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The View Of The Hanged Man

By: Angel
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The View of the Hanged Man

If you have ever played with a tarot deck, one of the most well known is the hanged man. This card is interesting and when I pull this card, I always have the urge to turn him around because he is upside-down. So I turned him rightside-up and for me that seemed like this is how the picture should be. But when looking at him, noone put him in the upside-down position but himself. Meaning he chooses to be the wrong way. But the wrong way is not the wrong way for the hanged man, ,for him, this is how he views the world because to him, upside=down is right side-up and rightside-up is upside-down.
This simple knowledge has helped me to understand that just because the world says that I should be like them, rightside-up, doesn't mean that mean that rightside-up is right for me. This is a big lesson because I am constantly trying to find inner truth from outside sources. But this often leads me feeling more confused and defeated because their ways often don't work for me. So I find my own way of doing it and it fits so perfectly. We must each find our own paths, even if it means you are upside-down or sideways with the rest of the world. For you, when you follow the path of the soul, the path within, you will always be rightside-up.