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I Got Robbed :(

By: Angel
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ok, so today is the 11=11=11, the day of spiritual enlightenment where the vortexes open up and releasing enlightenment to all the children of the divine. But today, I felt NOTHING! I wasn't happy or sad, angry or happy, just kind of "just here". Considering I am only a couple of hours from the vortex's in sedona, which was probably packed, you think I would have gotten something,lol. I don't know, today was actually quite uneventful, but then again, in my household, that is a good thing. The good part about today is that I haven't had any spiritual activity either.

Hmmm, maybe that is my gift from the universe.. a day off from the paranormal :) If that's the case, I'll take it! lol.

11/12/11 12:24:15PM @angel:

hmm, I love the way you two think! It was a blessing to not have to feel anything yesterday, definetly a nice break!!

Thanks ((hugs))