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Crossing Over Spirits..My Way

By: Angel
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Today has been an interesting day. One filled with so much spiritual knowledge and so much.. words can't even describe this so I will do the best that I can.
I guess it started off as a typical day. We went thrift store shopping, being that I have been a real stickler for paying full price for anything,lol. Most of this has to do with having 3 children, well two smaller children, being that my oldest is grown now and doesn't ruin anything anymore, plus a dog and 2 cats. I learned the hard way that it;s just not worth it. Being broke most of my life and having juice stains and paw prints on even the old stuff, makes me feel blessed that I have saved the extra money. So we spent the day shopping through different stores. I was in the fitting room and heard a male voice behind me. This is nothing new to me since paranormal activity has become normal to al of us now. So I politely , ok maybe not that politely, asked him for some privacy and he left. Sheesh, just because they can float through doors and walls doesn't mean they should! They need to make up some rules and morals for these spirits,lol.
So they continued on and I logged into my work site. I felt drawn to a particular psychic who was new. Immedietly I picked up on and older male and sure enough, the girl she was reading, her father passed away.
I went into another room, and before the lady said anything about what happend to her child, I picked up on a child spirit and knew that he had passed away. This was confirmed about 5 minutes later. This is only the most recent of the activity that has been going on here.
I know that I have been pushing back my responsibilites as a medium, but after years of running away from this gift you would think that the spirits would quite coming, but they don't. I can feel their desperation for help, yet I have been pushing them away. Not helping them. I'm still trying to figure out why I do this. For they to are human, just because they no longer have a body, the spirit still remains, and when they haven't crossed over yet, then they are still bound here by the things that keep them here, sadness, revenge, lack of closure, fear. All that they have left this realm with, they continue to carry this cross in the afterlife. It's sad really, for the darkness can get pretty damn dark.
Mediums are a beacon of light to them and when they see this light, they are drawn to it. The come not because they have to, but because the desire to heal is there, yet they are unable to do it themselves. Many mediums have their bag of tricks and their gifts that they have spent a lifetime developing in order to help them to cross over. I've watched many of them, read the books and have done the traditional ways except for the ouigia board. I know this to be dangerous and a portal, anything can come through really. I even took notes and tried to mimic the way of Jennifer Love Huitte, but nothing seemed to fit. I accepted my gift in this area a few months ago, so that couldn't be the block.
My husband and I went to dinner tonight and on the way I saw the most spectacular scene, lightning around the full moon. I felt so strong, so connected and so grounded. I have never felt so charged yet so grounded all in the same moment. So when we went to dinner, the romantic evening we had planned on having kind of went to the wayside when Red Lobster decided to charge me a whole lot of money for a tiny bit of food, the loud chaotic noises of the busy restraunt and the pounding on the wall next to our booth. I was a bit dishearted and tried to get over it in order to not ruin the whole evening. After dinner we finally left, and I gotta say, I couldn't wait. It felt so good being in the quiet car and enjoying a peaceful ride home.
We started talking about my mediumship and how I have been avoiding the spirit realm alot lately. Intentionally putting up the blinders or simply sending them away. I started talking about the same thing as mentioned above, using Ghost Whisperer as a training ground and how all of the other pyschics do it. How I feel so inexperienced in this are and so inferior. Not that I am trying to be prideful or that I really care how others look at me in this area, it goes way beyond pride. It's more of having the desire to help but not really knowing how. Then it dawned on. And how I haven't figured this out before, that I never do what other people do, why should this be any different? But I thought back to the last couple of spirits that came to me, the ones I DID help. There was no convincing them to cross over because of all the horrible things that would happen if they don't, no internet research or trying to give messages to other people. No blowing them off and trying to bend them to my will. No, my experience was quite different. The came to me and I simply listened.
The female remember quite clearly. She came to me very upset and afraid, like in a panic. There was so much confusion and chaos around her. I listened to her patiently for a short time and suddenly the energy changed. I asked if she saw the light. She said yes. And everything that she was feeling a few moments before was completely gone. There was so much peace at that very moment and somehow I knew she was ready. She asked if it was safe and what lye beyond. I told her that I wasn't sure what lye beyond for her but I knew that that was where she was supposed to go and that she would be ok there. And just like that she walked right through. This happened a few times, and I had to stop and think about it, step by step. I still can't explain what exactly what happened to either one of them. All I know is that there seemed to be some weird energy transformation that happened quite quickly and then they were gone. I don't know how they healed so quickly, but they did. It's weird, especially after seeing how all of the other psychics did it. The only think I can think of is maybe the light within me that they are attracted to, maybe this light is projected onto them and they are finally able to feel peace.
This brought me to second "aha moment" ...connection and the depth of it. The light comes from heaven or from , for me , God. Because I follow God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, their light lives within me. And when that light is projected then they can see this light, feel it's peace and at that moment, all of the old fades away and they are able to feel the light, love and peace of God.
For all of those who choose to walk in the light and to have that connection with the Divine, the light resides within them. And that light spreads to others, in my case, the spirit realm. So God's light through me, healed them without any real words spoken. It's so simple, yet so profound to see the miracles of the Divine even in the spirit realm. I am now looking at this is a different light and am beginning to understand who profound our connections truly are.
Tonight I connected to the storm and the full moon and it fulfilled me. In the past, I connected with the Divine and be filled with his light, which in turn was shared with another of his creations and it saved them, al through connection. Our connections to the higher source and to one another is what it is all about. As a medium, this is the greatest tool in our toolboxes. Sure there will be those who come to snuff out the light, but because we have an unlimited and constant connection with the Divine, that light can never fade unless we break the connection. To live life to the fullest, learn to connect to all things around you .Soul to soul to soul. The eternal circle of energy. This is what it's all about. Wholeness through connection. I wish I could describe how deep this is, but the only way to understand is to experience it yourself.
It's funny how the universe works. The next time you need healing, ask the Divine for his perfect white light. When it is given to you, allow this light to fill the soul. You will begin to notice a change not only in yourself, but take note of the people around you it effects. This is connection It's quite remarkable what you will see.