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The Mystics Path- Part 1

By: Angel
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The Mystics Path 1

My husband and I have made the conscious choice to do a type of daily morning ritual. I know this should be a given for most people, but I have come to realize that it is not just a daily routine, but a spiritual lifestyle to help us connect to God in our own ways.
My husband routine consists of cleansing the house with sage. He has the gift of healing and when he is finished, the energy of where he cleans is so pure and safe. It's so beautiful it would tears to the hardest of hearts.
My routine is different and consists of opening a circle every morning. I have spent a lifetime tapping into my own abilites and have spent the last 8 years figuring out what they are and who I am. It has been a tough journey for it seemed the more knowledge I gained, the more confused I became. I replaced faith with understanding . I have also realized the knowledge in all of it's glory has both a balance of light and dark, as with all things.
I'm coming back to my roots now. I'm remembering who I am through the help of the Divine. The Mystic's Path is a recount of the things I have learned and experienced in my circle to help me remember in times that I may forget. I'm still making adjustments based on intention. At this point my intention is to draw in the light and reconnect with the Divine and my higher self as some would call it.
I will begin with the lesson from yesterday and come back later for today. Yesterday I began to work out the basics of my morning ritual that begins with adding motion to intention. I started with some basic yoga moves and have spent quite a few hours trying to organize it. What I learned is that the soul longs to be free and organization for me means to follow the flow of my own energy and my own heart. This was accomplished through putting on a youtube video of an Indian Guru conducting the Sun Salutations. I watched with his intentions and convictions and desired to be able to do that my self. I noticed how the energy just flowed without conscious thought as he allowed his own spirit to take over. This was my intention at the moment, yet I failed miserably. Why? Because I was trying to follow the flow of his energy instead of listening to my own. So I sat quietly and began to connect on my own.
I sat cross legged and envisioned a circle of white sparkles surrounding my. The flow felt unstable. While asking for help I was shown a picture of a bowel and some water in it and instructed to place my finger in it. As I dis this, i moved my finger clockwise to the flow I desired. The energy around me began to follow immediately and it became free flowing yet strong. I envisioned this circle moving around and outward, stretching further and further out until it covered my entire home and property. My circle was set.
I then began to visualize a large green field with two mountains on both sides and a small path that led to ocean. I saw a lonesome tree asked why I was seeing this. Suddenly, the area I was sitting on, my body began to grow roots that traveled deep within the earth. My body began to transform upwards as the middle became the trunk. With arms stretched outward, they began full, beautiful and lush branches. A cool breeze began to flow as I swayed to the rythem of the air. The sun was warm and welcoming and nourished me. Suddenly a small creek appeared next to me and quenched my thirst. Soon the transformation was complete and I transformed into the tree with each of the elements supplying my needs. I felt complete, grounded and stable.
I asked if I would always be like this, for my soul always longs for different things at different times. I was asked to take a step forward and I began to transform back into my self with the energy of the tree and all that came with it at that moment. It was now a part of me. So I envaioned a Raven and began to transform once again. I took flight and freely soared through the air. I flew gracefully across the water and above the mountains until I found a place on the very top of a mountain. The view was spectacular. As I planted my feet on the ground, I was again transformed back into myself, taking with me all that was me as the Raven. I stayed there for quite some time. It was gently explained to me that power of energy and projection. That we transform our energy in many different ways, and even though we will never always stay in one sacred place inside or another, we bring these things with us and we can come back always, for it travels with us. We are all one, above and below.
I was shown one last thing. I was standing on a cliff next to the ocean. The clouds were becoming dark and ominous. I began to become afraid. I was guided to envision the circle of energy around me. So I closed my eyes and invioned a circle of peace, love and protection. The energy was strong yet gentle. I focused my attention solely on this circle. I could see the storm approaching quickly, tital waves crashing up against the rocks I was standing on. I kneeled and focused on the circle and the sacred space I had created. Though I was afraid, I knew this circle would protect me. I looked around and a tital wave came crashing above me and water flooded the area around me. I was completly under this wave, yet not one drop of water entered my circle. I was safe and protected. Finally the water receeded and the storm ended. The sun began to shine and I arose. It was explained to me that we can not always control the the things around us, and some things will make us afraid, however, that sacred spot within when projected outward will protect us from those storms of life. No matter how difficult the storm, we are loved and safe.
By the time my meditation was over, I found the basics of my own morning routine which I will explain in my next entry.