controlled setting because the biggest problem I had was the darker and more malisious entities not wanting to loose those souls. It's like a mixed drink, a little bit of lost, a little bit of more malious eneties, shadows, all of it. And this is when attacks happen most often. I didn't realize my sensativity until I went to that one church where the field was filled with all of them and it felt like a mess, like people asking to be attacked. Now I'm saying this is the only way or the best way, it's just best for me and may help someone else who may have the same problem I did. But basically, the first thing I do is open and secure my circle. I do a cleansing of myself and then I do it for everyone in my house including the animals after securing the home with a very strong protective shield. Once everything is cleansed and secured, I envision a lit path. There are two veils, one to the light and the one they enter through. I keep the veils closed and then cleanse the path and add a strong protective shield around it. I ask the Archangels to come and protect the enterance from anyone who is not ready to cross over or who wasn't guided by the Divine. Then I have more angels protecting the entire path. Some are there to protect, some to help welcome and guide them down the path or to simply minister to them. Once this is set and secured, I open the veil to the light and ask Jesus to stand at the entrance. The path now become flooded with love and light as I continue to balance the flow of energy as well. At this point my energy has merged with the light energy or God's love and light that we are like a gigantic beacon. It is so peaceful that my animals don't even freak out anymore. Once this is set, I tell them that the only one's allowed down this path are the one's ready to cross over. They must stay on the path and are not allowed to veer from it or to bother anyone here. There are some that will say a few word to me, which is great, but these controls are set to protect everyone. So I open the veil on that end and then they come through. At this point most have already released their baggage and are simply ready. There are usually a few who are ready but fearthey may not be worthy or feel that Jesus would not forgive them. This happend to me twice tonoght. I told them if they have forgiven themselves, then Jesus will also forgive them. Some were even pets. I tell them that this path is protected and they are welcome to come through to go to the light. I have had a couple who have changed their minds and went back. But I know that when they are ready, they will go at their own time. The Angels always tell me when to close the veil on the other side and so I do.I place a lock and the door is sealed shut. Then they will continue through until they cross over.

    Tonight was purely amazing. There were so many of them. I watched as loved one's already crossed over met them on the path and guided them through. One was a homeless man and his dog came and met him on the path. That was it, he had to have been the happiest man on the planet. Sisters and brother, loved one's who died in combat, widows, children, orphans. There was one little boy looking for his mother. I told him his mother wasn't here yet. He said that his mother told him to go to Jesus, so I pointed to where Jesus was standing and the kid took off and ran right up to him. He stood by him the entire time. There were many orphans that came through. They appeared to be from an orphanage. Angels took their hands and guided them to Jesus as well and they all stood next to him at the entrance, hand in hand. And then I saw the most beautiful thing, many of the families that came to meet their loved and walked to the light, started taking the children as if they were adopted parents and families. One here, two, three there, until the children were gone. Those who had noone were now taken in my other people who would love and care for them, bringing them into their soul family. It was so amazing.

    Grampa's message:

    My grandfather arrived. It was actually quite interesting to see him since I wasn't sure he would be ready to cross over. He wanted me to give a message to my family. He wanted to say he was sorry for all the things he did. He grew up in Germany during a time where strict house rules were in force and abuse was a common thing. As he got older and took a wife, started having children, he passed on what he learned. He also became an alcoholic and abused his wife and his kids. Because of the type of man he was, most of the family hated him. His wife also left him after the kids were grown. When he came to me he was so ashamed of what he did. He wasn't sure if he would be forgiven. He was the one I told, "if you can forgive yourself, Jesus will forgive you to". He was so determined to come back and do it right the next time. He wanted to make it up to the family and vowed to come back as a new man. There was so much love in his heart at that moment. I never realized how much he really loved my grandmother until that moment. He said that she was his life and he died inside when she left. I felt that, but there such a determination about his energy and the conviction in his words. A family member of mine will have a baby boy soon. He plans to reincarnate into this child and make up for every thing he did wrong in his life. He wants to be able to show them how much he truly loved each and every one of us. I put a blessing around, one that will be carried for his next incarnation. He told me that the family "curse" was fear. Fear was his demon and that of the family. He told me I was very brave to do this and to free myself of the fear. He told me he loved me very much and then went up to Jesus. Jesus took him in his arms and my grandfather cried so hard. Jesus pointed towards the light and said "Welcome" and my grandfather walked in a new man.There was a bright glow around him. He was finally free.

    Ester's Message:

    Ester is someone I met many years ago at church. Everyone practically worshipped the ground she walked on. She seemed to be so close to Jesus it was like she had her own phone line to God. Practically every woman in my singles group wanted to be just like her. I knew something was off, but I could never pin-point it. At that point, I didn't pay much attention to my intuition. But I saw a pattern in her that I should have picked up but never did. On her 21st birthday, she commited suicide. I felt so guilty, I should have seen it sonner. I later found out that all of the family suffered with severe depression and abuse while growing up. She had come to me a few months ago. She started walking down the path and then disappeared. I didn't think she crossed over. I knew how tortured she was and it saddened me that she was so close but changed her mind. She came again tonight. She also asked if there was room for forgiveness, to me, to her family, to Jesus. She knew the people she hurt but explained that she was trapped in her own self misery that she couldn't love anyone, least of all herself. All she wanted was to be free and this is why she did it. However, it took her 16 years to work through the guilt and the pain. Mostly the guilt of what she had done. God had given her life and yet she took it away. She didn't want the life that was given. Now Jesus was standing before her and she wasn't sure if he would accept her apology. I told her that we all forgived her and to forgive me as well. Her message is now that she had found love, she is able to love all of those she left behind in a way that she couldn't before. She wanted everyone to know that she is now happy, the happiest she had ever been and has vowed to come and guide everyone, including myself. I told her I could use all the advice I could get. She kissed me on the left cheek and went towards Jesus. He had his arms open and like a small child she literally jumped right into the. Tears of joy ran down her face. She took his hand and looked at me one last time. Her smile was so radient.

    She was the last.

    I closed the veil and decided to talk to the Divine myself. Thanked them for their help and for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful thing. I bowed before them and told them that I was happy and willing to serve however I can. At that moment, I saw the shacles on my arms fall off. And then the shackles on my legs also fell off and disappeared. I was told that this is why my job was so important. This is what it means to be a medium. We are the middle ground of both light and dark, the are the medium, the bridge between light and dark.

    I recleansed the path as well as my house and the family and pets, and drew in more Divine light and energy into the home. Our house is so peaceful right now. Filled with so much love and peace.

    Anyway's this was such an amazing experience I thought I would share it. Thank you for reading. Blessed Be.