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The Mystics Path - Part 2

By: Angel
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The morning meditations and open circle the past few days have been proven to be one of the most sacred and enlightening moments I have had since beginning this path. I feel more grounded, more peaceful and more spiritual, but it also feels as if it comes at a price. How could anyone ever think that this type of spirituality could ever come at a cost? By leaving the hardship and pain behind I feel as if I am leaving those who must still endure this pain and suffering, as if I have been granted a free pass and not really quite sure I am ready to use it. The path of the mystic is a sacred path in search of the divine, all that is wholesome and pure, yet I fear of loosing a piece of my self, my humanity. Yet, I must continue down this path in hopes that my fears will subside and realize that the shadows aren't as dark as they seem and that in order to have light, we must first walk through the shadows of our impurities and imperfection. Maybe by some chance it's the lack of perfection that makes us perfect after all.
I opened my sacred circle this morning. I decided to take the silent advice of the Guru on Youtube and find my own flow of energy. So raising my hands towards the sky, I embraced the energy of the divine. With heart wide open, my entire being was envoloped in the beautiful sacred energy of love, healing and light. A small light shaped like a small ball spirled down and found it's place inside the depths of my soul. I drew my hands down towards my core in a praying position, aligning my intentions with the energy and sealing it deep within.
As a gardener tends it's precious crops, I sowed that seed and soon it began grow. As within , so without. The circle became larger and larger created a protective bubble around my home and family.
In my sacred space, I once again communed with the Divine. I was taken to a forested area, a sacred path in between two mountains. Not the same place as the place before, this place appeared more ominous, yet magickal. Heavy fog covered the path ahead, fealessly I continued to walk forward. Soon two angels joined me, one on each side. Their light illuminated the darkness. I was told to stop for just a few moments and to will the fog to part and dissapaite, and so I did. I willed the sun to shine through the mist and soon the mist disappeared. I was told that I was powerful, more powerful than I realized. I asked how that could be, for that power was not my power, but the power of the Divine flowing through me. I was told that I am a child of the Divine and that the power was given to me. Soon I was cloaked in a beautiful robe and crowned with gold and beautiful gems. I didn't feel comfortable, unworthy to wear such things. I didn't want this, I wanted to be clothed in clothing that was simple, clothing that would allow me to walk amoung others without notice. So my magnificent robe and crown was turned into a simple cloak and headpiece with a small crystal hanging down my forehead. It was explained to me that we were one, we were ALL one, and all the forces above are given to me for help those of us below.
I was then joined by my husband and children who also glowed in the glorious light. We are family, we are one among millions of others. We hold the powers of the heavens because we are one with the Divine. We pass this torch along and those who accept are also given this power, and the circle continues. This power is within us because we are all connected with one another and with the Divine. The most precious and sacred gift we could ever be given is that sacred connection to all living things.
I don't know where this journey will lead to tomarrow, but the sacred path of the mystics is the realization that all the mystical and magickal things that we seek are already within us.